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My girlfriend just told me I need penis surgery!

My girlfriend just told me I need penis surgery!

I’ve just got off the phone to my girlfriend and she has made me feel like utter shit.

She was going on about how she wants surgery on her breasts and I told her that shes fine and she doesnt need it. But then when I told her that If she really wants it then maybe she should get it, she went on to tell me that maybe I should get my dick enlarged ( she doesnt know about PE).

So I asked her ‘Do you think I need it?’, and she was like “I dunno, what do you think?”, not giving me a straight answer. Well I could feel myself getting angry and really upset.

Then she started laughing when I told her my dick is nearly 8inches and although I know she doesnt know much about sizes she told me she thought mine was ”more like 4 or 5inches”. ( I’m about 7.75BP)

During the conversation I even asked the dreaded question “So how big was your others if you think I’m small?” And I asked about a particular ex boyfriend of hers that I’m very jealous about because he gave her ”the best sex ever”.

She started laughing and said ”He was about double the size”. Then when I started getting angry she said “”why ask, if your gonna get mad?”. Then she told me that he was so big she was feeling sore for 2 days afterwards and he was fucking her for hours and hours (I have a problem lasting long -15mins is good for me). Then she said ”But maybe I was a bit tighter back then”!

Anyway, as much as I tried to set her up to reassure me, I didn’t get anything at all. Only bullshit like ”Its how you use it that counts”, I understand that but for fuck sake she knows I’m insecure about my size because she said it herself so why fucking make me feel like shit when all I do is try and make her feel good about herself.

Argggggggh, I feel DEPRESSED. Why do girls build you up to knock you down?

Things probably went south for you as soon as you said that she should get breast enlargement if she really wants it. It’s like the dreaded “do I look fat in these pants” question. The answer should always be, I love you just the way you are. You lit the fuse when you gave her the go ahead and she took offense and went with the “well maybe you should get your cock enlarged” offense. From that point on, you were at her mercy. Her previous boyfriend probably has a 5 inch dick by the way and suffers from premature ejaculation, but no matter, she got ya!!!

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

First of all, you’re far from small. I have serious doubts that you have a 3.75-inch
fat pad making your bone-pressed length so long such that you “only” have 4-5 inches.

I don’t know your girlfriend and it isn’t my place to say anything bad about her, so I’ll
try to be as tactful as possible.

I’d imagine that, for whatever reason, she is just being vindictive about something or
another, as most women can be when upset. They all know that ‘size’ is an issue for men,
whether men openly discuss it with them or not. Women usually also don’t think before
they speak; she knows what buttons to push, so she pushed them.

I would say your only problem is that perhaps you failed a “shit test”, as they say. She
was setting you up to see if you thought her breasts were small and that you found her
physically inferior, so when you told her to go ahead and have surgery to correct the
problem, despite the fact she seemed to be speaking such that she herself wanted it
and felt she needed it (you were simply providing support), she took this to mean that
it was *your* problem now. So she struck back due to low self-esteem.

Don’t let this go to your head. Stick with your PE. And do so for yourself. To hell with
this other guy; they’re obviously not together for one reason or another, so you’re
doing something much better than him — and with continued PE success, the ‘size’
matter will be a non-issue in time (and like gprent101 said, this other guy probably
was not as big as she makes him out to be; more than likely, she exaggerated to
make her words sting even more).

If she brings up the subject again about how she feels she needs enhancements, simply
reply just as you initially did (if that is how you really feel) by stating that you find her
attractive the way she is. And offer no further information on the subject. Don’t let her
bait you into a, “Well, okay, maybe you could use a little improvement,” conversation.
If you truly feel she is fine the way she is, then make it clear. If she wants support,
fine, tell her you’d support her decision, but that you feel it is unnecessary.
End of conversation.

(Then make sure you force her to call you “Daddy” the next time she is on her knees.)

"You can imagine where it goes from here."

"He fixes the cable?"

Why does every woman talk about these gigantic cocks? Are there really so many 16” dicks out there?

Double your size! That’s a laugh!

So now that you’ve got her where she wants you,

what are you going to do?

”So now that you’ve got her where she wants you,
what are you going to do?”

Hopefully grow a 9incher and slap her in the face with it whilst repeatedly saying ‘small dick is it?’

And yes, I think it did definitely have something to do with me admitting that I wouldn’t mind her having bigger breasts that made her bring up me having a bigger dick. She probably was winding me up to a certain extent but I never knew that she considered me as small or below average. I know for a fact that she was being serious when she said ”its no where near 8 inches, let alone seven, more like four or five”

Then she had the cheek to tell me that although her ex was the biggest and best ever and lasted for hours that I make up for it because ”I lick her out good”. OH YEH!! That makes me feel a fuck of a lot better. And so does telling me how big your fucking ex was compared to me and she even said ”your lucky that you’ve got a girlfriend who isn’t really concerned with size anyway”


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It seems pretty obvious she wanted to be mean to you.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

I feel your anguish Jelqish. That really sucks how cold and unimpressed she is about your size compared to him. I’m an inch longer and 1/4 inch thicker since being with my girlfriend and she is obviously unimpressed. It really sucks sometimes. I was just very recently told, without my even asking, that of the other 4 guys she’s been with(sometimes I don’t really believe this low number of just 4) one of the guys was so thick her fingers wouldn’t quite touch when around his dick. She was nice about it though and offering the information I think because she knows I’m growing from PE and now she feels more comfortable telling me some detail to go along with the general information I already knew from asking about her previous men. It seems to me she now believes I eventually will get as big and long as the 3 guys that had more size than me (one was “so small she couldn’t tell he was in her”). Sure hope I do grow some more. Your bp is strong, don’t let her have you believe otherwise. You will eventally join the 8” club and beyond so you have plenty to be proud of. Most women are impressed with 8” club members.

Bitche are bitches! What more can I say?

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Yeah, she sounds like a bit of a sadist. No offense. But it sounds like she knew what she was doing and enjoying it, dude. Anyway, dump her. There’s lots of hotter girls out there who’ll ruin your confidence just as well as she can.


"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.


Your GF purposefully set you up with the “I want breast augmentation” scenario. The fact that she then dove in for the kill by obliterating your masculinity with all of the size comments about the “other guys” in her past life should be enough to tell you about whether you need to move on. Anyone that would be so hurtful is not worth keeping in a relationship. Just imagine what she’d say, if she really got upset with you. My suggestion: do PE for your own self improvement and get a new GF immediately. By the way, buy her a ruler for her birthday!


Wow! This guy was twice your size! 15.5” inches! Someone call Guinness, we have a new world record!

She’s clearly full of it, and she’s clearly trying to make you feel bad by playing on your insecurities. Don’t fall for it. Fuck her. Literally and figuratively.


I so know your experience and how it feels. She’s saying it with the purpose of hurting/controlling you. Don’t let her do it. The fact is, your member is bigger than most men’s penis. If that isn’t good enough for her, let her go find a horse or something. Your dick, especially by time you get done with it, is too good for that kind of treatment. So are you.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

“Then she had the cheek to tell me that although her ex was the biggest and best ever and lasted for hours that I make up for it because ”I lick her out good”.”

I don’t mean to be blunt but if you don’t leave her, you will be this woman’s little bitch for the rest of your life. Either that or you will have to make her yours. Either way, it doesn’t look like happiness to me. Some people are just like that.

She says she like the other guy to penetrate her (dominance) and you for licking her ass.

I bet you that if you had a couple of beers with this guy you would hear something like, “you have got to be shitting me, she said the same shit to me.”

Then again, I could be way off. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I wish you the best of luck,


Actually, I am your girlfriend’s ex. I know she said that I’m “twice your size,” but that’s a ridiculous exagerration. I’m only 14.5-14.75”, and that is bone-pressed. We once made love from May to July of 1999, and we only stopped because she had a dentist’s appointment that she didn’t want to miss. Also, the orgasmic screams I gave her were actually heard in the Fiji Islands. I’m a superstar athlete, world famous rock star, and a Nobel laureate as well. But most folks know me best as the humble heart surgeon from San Diego. I think that’s about all of it.

Seriously, dude, I’d dump her. She used to really make me insecure by telling me about all her really well hung ex-boyfriends who allegedly made love to her for entire presidential administrations. And when she once claimed that my cock was nowhere near 15 inches and that it was more like 8 or 9, I really felt like a piece of crap. Is my penis tiny? Do I need PE? I can’t believe the way she treated me sometimes.

All right. Let me step out of character.

I have no right whatsoever to give relationship advice, since I’m not a relationship guy. I make Howard Hughes look like a club-frequenting socialite. But you are a good man, so you know that you’re in the right here. That’s your main asset; keep it close, and just stay chill.

Chances are, she’s laughing at you for believing her. If not, she’s probably laughing at you for thinking that it matters that much. Typical female tactics and attitudes, as you know, since they have the monopoly on vagina space these days. I for one have so far had nothing to do with females whatsoever. I’m into PE for myself and my right hand, which claims to have jerked off some very well hung guys in the past. All I know is that all the right hands I’ve had in the past seemed to have enjoyed it. Still, I wouldn’t mind 8X6.

Good luck with the lady, man. Beat her at her own game. Prepare yourself. Find out what responses you want from her, what truths you need, how you must speak and act to succeed against her, and if you really think that serious conversation can bring about these results. And keep PEing. Walk into verbal battle with her armed with wit that is quick and a much bigger dick. Rhyming is optional.

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