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My girlfriend just told me I need penis surgery!


Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

When women want to be mean, they can be really cruel. Think about it - they can’t beat you up, so what can they do? They get inside your head, under your skin, etc.

And what’s one of the most powerful ways to do this? They assail your peepee, tell you - or imply - that it isn’t up to par. This means your not a “real man.” They want you to be hurting, insecure - it gives them all the power over you.

The key is to never let ‘em see you bleed. Always remain stoic, indifferent - at least is their presence.

An old high school girl once said to me, “Timmy was about a foot long.” (that was her previous boyfriend). As young as I was I said, “What, up one side of his cock & down the other?”

She said, “No, really, but don’t feel bad.”

I said, “Your full of shit. He’s in my gym class. Nobody in there has a cock anywhere near a foot or we would’ve all heard about it. Marcy, however, has some great tits - she’s in my swim class.”

And that put an end to such talk….after she was done crying, that is.

I have one more post to make about this, then I’m done….

There is no “set size” that makes a guy BIG. This is all arbitrary & a matter of perception. Look at jelkywad - he was nearly 9” yet he went for penis enlargement surgery (and ended up losing 1/2” because of scar tissue).
Then you might have a tiny guy who PEs his way to 6” or so - and is tickled to death about his new unit.

Sure, I agree that size can certainly matter. A bigger unit obviously has the potential for greater vaginal stimulation - the same way that a tight pussy gives a man greater stimulation than a loose floppy canyon. But, ultimately, the key to happiness in Life is in making peace with oneself.

I’m almost there - not quite. But my penis is no longer a prominent obstacle in that search for self-fulfillment (there’s other issues I’m working at). But we need to have goals, we need to strive after those goals, we need to accept ourselves - yes, even to “love” ourselves first. We can’t let a bitch steer our ship. Any woman who does not love & support her man isn’t worthy of him. This woman who enjoys flinging darts at your soul is not worthy of you. I would say that you should continue spiking her if you enjoy it; however, she seems to have too much power over your psyche. I can’t see you “beating” her - just losing to her all the time. She’s poison for you - avoid her.

Look at the totality of your life, work on everything - not just PE. Become your own man, and be happy with yourself. Then, a woman will never be central to your life, only peripheral. She’ll “augment” your life, not represent it. And that’s the only way for a man to ever be happy. Our greatest mistake lies in relinquishing our power to a woman. Trust me, I made that mistake & I’m paying for it.

Peace, brother.
- wad


That was so well said, you my friend have it figured out! And thanks I need to hear it again and again because what you say is the truth. Take note all you youngsters and learn from guys like me and wad who have made these mistakes and learned and are still learning from them.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I know I’ve said it before but it’s time to pull the old “flip her over and nail that ass” statement I’m so well known for… Especially since it’s “SOO SMALL compared to that last guy” she surely wouldn’t mind you sticking it in her ass… Do it brother, you will feel better after ya do it!


Wad & Dino….

I absolutely agree with you. The last resort for women is to attack your dick….it is basically up to you how you handle it.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Wad and Dino you both make profound points. The key to being a man in a relationship is to always be a man in all ways. If you are a man , you do not care what women think. I have been married for 26 years. My wife cooks and cleans and gives me dinner every night. I never do any laundry or housecleaning. Thats womens work. I tell her so. I change the oil , mow the grass and decide what our financial goals are and what spending is going to be. The mistake I made was early in our marriage when we fought all the time. It was because I didnt make a decision to BE a Man. I let her have imput. Since I laid down the law , Things have been fine. Things havent always been rosey. We even separated for 6 months one time. But you know what? She came back to me. And she did because I had another girlfriend in a week after the separation. And this girl also was a domestic woman and I broke her heart when I went back to my Wife. And I constantly remind my wife that it was her , who literally begged me to come back to her, who had to beg. That my life goes on with or without her. It is all about who has control in a relationship. If you give up control , you give up your manhood along with it. Your woman wants to be controlled by you . It turns her on to know her man is strong. And if she doesnt have that belief in you anymore , she needs to go. It isnt worth living any other way. So what to do if You have already relinquised your manhood? TAKE It back and the sooner the better. Even if it means letting her go. Living under those circumstances is NOT Worth it. Because once she realizes who is the man of the house - Life is indeed good. Because she knows she is secure. She knows you are her protector. And she will DO ANYTHING FOR YOU and LOVE Every minute of it. I hate seeing pussy whipped guys. It is ” politically correct” for men to be portrayed in todays media as some whipped puppy , controlled by some smart kids and a dominant female. Dont buy into the hype. It all BS. MEN Run this world. And always will. So If I sound a little chauvinistic , its only because I am. And proud of it. And because I am , and have decided to remain faithful to my wife , I have to turn down pussy all the time. So you Young guys out there who are just getting into relationships , Take some advise. BE A MAN. Always. You may get into some horrendous arguments because of it. But in the long run , you will be happy. I know I am.

I think that you need to find yourself a new girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting your feelings for her. However, I know for a fact that there are a lot of girls out there that are looking for a boyfriend and would love the pecker that you are sporting. She is obviously not satisfied with your size. That’s no knock on you. Some women who have experienced a large dick get hooked. Not all, but many. I think that this situation will play itself out in the near future. In the meantime, I’d keep my eyes open if I were you.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

If it were me, I’d be getting myself a new GF, this one sounds very immature and mean-spirited. Yeah, her ex-BF is twice your size and can fuck for hours. Oh, didn’t I see the tooth fairy last nite???? Also, has this twit no idea of the risk in penis enlargement surgey? She sounds a bit insecure to me and wants you to share in it.



Great post!

I WILL BE BLUNT ( AND ADMIT IT) Get rid of her. No one deserves that! And if her stuff was any good, no man could F her for hours before cumming. Man that’s just mean stuff she’s throwin done on you.


Tell her that her tits are small and saggy, reminiscent of spaniels ears with a gorging tick attached to them. Then slap her round the face several time with your dick, while shouting ‘You’re lucky I don’t have a hard-on’ then inform her that you’re off to bone your ex for the next few weeks, who for her information has breasts sooo perfect you have to ask her twice a day if they’re real……following this she might get the picture :)

If that fails, dump her !!


There is a lot of truth in your post. A woman wants a man who will not to put up with her shit. The only way she can tell what kind of man you are is to give you some shit. (a shit test). Secretly they want you to stand up and not take their shit. I do think however that a man can be a leader in his relationship and still be loving and considerate. I have also been married 26 faithful years.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

All of this grand advice is based off of how much information guys?

Uncut, I have told my current girlfriend that there was a time when I had a period of better sex with another girl. But it was said in the context of “look at what we could do…” and, hell, she asked for it that day. I’m not always tactful and thoughtful but my responses are definitely measured. I admit that I have said many spiteful things though.

The history and context of what this girl said and how, in relation to the “best sex ever” comment is missing from this thread. I could have easily said something like this at the right time, to the right girl, without it being meant as a harsh and scathing comment. Really, what are we talking about? Jelqist has given us a highly condensed version of the conversation and their relationship which was probably shaped more by memory and emotion than anything else. Remember me saying that about her?

Jelqist is with this girl for a whole spectrum of reasons and a conversation, like the one presented, may only be a tiny piece of it. I am sure that the best advice I can give, not knowing more, has nothing to do with that simple situation (that YES, i do agree does suggest more).

My advice is all about him. He can’t really change her, only possibly persuade her. But he can change himself.

He may actually be a pretty lousy lover, you never know. No offense intended Jelqist. He could definitely work on the 15 minute lover limit, there’s always room for more and better techniques and hell, what does Jelqist say to this girl on a day by day, minute by minute basis?

And her? Does she feel or think more in bed? (lights on or lights off kinda girl) How can he psychologically overcome her preconcieved notions of what he is or isn’t (or what the old lover was or wasn’t). Of any girl’s preconceived notions? What approach to her would work better? How about for most girl’s in general?

My present GF has said all sorts of mean and thoughtless things because, frankly, that’s how her parents treat(ed) her. She echos them right back, to them, to me and to anyone close to her. She’s worth so much more though and I love her absolutely. If she told me that I was little and needed a bigger dig, I would probably laugh and say “I’ve heard that more sex makes it grow, wanna get it on? Maybe it’s JUST RIGHT if we find a good position.”

I’m being cheesy and this is more serious than that, but there is always another way. Breaking up with her seems pretty harsh for an answer, with so little to go on.

Yay! Another penis/girlfriend/comment/depression thread!

IMO the breast talk was the closest thing to a shit test here. If it were my bitch, when she started on about her breasts and wanting surgery I would put on an obviously fake (so she knows I’m taking the piss) ‘gangsta rapper’ voice and be like:

“Yo check it, I need a hoe I can show off to the brothas at the crib, get that surgery biatch, and while yo at it, get fat injections in that ass so me and ma homeboys can watch ya shake yo booty, word”

And if she carried on like “no really tell me should I blah blah” I would be like (in non - gangsta voice):

“FUCK! What’s with all the breast talk? Are you trying to get me horny? I told you before, I don’t like phone sex! No really, shut up with your experimental crap!”

There’s a ton of stuff you could say to get out of awkward ‘does my ass look fat’ type questions, though I concede it’s harder to think of them on the spot.

Then again, if the situation were avoided you wouldn’t find out her nastiness capabilities, therefore this whole post is moot.

Then again, I said ‘if it were my bitch’, and I would not really care too much for the emotional connection, therefore the above moot point is moot.



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