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My girlfriend just told me I need penis surgery!


I agree one can be loving and considerate. The flip side is that if my wife asks me to do something and I usually do it. I do not do it out of obediance , but rather out of Love. And if I choose not to do something - that means I choose not to. I am not obligated. Do you see the difference? I know some friends who HAVE to have an excuse not to do something before it is ok with their wife. Thats ridiculous to me. I happen to like to cook so oftentimes my wife asks me if I want to cook something. BUT , We both know its her job. It never becomes mine. However if she is sick - I will step in and cook without her asking because I love her. There is no obligation for me to do so. Or if I dont feel like it , she will. So who is in the position of power. Her or me? My point is for a man not to be a tyrant - but for him to be a man. And you can be in a loving relationship and still be a man. And I always ask her opinion on most things. But I make most of the decisions. I may be old fashioned but I believe the Man is the head of the household and the Woman is the heart. And that satisfaction in a marriage comes from the two of them fullfilling those roles each contributing to its success in their own way. It works.



Looks like we’re from the same “Old School”.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Being sensitive, caring, and willing to cross gender/stereotype lines also works, my old school friends. I’ve got the harem to prove it.

Either way, to thine own self be true.

First of all guys, I just want to say thanks to everyone who has posted so far. I’ve had a lot of stuff to think about but one thing is for DEFINITE:

I am not taking any crap from her at all anymore! I dont care what she thinks about me either and I’ve already decided I’m going to carry on fucking her but ‘play the field’ at any oppertunity! In fact I’m pretty actively looking for new pussy at the moment!!

My girlfriend has quite recently asked me to lend her some money because shes in debt and unemployed and stressed out. At first I said yes but as I have my own debts I have told her “I will TRY and help you out. She didnt like this one bit but nonetheless Mr. Jelqist has control now! Next time I fuck her i’m gonna say ‘Whos the man?’ and ‘What’s my name?’

LOL. As you can tell I feel a lot better. I do still feel shitty about myself a lot of the time. I’m just using this to make myself stronger. PE, and lift wieghts more often then fuck another girl! I know she isnt the one for me. No way.

Its even come to the stage where I’m thinking about denying her oral sex. But I like doing it so i’ll just do it when I feel like it. LOL.

The only reason this girl thinks she has control over me is because shes sexy and in order to get with her in the first place I had to pretend I’m some really sweet guy who will do whatever the fuck she says. Bit of a mistake wasn’t it? Althought I feel I’ve got the upper hand now. Also she obviously ‘feeds’ on my insecurities because during that, now infamous, phone conversation she said ‘Your always insecure about your dick aren’t you?”

Anyway, shes depressed, shes got her own problems. She isn’t always a bitch but her comments were definitely rude as hell. I’m serious though, theres no way i’m getting pussy-whipped. I’ve got my own problems too without her making me feel worse. She will put the phone down on me when she thinks shes got a reason to be mad at me. She does it all the time for no good reason. I’m not going to bother calling her back anymore when she does this. She did it today because shes mad I promised her the money but I just got a letter this morning and I’ve got bills to pay.

I agree with my friend rufeelinme and the rest, on their views that girls definitely do not like a guy they can walk all over. I’m just young and haven’t learnt certain things yet I guess.

Originally posted by SS4Jelq

Yay! Another penis/girlfriend/comment/depression thread!


Wow, i wonder why it hurts when you bust out laughing while you are hanging. I did that while reading this thread.


Ok, now I’m starting to side with the other guys. Unemployed, borrowing money, and still being a fuck? LOL!!! I would start dating other people, but don’t do it behind her back. I’d do it in PLAIN SITE! She would KNOW what I was doing and there would be no debates.

You’re not married, you have every right. After that, if she had the balls to bring up the penis size issue again, in the ensuing conversation(s), I would redirect by saying that it wasn’t about that. What it is about is RESPECT and, fuck it, HAPPINESS.

If she has any desire to keep you, really be with you, she will hate this more than anything. Jealousy would occur anyways, but truer feelings would bring her around to your wants and needs. If she’s just full of it and not really caring, she will act in all the wrong ways and shoot herself in the foot, which would be great for you in the end.

The best part is that what she keeps referring to as your “small dick” won’t seem so small to other girls. With even half a brain, she will realize this. I wouldn’t even be too shy to say it if she brought it up. And if she tried to make you seem less in any other way sexually, I’d just remind her that when it comes to sex, it takes 2 to Tango and you could use a more interesting dance partner.

This is a total setup but it would be interesting to see how she’d handle it. I have to admit, playing typical male can be a lot more fun and definitely more productive in situations like that.

leave her

Hey everyone,
I’ve been away for a long while. On to the topic at hand….. You must leave her. I first started reading these groups because I was at the end of a failing marraige where the sex had gone. I am only 33 and was married for 7 years. By the time of divorce, it had been 7 months since the last intercourse. We didn’t even have sex on my birthday when we were away on vacation.
When we first started going out, I knew that she was more experienced than me. We talked about ex’s and stuff, you know that stupid thing that we all do. I say stupid because we all want to compare ourselves to the previous lovers, when in fact the womean that we are with has chosen us to be with because of who and what we have to offer. She said that her last boyfriend didn’t fit all the way in. He must have been ten inches she said. When I asked if I was the smallest that she had ever been with, she didn’t say no. For seven years that stayed with me and has remained in my mind. I become cerebral and always think if I am satisfying the woman at all times during sex rather than getting caught up in the moment. All I can think of is if my dick is big enough in this position or that. With the loss of sexual attraction I of course thought that it must be me even though I knew that she was depressed and whatnot.
What I am saying is that after reading this forum (and yes I even contributed about a year ago both intellectually and monetarily) I finally started working on my member to try and get it bigger. I was so focused on my size and what I was doing wrong and how I could make her happy. It must stop. You must not stay with her because you will never feel adequate and the responses that she has given you tell me that she will always have this to as a secret weapon touse in your future fights. She will always have the power to make you feel insignificant and inadequate, and judging from what she has already done she will use it again.

Life is too short, move on….. I did, and I am much happier. My sex life has never been better and I no longer feel inadequate.


Sounds like you need to bang one of her best friends.

Its good to see your feeling better about yourself.

Rufeelinme, when I first read your post I thought you were a chauvinist asshole. Then I thought about it and realised you not an asshole, your ME!
Yep, one and the same. I haven’t been married for anywhere near as long (9 years last week), but what your saying works. The only difference seems to be is that we have NEVER had a fight. We’ve been upset, sure. Angry? Yep. Just never had a full on verbal barrage.
Wifes are like children. They SAY that they want to do what they please, when they please. But they really need boundaries and are only happy when they know what they can do and when. It makes then feel, well, safe I guess.
I don’t mean that they should be shackled to the kitchen sink (well maybe if they are naked and bending over), but they need to know that if there is an area of conflict, someone has the final say.
When we got married, we told our friends that this is the case and they all laughed at us. They are all now divorced or separated (except for the couples were the man is king). How’s laughing now?

Originally posted by danno
Sounds like you need to bang one of her best friends.

LOL! Yes, this is it!

Andrew69 wrote:
They are all now divorced or separated (except for the couples were the man is king). How’s laughing now?

Yes, that’s right, I completely agree with the statement that everyone has his roles in live, but never forget to show RESPECT for your partner. since respect is one (or the most) important reason to keep a relationship alive for the long run.

Jelqist, sincerely, i would really have a hard time keeping the relationship running because the lack of respect to you from your girlfriend. Anyway, the best thing to do is always: speak to her about your feelings… probably is worth the try…


For crying out loud!! “Hows laughing now?”.Or how about “were the man is king”? AARRGGHH! I DID preview it before I posted it!!

Women do this all the time trying to beat down your manliness. It must be really some sort of biological drive women have to test their men. I agree with Erm its like they are testing you, probing for weaknesses, and if you sort of implode when they hit a sore spot, you fail the test and they lose a lot of interest in you sexualy.

Think of so many times you first meet women they test your manliness to now that I think about it. Like usualy when I first meet women they claim some guy is picking on them and can you go over and tell them off. If you pussy out they immediately lose interest in you, if you be the man and go and talk to the guy, which I do, and usualy he turns out to be hella nice lol, when you come back they are totally into you. In fact now that I think about it, I don’t know if i’ve seen a woman not try and test any guy who she has just met and is showing an interest in her.

Say you go in erm style and when the girl claims to have just been with the world record holder for cock size, you are like no you weren’t. It shows you have confidence in your own sexuality, whereas if you sort of ask her if you are big enough, it shows weakness. Women want men with strong genes not weak ones.

It reminds me of another point, I’m working on a very long essay on female sexuality from an evolutionary perspective. If you are all concerned and not confident in your own sexuality, you will very likely pass that concern on to your offspring. Does the woman want her sons especially to be nervous about their sexual prowess? Hell no she wants them to be confident and happy even if they are the same size as their theoretical nervous half brothers. It makes them much more likely to mate, which is the name of this whole game.

I have a ton of other points so far, and everyday I’m finding more evidence and reading more material. I happen to be researching a ton of other topics at the moment as well though so its taking some time. So far I’ve shown why women have a tremendous preponsity to stray, and proven with very recent studies involving cameras how the female orgasm and cheating work together so beautifully, to allow the offspring to be of another man’s even from one encounter. Interesting my work is also showing that there is a huge biological drive for women to not only stray during the peak of her cycle but ideally mate with as many men as possible, even men who might not be of the highest genetic value. So far my research has shocked even me who knew women were very slutty, to just how deeply it matters to the genetic health of the children, that women be extremely slutty. Soon I will post the first sections of my report. In the end I plan for it to be ridiculously long encompassing many areas of female sexuality. And after I’m done that I will probably do one on male sexuality, however this is much more difficult because its almost impossible to observe something from within. You tend to have biases, and preconceived notions, and I admit I am encountering this to some degree with my study of female sexuality but it would be a much bigger problem in studying male sexuality.


>>So far my research has shocked even me who knew women were very slutty>>

I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean to imply that all women are sluts. Probably that genetics instincts provide an inclination (it would be good to admit that not all women act this out). There are women on this board that don’t deserve to be painted with this broad stroke. There are men here that may be truly frightened and begin to suspect every action of their wives or GFs if you don’t clarify.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


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