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My girlfriend just told me I need penis surgery!

“I wonder how she would like it if, when next talking on the phone to her, I mentioned how big and beautiful that woman on TV’s breasts are. Is this too immature? Hmm.”

Yes, you need to step back and look at this from a detached viewpoint. I know this is hard but you can train yourself to do it.

I had a very fucked up childhood; worse than tv movie material. My interactions with people as a teenager were very unhealthy. I decided that I want a normal healthy life. I started studying people and hanging out with people who seemed to have their shit together. It was rough at first, I was shocked at how they saw situations. I thought a lot of them were dumb but they were just naive to some of the sadder aspects of life. I also realized, as still do regularly, that I was naive to some of the happier aspects of life. I started to emulate them until I understood them. I am now a lot happier. I realize that I control my life. I am reaching my goals. I don’t have conflicts with people like I used to. I am in a healthy relationship. I am still rough around the edges, I might always be in some ways but I am learning, you can too!


Makes my ass knot up hearing shit like that. I believe you’re hanging onto her for the sex because of your inexperience in seducing women. You don’t think you’ll be able to get any more if you leave her, but you will. Believe me there’s plenty of easy pussy out there that would be impressed with what you have. I wouldn’t even bother calling this woman again much less speak to or fuck her. Go out today, right now and start a conversation with a nice young lady. Talk about anything. Yes, a perfect stranger. It’s easy after the first one. You just have to relax and be yourself. Talk to women as though you want to be her friend, not with the mindset of I’ve gotta fuck you today or I’ll bust. They pick up on that and are immediately turned off. The object of the game is friendship. Be genuinely interested in everything a woman has to say. Listen intently and be sincere in your replies to her. Makes alot of eye contact without staring and smile often, but not like a jackass eating briars. Be sincere and the rest will follow.


Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

“Makes alot of eye contact without staring and smile often, but not like a jackass eating briars.”

That’s clever, stretch. A jackass eating briars? Is that akin to a goat eating burrs?

Jelquist, There is tremendous wisdom in the posts here. Follow your gut, man! If she makes you feel like shit, head for the hills.

"Reports that say something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns -- the ones we don't know we don't know." ~US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

Re: My girlfriend just told me I need penis surgery!

Originally posted by Jelqist

She started laughing and said ''He was about double the size''

Very nice.
I would also become angry.

Don’t feel inferior.
Go on with PE (although I dont know why she said that he is small).

When she insults you give it back to her. She is really not nice.

My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL


I have had 2 girls ask me this, one was an ex at the time, the other was the current girl that I am dating (she asked about a year ago). They both got the same answer “Why? I think that you have a great body, you know that I love your breasts. Why wouldn’t you want to have a more athletic build?” (which was actually quite important to both of them, they were just forgetting that). It even helped to have the reference of my EX to give to my current girlfriend. She’s always been a little worried that I would go back to my EX because we have stayed friends and she just happens to look like a runway model and has that exotic Italian-Mediterranean look. And if SHE didn’t need them…?

Anyways, they also both meant it. They really felt that they would be more attractive with their chests enhanced. That’s no surprise, look at us and our penile forums. So, I don’t think that she was setting you up or trying to get at you with it. It may be that she’s just shifting into another world and you happen to be the unlucky guy that is her anchor while she swings into it (and out of your life). And that HURTS LIKE HELL! I know it, because that is what happened with the EX that I am referring to. We should have broken up long before we did and I didn’t really know where I was going with my life at that time anyways. It was bound to happen and neither one of us knew how to just let it go.

But here’s another funny slant, I am over a full inch shorter than you and both of these girls have admitted to me that they have never had such satisfying sex lives. It’s never been a point of contention except when I say no, did you get that ~ when I say no! You don’t need a bigger member to be a better lover. My current girlfriend and I broke up for a while when I was away with the Army training. She even dated and had sex with a couple of other guys. I found out later that BOTH of these guys were about 9”ers. Damn, I’m over 2”s shorter than that.

She said that she couldn’t even have an orgasm with the last one and always had to manually stimulate herself. I know what she’s like in bed and that’s a sad story for that other guy. She’s always been able to have multiples with me and sometimes asks me to save it for later because she gets way too sensitive. Which I have no problem doing, since sex is not the HUGE motivator for me that it is for some (most?) guys. I think that’s part of the reason why they chase me for it. TOO FUNNY, but…

What she said to you was and IS rotten. There is something to be said for how a girl feels while she’s having sex though. What does she experience? What does she remember and imagine? My current girlfriend has never been able to get my size out of me, I’m just elusive about the subject because I don’t want it to be a measuring game. Something to tell her girlfriends. I understand it though, look at me, I remembered the sizes of 2 guys that SHE slept with. And why is that? Because deep down I am insecure and worry that I could lose her to some 9” strapped, exotic, jaguar drivin’ fool.

But how does he, and it, make her feel though?

She doesn’t know how big I am, she just knows that they were a little bit bigger. She even tried guessing at my size and I asked her how big she would make me (I was dodging her question with a question) and she said “8 and thick” and then added “but aren’t you about that size anyways?” She asked this with a cute little questioning inflection and I was laughing to myself. If you can make a girl feel good, it doesn’t really much matter.

It’s like the question of security, if a girl FEELS secure with you, why does she NEED anything “more secure”. Many women equate wealth with “security” but if you dig a little deeper and find their buttons and motivators, you can sometimes short circuit what they THINK they want by satisfying what they TRULY NEED. The sense of it developed and nurtured by a conniving but caring lover!

A man that is attractive (both physically and socially) but doesn’t cheat and loves making love to his one and only woman. Someone who will stand up for her, and himself, without letting ego and machismo get in the way. A guy that can make her feel like a million bucks with a 20 dollar date (she never know this or if she does, it just doesn’t seem to matter) and a thoughtful homemade gift or carefully planned romantic experience. Make sense?

And your sex life may or may not be salvageable, since she may already have some deeply ingrained beliefs about what it is and what you are (which is obviously wrong, these guys here are right, YOU’RE FINE SIZE-WISE). And you may not be able to salvage the other aspects of what’s being built up in her mind. You may not want to when you really get to know what it is. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t ever date the exotic EX again. My current girlfriend is already exotic and wild enough for me (or at least, that’s what she feels) and “whaddya know, it’s the truth!” (i’ve made it that).

It’s like a foreign language to these girls, they just know how they feel when someone is speaking to them in a loving tone. If she can’t hear it from you, it may be her fault and she may never be able to hear it. But, you might be able to change some of the dynamics of your bedroom game that change her perceptions of you and your sex lives. Then again, this may have NOTHING to do with sex.


I would not be able to stay with a woman like this one described.

Dump her, go fuck ten other women.

Originally posted by secjay
I would not be able to stay with a woman like this one described.

Dump her, go fuck ten other women.

Dump her? Yes.
Go fuck ten other women?No. You will just end up distrusting women more.
Some people seem to attract the “wrong” type of partners. Do you think you are one of them?
You may love her, but she definitely does NOT love you. You simply do not treat someone you love like that. Period.
Go and find someone else. Someone who love YOU.

From a conversation with a female friend who isn’t a lover. Note her take on a size near identical to yours, Jelquist. (I’ve actually got a bit more by thunder’s place standards, but I told her my NBP, because that strikes me as good policy.)

[03:39] Her: so while we are being all open and honest lol….what’s your favorite position?
[03:41] Me: favorite position.
you know, i’ve never gotten sick of missionary.
it can be problematic tho, if a girl is shallow.
[03:41] Me: then doggy style works better.
[03:41] Her: I tend to agree
[03:43] Me: the one who broke my heart, we were perfectly fit to each other. i’d just barely tap the back of her when i was all the way in.
the last one… i still had an inch or two that wouldn’t go in.
[03:43] Her: my goodness…
[03:43] Her: 0.0
[03:43] Me: hey, girls are all different sizes down there too.
[03:43] Her: I know
[03:43] Her: but how tall was she
[03:44] Her: give me some idea
[03:44] Her: so I can refernce your size lol
[03:44] Me: she was tall, but that’s not a surefire indicator.
[03:44] Her: ah I see
[03:44] Me: ok, i wasn’t expecting to get to being open about this, but rather than you guessing, i’m somewhere not quite 8 most of the time when fully excited. it’s not a constant thing
[03:45] Her: I have never been with a guy that well endowed before
[03:45] Me: really?
[03:45] Me: i would have figured out of 20..
[03:45] Her: no

That 20 is the number of lovers she’s had to date. 20 lovers, and she later mentioned that her biggest yet was 7”

So no, you’re not small.

Your girl is just messing with you.

Had a conversation on this point recently while clubbing. Was in conversation with Random Hot Married Girl, and That Guy Who Won’t Stop Hitting On Me. She talks about how her husband must get fed up with how her and TGWWSHOM are always talking about what men are hot, and she’s amazed at how well her husband takes it. RHMG goes on to say that she’d get furious if her husband was to talk that much about how the women in the club had great tits, and it would be like her pointing out guys with 10 inchers. Like it was an insecurity for insecurity thing, and fair.

*shakes head*

Contrary to what everyone else is saying here you should not dump this woman. You need to do a classic woman manuver to give yourself an esteem boost and spurn her at the same time - continue to fuck her until you find another women THEN let her go. Do not let her go until you have a sure next partner to move to.

Do this even if you are only sticking around with her for the sex. Don’t jump into the celebacy pit and wait to find a way out with another woman. Avoid that all together!

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master.” --George Washington

Originally posted by deSol

Had a conversation on this point recently while clubbing. Was in conversation with Random Hot Married Girl, and That Guy Who Won't Stop Hitting On Me. She talks about how her husband must get fed up with how her and TGWWSHOM are always talking about what men are hot, and she's amazed at how well her husband takes it. RHMG goes on to say that she'd get furious if her husband was to talk that much about how the women in the club had great tits, and it would be like her pointing out guys with 10 inchers. Like it was an insecurity for insecurity thing, and fair.

*shakes head*

Shoot, pointing out ten inchers? I wasn’t aware there were so many that you could just point a bunch out in a club.

I think some women have a severe over estemation of how many of them there are.

Guess I’ll keep PEing until I get ten. :D

I agree with Stoli.

Use the classic ‘guys are more attractive when they’re going out with someone (ie unobtainable & hence more desirable) concept’ to attract another girl first*

Then when you have someone else lined up dump the bitch.

*I’m crap when it comes to scoring with women so I have to resort to these psychological tricks.

Current: 6.125 x 5

Goal: 7.5 x 6


I only read the first post. But from that one I’d say you need to dump her.

She brought up dick size. She was exaggerating other guys size to intimidate you. Obviously this is not loving, supportive behaviour especiall after you told her she didn’t need breast surgery but none the less offered support. The difference in the two attitudes is striking.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

First of all your size is really good, high above average, so do not worry about this at all. I think so many here (including me) would love to have that size.

About your girlfriend. I share the opinion of the others. Dump her! I cannot believe that she is saying such stupid things to you. She had never ever a boy with double of your size (do not know how that should look like 14 inches). So she is even lying about that for us guys sensible theme.

Keep your head up!

1. You say that you are 7.75’ BP. That is much bigger than average, and there are statistics to prove it.

2. You say that you have to take it slow at first when you enter her. That is what happens when you have sex with a girl that is tight compared to how thick your penis is. I was 4.9’ EG pre PE (only slightly below average), and I have experienced that with only three girls. I have slept with ~50.
Of course I don’t know how tight she is, but at least you feel thick to her.

3. She ”felt burning because shes allergic to those type of condoms”. Bullshit, she felt burning because of the friction from your thick penis, but she won’t admit it.

Obviously she has got very low self confidence, and she won’t hesitate to manipulate you to gain control in your relationship. It seems like she’s got you wrapped around her little finger. Now that you know that you have a big dick, she can’t use those lies against you anymore. So next time that she says that you have a small dick, don’t take it seriously.

Maybe you should measure your penis in front of her. That should shut her up for a while. And I wouldn’t feel sorry for her if you used her own methods against her.

If you like to have sex with her, I don’t know why you shouldn’t continue fucking her, but keep your eyes open for a decent girl, and when you find one, dump the old one.

This is a topic as old as time. I think if it ever comes up again (and unfortunately it will, it could have been for me had I not seen this kind of advice before) then this thread would be ideal to link to.

We could debate it for hours, but the truth is that some women will lie for the above explained reasons, usually as a defence mechanism.

My current gf who I drilled everything about her past boyfriends (stupid) had had 5 before me I think.

My current stats are:

6.5” NBPEL
7.5” BPEL
4.75” EG

But on a really good day:

6.75” NBPEL
7.75” BPEL
4.75” EG

Anyway she has never had anyone longer than me, I am the longest, but as I fully expected she had had one guy who was thicker. It’s not a problem though, he’s history and she dumped him pretty quickly and when I asked her what she would prefer I went for in PE she said length and I agree (till later of course).

I’m not saying all women lie, mine didn’t, but it’s so easy to add 1” or 2” to a number and throw it back in an argument. An average 6 becomes a giant 8.

I would imagine that if a girl tried to hurt me in that way, and I was still with her I would know deep down that there was some reason that I probably wouldn’t like to face that was keeping me with her.


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