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My girlfriend just told me I need penis surgery!

Hey man this is quite funny because my girlfriend keeps telling me about this guy with the 13 incher flacid that she measured. I told her straight to her face she was a liar and she never said anything else about it. I told her she must have been measuring with the centimeter side other than the inch side lol. I got her good on that one and flipped it around on her without getting mad about anything. Needless to say she doesnt bring it up anymore and at least she does tell me im the thickest that she has ever been with which is good if not for that 13 x 4 incher she been with lol


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JELQIST. Everyone woman in the north america tells their boyfriends they were with bigger before. Women love to try to emasculate men, its just something they do. Your girlfriend isn’t to bright in saying double your size, because that would be the world record.

Also it just goes to show women have NO spatial perception whatsoever. She estimated you at over 2 inches under what you are. That one double your size was probably a 5 inch dick on a tiny tiny man. Women’s brains view the world relatively not spatialy like we do.

Women tell me they’ve been with a man stronger, i’m 270 pounds bodybuilding, taller, bigger etc, I just tell them straight to their face No you haven’t.. then if they persist I say then prove it. I used to be fucking nice to women, and let them emasculate me some thinking they would like me more.. everytime I did this they soon ditched my dumb ass. Now I’m just a cruel, dominating mother fuck who doesn’t listen to their crap.

In fact I’ve learned women love to see you get mad, even though they might cry and be honestly afraid, they love that feeling of submission, and they see you in a different light after the first time you get mad at them for real. She may have been just pushing your buttons wanting an emotional reaction. I mean say you didn’t give a damn that she had been with more manly men, she would wonder if you even cared about her. Of course the best path is still to get angry, and call her on her lies. And work like a bastard becoming more of a man yourself as well, this is a given to me.

Yes just tell them what YOU think about what they tell you. Who cares what some other fucker has. so what!! Women do like to jerk you around so jerk them around right back. Its like this guy I work with tells me about his wife. He tells me he goes home from work and starts all kinds of shit just fucking with his wife then goes to his shop which he has on another piece of property and works on cars and laughs about it all. Thats what im striving to be like. He is a caring person but likes to jerk people’s chains if he knows their weakness. Find her weakness my man then you can jerk on her chains instead of you always getting your’s jerked. You will see what I mean about how good this works. I jerk my girlfriend around pretty dam good and make her feel worthless after telling me she had been with a 13 inch dick for crying out loud lol.

Starting Size <======> 7.1 BP x 6.5 girth

Currently<========> 7.4 BP x 6.5 girth

Originally posted by Likeness79
3. She ''felt burning because shes allergic to those type of condoms''. Bullshit, she felt burning because of the friction from your thick penis, but she won't admit it.

Actually, a LOT of folks, guys and girls, react badly to Nonoxynol-9. (The “spermacidal lubricant” on most condoms that have one.) It irritates me, I know. In fact, the FDA withdrew statements that it might help prevent the spread of AIDS when they noted that not only did it kill the virus, but it left micro-cuts on skin.

One of the more sex-positive girls I know swears by using unlubricated condoms + hand applied lube. I’ve just started going with non-spermacidally lubricated condoms.

Originally posted by randolf
I used to be fucking nice to women, and let them emasculate me some thinking they would like me more.. everytime I did this they soon ditched my dumb ass. Now I'm just a cruel, dominating mother fuck who doesn't listen to their crap.

I’ve been through the same thing (except that I don’t consider myself now a “cruel, dominating mother fuck”)! And now that I just tell them to stop with their bullshit, they find me much more attractive than before.
I’m convinced that it’s a subconcious test that they do on you. They try to push you around, and if they fail, you’ve passed the test.

I also think that when you do bodybuilding or PE, it is more because of your increased self confidence that you seem more attractive to women, than because of the physical changes you’ve had.

My advice, forget about it for a week, then bring up the issue of the breasts and say something like ‘I don’t want you to have surgery because you are the sexiest woman alive and it would be stupid, and I love you and wouldn’t want you to get hurt’. Then keep on going as if it never happened!

Remember the advice you are getting here (no offence guys) is from a lot of penis obsessed people (like you)! So right now, for a lot of people who are thinking about their dick a lot, to hear that actually their dick is tiny is the cruellest thing in the world. In ‘reality’ its not such a bad insult. She was just trying to get even about the breasts thing.

Just forget about it! I mean you know the truth right? It’s like she said ‘and you are too short’ even though you play basketball for the NBA and are 7 foot 2! It’s just silly!

Couples argue. Use it to make your relationship stronger, not weaker!

Tell her that the last girl you were with had a vagina that was half the size of hers. You needed a shoe horn to get inside. Tell your girlfriend that her pussy is so loose, it’s like fucking an inactive volcano.

Originally posted by Metal Ed
Tell her that the last girl you were with had a vagina that was half the size of hers. You needed a shoe horn to get inside. Tell your girlfriend that her pussy is so loose, it's like fucking an inactive volcano.

Oh yeah i hear ya brother !!!! My thoughts exactly

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Currently<========> 7.4 BP x 6.5 girth

She’s a boobless dumb biatch

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Originally posted by penismith
“I'm going to try and find out some more stuff from her though. I really want to ask her ''If you were with your ex (Lets call him John) would you prefer him to have sex with you or lick you out?''”

There is no point to that. What, ultimately do you think you will learn from such questions? So you trip her up in her lies! So, what? You know she is not honest. Don't waste you life proving that a liar is a liar! You need to leave her and work on your self esteem. I know I am not wrong on this one.

If you listen to nothing else I say, listen to this. Never, never again go down on her!

I agree with the above. I'm not sure if you should leave her, but there should be no more yodeling down the canyon for this girl.


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Originally posted by casperjones
Couples argue. Use it to make your relationship stronger, not weaker!

Good point, except that what we have here is a case where she’s stooped to personal attacks that are in all likelihood only to hurt him, have no basis in fact, and that it would be difficult to her herself to actually believe. C’mon. She thinks he’s half the size he actually is, and insists to him that he is? Get real. That’s a pure attack, or her perceptions are uncommonly bad. I find the latter hard to believe.

From here, it looks like she’s going out of her way to hurt him. There’s no excuse for that, and it’s not something that he or anyone else should put up with.


dump her!

That’s all I can say to that.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


I’ve reread your post several times now and i have to disagree with most of the replies here. It is NOT obvious that you need to break up with her but as many here have said, it is obvious that the relationship needs some changes. And the change is YOU my friend, don’t worry about her right now.

I have accidentally become the “jerk” kind of guy but I’m not really mean. I am just determined and decisive. One reason why I have always been friends with EXs is that they know I care, they know I am their good friend but it hasn’t always been easy. I tell them exactly what I think without trying to be too politically correct. My sensitivity and “caring” ends where their egoism and manipulation begins.

Her perceptions of the past may be highly warped, like I said with my girl, she has no idea what my size REALLY is. She just knows how she feels when we are together. My girl doesn’t know that I am PEing either and I won’t be telling her anytime soon. And honestly, in her mind, I will probably always be smaller than those guys, even if I made myself bigger. It’s a matter of relativity, memory and emotion. Work on the future, not the past.

Don’t worry about it and start practicing your new approach right away. Start experimenting with your body. It doesn’t matter what size he really even was, YOU can still be the better lover. If the conversation ever digresses like that again, don’t think that you have to “one up” her and defend every point. Don’t even go there! Just be a little smug and smile at the knowledge that each day you get a little better and a little bigger.

Keep PEing (for you) and studying (for you) and eventually, you will realize and become what we know you already are and have the current capability of being. A better lover with a nicely molded cock!

Renstimpski ,

I agree and disagree with you.

If a woman, who’s being in a relationship, says that her Ex was significantly bigger and she had the best sex ever, than I think she’s not ready for a balanced realtionship and therefor he should dump her. You just don’t say that in a realtionship. Period.

Would you tell your GF or wife, that the best sex you ever had was with someone else? Probably not.

Relationships require tact and she’s obviously lackin’ in that department.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


It is debatable whether it is worth having an exclusive relationship even with the nicest girl, however in your case I would say RUN AND DON’T LOOK BACK. She is not worth one more minute of your time.


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