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Horse 440 Squeezes


Has anyone tried using a Power Jelq device to perform the horse 440’s?

In other words, once you get the blood where you want it, and “clamp” the base, use the PJ device to force blood from the head down?

I wonder if this would be easier?

been there done that

I did it will the PJ device for a while but switched back to hands. The PJ works but can be uncomfortable. Think of the pressure you use with you hands to compress the glans then think of that same pressure on your head but not distributed evenly over the glans. Just on 2 rolling points. It can leave you sore on the head, but this is my opinion some others might like it.

I would like to hear others view to compare.

I’ve asked a few questions about the horse squeeze before, that have never been answered. So I’ll try again. To the people who perform these regularly or so, when performing these horses how much of a girth expansion are we talking?

Ive been doing them for probably two weeks, and I feel a tight stretch and all but I hear people saying that the shaft really balloons up. But when I do them I’m only getting, approximately a 1/4 inch girth. I’m wondering is that right, or should I be seeing say a 3/4 inch shaft increase.

Also does anyboby have an idea on how long it takes to start seeing even the slightest gains from them?

Beware of discoloration

Dont want to rain on anyones parade. I just wanted to let all those know that are new to this exercise to be aware of discoloration. If you see any darkening of the skin, discontinue, unless you are cool with it. The discoloration is pretty much permanent. I still think that horse’s are a great exercise, but I can no longer do them because I wasnt careful enough. I just wanted everyone to know the risk if they didnt already. Sorry to bring up on old issue to all those who already know about this.

A quarter of an inch of girth expansion while doing a horse is probably about right.

This is an excellent girth exercise but has to be approached with extreme caution. I had exactly the experience Larry did and have given up doing horses.



thanks for the reply avocet

I noticed that you were one of the first members, discussing horses on this thread way back in march. I was wondering even though you discontinued use, how much girth did you receive from horses before you stopped? Oh and how soon did you start to see the girth gains after starting this exercise?



hey hows everyone doin in here?

i’ve been involved in PE for about 5 mnths and i started off at about 5.25 elbn x 4.25 EG and now im about 6.25x4.5 not the greatest of gains but hey its something. i’m new to this site and i would like to thank all of you for sharing this knowledge especially horse 440, this is an amazing exercise however i dont know how you guys managed to fit your head through the small opening. I tried it in da middle of a jelq session while tourniqueting the base and i just kept smashing the head down. am i not squeezing hard enough at the base? i swear i had an imprint of my fingers on the meatus i did feel the pressure but i just couldnt get my head through so i squeezed it instead this is my first time trying it, does that also work? because like one explained its just like squeezing a watermelon though a keyhole..

hey flex good to see you - nice introductory post,

a lot of lube is probably the best advice to get over the head. If you have a foreskin you can that by pushing it up before making the grip at the base. Personally I just use a lot of lube. If you can’t get the grip over your head open it up a little so that you can and close it more once your head is just slightly protruding beyond it.

In the end you are pushing the blood from the head into the shaft by squeezing and if it works for you then cool.

You’ll probably get it down pat once you’ve experimented a bit.

An inch in 5 months sounds like a good gain to me and .25” in girth is none too shabby.

I still do not understand how to do this. What’s a tourniquet? Sorry if this pisses anyone off as it has probably been asked thousands of times but I hear nothing but good about this excersize. So I figured I’d try them out when I understand how.

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Yes, I’m having some difficulties too. I think I understand most of the processes, but what I do not understand is the squeezing the head bit. Are you supposed to squeeze the head with a fist like squeeze? This is what I have been doing and it seems to work, but it is very uncomfortable to squeeze my head. I am uncut, and have tried protecting my head with my foreskin but it is not long enough. After squeezing my bare head with my fist I’m left with meany red dots? Sounds like I’m doing it right?

Hey Horse,

I started doin these about 6 weeks ago and gained a quick inch on my base. This is my first noticeable gain since starting PE. I mainly combo jelqing, horses and just started doin ULI’s to hopefully increase my mid shaft girth to match my base. I first only pumped but I hated it. I sometimes pump 2 10 minute sets after my combo routine.


Most likely good...

With my english i had hard time understanding how to do horse440 squeeze but after i saw the video on tutorials i had a clear vision.

Tested it a little and seems good.

I have not had any gains so this seems to good one to start making em and i have been doing things with my dick that makes this look like fun.

i will be reporting girth changes.

Girth now 14,5cm 5,7inches.

Looking to be a kiwi.

Well making this exercise is rather painful.

I will try it on soft state.

I will use a modification of this exercise half an erection and squeezing on the roof and pumping the top it makes your dick larges as long you squeeze the top and changes are huge on the shaft…

Well this maybe leads to nothing but i will try this before the original.

Looking to be a kiwi.

Originally Posted by BigJohnThursday

i started buying the magnums a month ago and though i haven’t posted to say so, it has been one of the greatest highlights of my pe-ing. prior to pe i had always seen them and envied the horse cock bastards that were lucky enough to need them. the first time i went to buy a pack i thought i’d be grinning from ear to ear, but rather i was a little sheepish, kinda like buying beer when you’re 17. still what a feeling, “that’s right, i’m hung. ring ‘em up baby!” bought a pack last week and i swear the pharmacist winked at me. now i see that trojan has an extra-large magnum. what an incentive to keep up the hard, no the good, no, the hard work.

john thursday

I know exactly what you mean! A few weeks ago, I walked into Wal-Mart and went to their condom section. I was looking over the stock, trying to decide whether to pick up the Magnums or the Magnum XLs - not sure if the latter might be too loose for my 6.14” girth (I should’ve tried them when I had hit an uncemented 6.34” last Summer).

Anyway, I reached for the box of Magnums and was looking them over, when I failed to notice a woman with a small child come up behind me (there were other personal items in the isle, for women, etc.). I heard the kid say something to her mother, so I turned around. The woman looked at what I was holding, then at me. She blushed, and I’m sure I did to. I quickly tossed the box back on the rack and sort of stood there, very uncomfortable. She kept looking at me, and the condom box I tossed back, then at me, and we both looked away. I wasn’t proud or cocky - just very embarrassed. I stood around waiting for her to leave because I really did want to buy a box to try the fit, but she just kept mulling around. I noticed that she had no wedding ring on, and she was a nice-looking woman, about 30 or so. I got so freaked out I just left.

Never have tried them yet. :(


You’re right. It takes a seriously cocky bastard to walk tall and proud with a box of condoms. I’m trying to think of all the clever responses you might have pulled on the lady behind you, but I’m sure I’d have done just as you had.
By the way, the Magnum XLs should fit you fine. I’ve worn them with far less girth then you have and they worked fine. Still, the regular Magnums are a closer fit for me.



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