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Severe penis injury I get no help

Severe penis injury I get no help

Hi I found this great site when I was posting on other forums and I really am in desperate need of help. I m 19 years old and about 15 months ago I injured my penis severely by masturbating too hard. Before the incident, my life was really good and until now I have been depressed because of that day. I went to a lot of doctors already and they tell the problem I m describing is nothing after examining me.

1. First off, my penis is not the same flaccid size it use to be. I am circumcised by the way. The head pushes backwards and from a distance it looks like I m uncircumcised or I look like I have an extremely small flaccid size. I masturbated this one day last year and my penis is never the same ever the flaccid size is super tiny now because the head backs up even though you can clearly see the head. I am 100 percent positive that this masturbating incident caused this because I did feel weird afterwards and when I showered, I noticed my penis just changed. I taken risperdal and klonopin to fix my sympathetic nervous system.. As the doctors say and to help the blood flow but that does not work. My penis’s flaccid size is just embarrassing now. I will try list to my other problems here and will be going to be as detailed as possible

2.. If I look at it from a mirror sideways, it does not point straight down. I look at it from my view standing up and it does not fully point down. It points like a 45 degree angle when flaccid. Assuming you look at it in the mirror sideways, it’s like a ladder on a building if you can say but it is tiny because I have retraction of the penis? I have no clue what condition this is called. Whether this is burying of the penis, contraction, retraction, or burying of the penis. I think the urologist called this retraction of the penis and said it is perfectly normal. Well.. My penis is almost always in it’s tiny flaccid retractive form now and that is not normal. Also, whenever I have to do number 2, it seems my penis retracts back to make it really small and in the process it hurts everytime. It hurts a lot when it retracts.

3. Also, when I urinate, I noticed that it comes from 2 holes in my penis Yes, it sort of makes an X if you look at it very closely and I think this is an infection. One urologist who stretched my retracting penis to it’s normal flaccid size (of course it retracts back after a minute or 2) saw a scratch or mark there. I tell him that it hurts when I touch it there but he says it’s nothing to worry about. It hurts and I have no clue why every doctor says theres nor problem. Hence, this goes back to what I said earlier about it retracting whenever I have to do number 2. He says I can take an anaesthetic and check to see if there is really something harmful which I have to say YES because the bottom part of my penis hurts.

4. During the first 3 months after the masturbation accident, I could not masturbate or ejaculate at all since it was too small and swollen. Now I can ejaculate but I cannot do it the old fashion way. I cannot just watch a movie and use my hands to get it hard and then ejaculate. I have to use my mind to get my penis erect and then use my hands to get it to ejaculate. I hope you understand what I m trying to say here. I also do not have the hot rod anymore when I wake up in the morning eventhough I have to go urinate. Whenever I have to go to the bathroom, my penis is still flaccid shrunk and NEVER hard at all. This is not normal and this was the result of the accident

5. Also, since my penis flaccid is shrunk.. When I lay down on my bed on my back nude, my flaccid penis either points to the ceiling or usually points at me and that is abnormal since it’s flaccid. It doesn’t make any sense. Normally it’s suppose to point towards my feet of course like normal ppl. My erect penis size however has not changed. My flaccid size has shrunk and I have went to so many doctors and they give me the same response that is normal. Anyone here can plz help? I had an advertisment to use PeniSaver but I think those do not work my problem. Has anyone here ever heard of a story when the penis flaccid size just shrunk because of a masturbation accident? Is there also any surgery that can repair my injured flaccid shrunken penis by the way because this just looks embarrasing to me and also the mark on the bottom of my penis because it STILL HURTS NOW. Been to like 3 urologists and they refuse to see me even though my penis has pain in it still. I never had sex so I cannot have an std. I just wished I never had masturbated too hard that day because my life the day after that till now has been just hell to me. Thank you for any responses to this.

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While you provided a lot of information, I don’t know that you provided enough information. Exactly how did this injury occur? Did you pull too far and stress/damage one of your ligaments? Did you push too far back? Did you bend it too far and feel discomfort?

Please give a little more information about how the injury happened & I’m sure the members here will be glad to try to help.

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You’ve seen three urologists and all of them see no apparent injury. My guess is that you didn’t see a doctor immediately when this “accident” happened and when you did there was no longer any sign of the original damage. Damage to nerves wouldn’t be at all obvious.

Meanwhile, one sensible course of action would be no action. Don’t masturbate, don’t do PE, don’t play with yourself in any way for a couple weeks. I’m not sure you can manage that, but do try. See if your penis doesn’t then begin to recover on its own. If you still have pain, THEN see a neurologist.




Wow. Your saying I m giving you too little information. All the other in the lesser knowledge forums say I talk too much and they wanted my thread closed. You ppl seem very kind and I thank you for that. First off, I injured my penis back in february of 2005. I can recall every thing that day. I was masturbating that afternoon and I probably should have ejaculated when I should I have. I was stretching it way too hard that day and was just rubbing it way too hard while sitting on a chair. I was bending it towards me and now.. My penis like points to me when it does get erect assuming I lay down on a bed. I cannot push it back straight when I am on the bed when it is hard. It just points at me and I thought I had peyronies disease but the urologists say that is not the case. I know 100% I broke something because it still hurts today even though the urologists say it is nothing. Because like I said, the bottom of my penis has a mark on it like the veins or so I do not know how to really explain it. You can see a mark there. When I took a shower immediately after I masturbated, I noticed, somethign was not right. By the next morning, it has just shrunk. If you want to ask me more questions specifically, I can give you as much info as possible. I have been depressed since that day and this penis injury of mine has just caused me to be abnormal now.

To the last poster, I was just scared to death on that day. I didn’t see a doctor for 3 weeks because I prayed it would get back to normal but it didn’t. To your comment, I could NOT masturbate from FEB to may of 2005.. 3 months I couldn’t make it erect because it was swollen and just painful. It’s may of 06 and I still do not know what to do and it still hurts.

Sounds like to me that you one of your ligaments, and when it healed, it healed further down the penis than when it was attached. When you pull downwards on your penis, “lightly” do you feel a pain.

It hurts when I touch the bottom left of my penis. When I touch that spot I have been talking about, it hurts. It’s hard for me to really pull lightly because it’s retracted now but I do feel some pain when I do that.

Maybe you can find a urologist that has the capability to give you an MRI show you can see what is going on inside. You can actually fracture your penis if you bend it too far when erect. Do you think this is perhaps what happened? You mentioned you were bending it. Do you remember hearing or feeling a snap or a pop when it happened? An MRI might reveal some internal chamber rupture of some kind.

I do not recall hearing a snap but I did feel something weird inside of me when I ejaculated. One urologist said I can do an anesthetic. How do I get an MRI? I never heard anyone spoke of an MRI to check the penis injury. Is a urologist the one giving an mri or is it a hospital? I have firsthealthplus insurance only since I m in college now and do not have a job. Every urologist I went to I paid cash since they didnt accept my insurance. I don’t mind any price because even my parents see this as destroying my life. I would pretty much do anything to fix my penis back to it’s orginal form b4 that day. Whether surgery or w/e I be willing to take the risk. Thx.

Oh sorry I forgot to say this. The first doctor I saw was not a urologist. He was those regular doctors in the hospital. When he examined me, he said theres nothign wrong with it. I tell him do you see that is is shrunk and he says it’s nothing it’s normal. I then went to a urologist in April of 05 and he told me I had peyronies disease and gave me vitamin e. He said it would fix the retraction problem and pain in no less than 3 months guaranteed so I got reallly happy. When I went back to him after 3 months, I told him it’s still retracted and painful. He then told me it wasn’t peyronies disease and he made a mistake. Another urologist I went to (this was in january of 06) prescribed me cialis to fix my retraction problem and that did not work. He was also the guy that said when he strecthed my shrunk flaccid penis to see if there was any damage, that there was a mark there. That is the part that hurts whenever I touch it even now. So is it best to have an MRI or have those anesthetics because you can clearly see a mark there right now if you stretch it to examine the bottom part of it. Thx.

I had follow ups for all 3 urologists. The first one that supplied me vitamin e. The second one was those herbal doctors who gave me herbs to drink, which was total bs to me. Everything he told me did not look like it would fix my problem. The 3rd urologist I went to, I went for a followup after the cialis did not work. He said if I wanted, I could have an anesthetic. So yes, I have had a followup with all of these doctors.

Thunderss, what are you trying to say here? I know what I am saying here is kinda crazy. But I still have pain in that part of my penis when I touch it now at it’s flaccid state and that was the result of me masturbating hard that day. I am positive for sure. The last urologist told me on my follow up that it could be something since he cannot examine me 100 percent without the microscope anesthetic thing. I asked him if it was safe and he said it was. But I never had a chance to consider it because I have a lot of schoolwork right now. Ty.

Thunder is trying to say that it smells like malpractice…

regards, mgus

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