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How to get a curve penis?

How to get a curve penis?

Ok fellas, I was just on another forum I visit alot. And the women on their said they prefer a thick curved penis over a long and thin penis. So, i’ve been thinking. What if I can gain my last .4 inches EL and .4 inches in EG with a easily noticable curve. I’m talking about a side to side curve or a up-curve. Down-curves don’t count.

This is how they rated them…..

1: Very long, very thick, and straight
2: Very thick, decent length, and curved
3: Long, average girth, and curved
4: Long, thick, and staright
5: Thick, average length, and straight

So any ideas or exercizes that produce a curve rather quickly? If so, please tell me. So that I can add them to my un-organized routines.

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Can you even give yourself a curved penis?

I always thought that you have a curved penis if you have too much blood, at least that’s what I was told.

But on the other hand, I once read somewhere that having erections with a boxer or underpants on ‘could’ eventually give you a curved penis..


I don’t have the answer for you; in fact I am trying jelqing against my slight left curve in a straightening attempt.

Which direction do these women (on your unnamed forum) prefer the curve to go? Based on both experience and reading I think that the majority of women would prefer an upward “you” curve that would be capable of rubbing correctly on their G-spot. Left, right and down are probably interesting and fun curves but not as good, or orgasm producing as that slight upward “you”.

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Ballooning did it for me. I had gotten my upward curve back which is real nice.

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Looks like you’ve grown about 1.5” in length. Good job. What do you attribute these gains to? What does your workout regimen look like and do you take decons? Just curious. Thanks!

I have taken one with out trying, I just sorta forgot about pe for a short amount of time. But, I dont have a set in stone routine. I post my workouts in my picture thread. Lastly, I think clamping, jelqing, and stretching has given me my gains.

2005: 5.5 EL & 5.6 EG, FL: 4in > Now: 7.5 NBP & 6.1 MEG, 5.8 BG (Goal: MORE !)

Stumpy1's Progress Thread

Everytime I Visit Thunders, I Do 50 Kegels or More

Anyone know how best to achieve an upward curve?

Best way

Quickest way

Slowest way

Safest way

OK here’s my concept. You begin with clamping. When your fully erect and pressured up you CAREFULLY and I mean CAREFULLY, because this can be wicked, do a fulcrum kind of bend always pointing up and toward your chest. This is not easy, and is dangerous. You might even have to let a little pressure out to accomplish any bend at all. The concept is to stretch the tunica just on the underside.

Doing bends while clamped is a very high risk way of doing straightening. Don’t get carried away with these because it’s easy to cause internal rupturing.

Another method would be to use Wantsmore’s golf ring fulcrums but limit the angles to up and side only. They too are very effective. I’ve had to stop doing them because they would cause so much trauma to virtually all tissues. I could feel the effect would have been a lot of girth gain and I didn’t want any more.

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Here’s how to curve your penis:

Masturbate several times a week with your hand, and masturbate the direction you want to curve. I used to masturbate with my right hand, and when you watch my hand in slow motion, it was pushing my penis left and I now have a curved penis and the skin is also curved left. I always masturbate with my left hand since I caught on, but the slow motion of my left hand masturbating is straight, so I am simply not making my curve larger.

Wow, I read the thread at the forum, and the most-raved about dick pic posted there was one with a huge left-curve.

Overall, the consensus among the women seemed to be that a curve (including side curves) = good. This surprises me and should be a relief to all the PEers who are obsessed with eliminating their penile curvature!

Not really same but I noticed that as I always wank with my left hand my dick seems to point left not curve but just head out form the base diagonally left rather than straight out. So, I wank with my right hand for a bit and it points out straight again? So, no curve change but direction change?

That’s really strange.. I also had no idea that women like ALL curved penises (side/ up/ whatever—I guess all but down).. I also have a curve—and I guess I won’t worry about trying to get rid of it

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