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Horse 440 Squeezes

Thats what I do SWM, I just squeeze the head. Its easier for me that way. Besides you’re still pushing the blood out the glans anyways, so it seems just as effective.

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I do mine the same way (whenever I do them). I couldn’t do that milking of the head for the life of me so I just squeeze the head. Guess is works the same, but I can’t do the head milking thing anyway.. I need to incorporate these back into my routine.

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Right, newbies should definitely NOT do this sort of exercise.

As for the “fourforty” or 440 as it is… there’s no big story there: it comes from “Apollo440” a Dum’n’bass band I was listening to at the time I needed to pick my nickname for the Bigpenis website… two years ago, I think :)

Sorry, nothing to do with any stats or PE at all :)


I’ve been working these into my sessions over the past few weeks. I also squeeze the whole head instead of milking it - mostly because I don’t use lube.

Another variation I do is kind of a Horse/Pan squeeze. I ok the base, set my dick on a table or the top of the padded back of my chair, and press down on the head with the palm of my free hand. As always, be careful.

WHEW! Got another good session of these in this morning! I dont believe I’ve felt a stretching like this before with any other girth exercise. I feel it inside…in the area of the tunicae and in the outer skin as well so, I know these are gonna work! (ya know thats a casino resort?? Tunica…LOL) Maan, 30 minutes of these is great and I think will give me the girth I’ve been after! Later guys.

Anyone tried tightening Bib’s uli thing very tight at the base achieving a 110% erection, then milking the head? I think that I read somewhere that these were very effective for girth. Like an extreme Horse440 squeeze.

Yeaaaaa that might work well….but youre clamping off the blood more so that way….and that can be bad if left too long. You cant get as close to the pelvic bone as you can with your hand….smaller area formed at the base possibly…not to mention it sounds a lot more of a hassle to have to tighten/loosen/retighten just to do a squeeze type exercise that you could do better with your hands. Youre not a weenie are ya?

Please could you explain me ,

I ‘ve just discovered the Horse squeeze by this topic but my english is very BAD and I can’t understand how to do a Horse squeeze in the first Horse 440 post ! (what is a tourniquet ? what must we do in head …?)

Is anyone can teache me or give a tutorial with simple words for Horse squeeze please ?

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Well, I have decided to start working on girth, but just a little.
Why? Normal condoms are way to tight on me, they hurt!!
The Magnums, however, are just a touch to loose. So even though I don’t have the length I want yet I will try for a little more girth to better fit a condom, he he, gotta love it.

I did try the 440’s before, just to see what they feel like. I am cut and will definitely be doing the squeeze the head variation, NOT the milking one.

” What is a tourniquet ? “….It just means to wrap your thumb and first finger around the base of your dick hard enough to keep the blood trapped in it.

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i started buying the magnums a month ago and though i haven’t posted to say so, it has been one of the greatest highlights of my pe-ing. prior to pe i had always seen them and envied the horse cock bastards that were lucky enough to need them. the first time i went to buy a pack i thought i’d be grinning from ear to ear, but rather i was a little sheepish, kinda like buying beer when you’re 17. still what a feeling, “that’s right, i’m hung. ring ‘em up baby!” bought a pack last week and i swear the pharmacist winked at me. now i see that trojan has an extra-large magnum. what an incentive to keep up the hard, no the good, no, the hard work.

john thursday

recent prob

When i first started them they worked wonderfully but now I am having trouble holding off teh outflow at the base for some odd reason. Any particular position to grasp at teh base to make it easier?

When I first started PE I did a number of variations of squeezes. I stopped when I started hanging & decided to concentrate on length.

Joe seven, are you using the inverted “OK” grip”?

Great thing about Thunders, Shit load of serious PE’ers to dissect and compare every little variation in technique.

I am going to resurrect one of the condom threads. This is NOT the place for it, but, with all of us constantly changing size, damn good topic.

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unfreakin believable…what a stretch…

I just tried the Horse440 for the first time tonight. I alternated a ten second squeeze after ever 25 jelqs. I got 10 good ones in. I couldn’t believe the immediate response that was evident. I hope that the gains are as real as they seem to potentially be.

I do have a proble maintaining that workout erection after my squeeze. So I have to work it up again. Is that normal?

Thanks for the tip Horse440



Don’t know if that’s normal or not.

I do think, though, that the size of your glans has a lot to do with the result. A large glans is more difficult to compress; the effect for me is variable. I get more shaft inflation just short of very hard than I do when very hard. Problem for me is that Horses are stimulating and it’s hard, pardon me, to remain a little bit un-hard to get through a set of them.




Hey avocet8,

Very true, I got the same results, I was in an experimental stage this evening and found that there was more of a response, more of a stretch if you will, when in a jelq erect state, not even close to an erect state. But even at 60-75% there was quite a bit of pain and effort that had to be forced to sustain the 10 second hold.

I tried it both ways, with the “OK” grip as well as just squeezing the head. Both had a great impact on the expansion of the mid shaft. That is why I thought that working it with the jelqs would kinda spread things around. I don’t know…but I was impressed with the potential that it shows.

I will incorporate the technique into my routine as regularly as I can withstand and post all results on my progress thread.

Thanks again…all comments and suggestions help us all…!!!


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