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Horse 440 Squeezes

Hey wantmore,

the purpose of this squeeze is to engorge the shaft, so it does not matter if your head is small - as long as you tourniquet the base and then push the blood from the head to the shaft and hold it there - it will work.

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Dear WillB7 ,

thanks a lot for your help !

My problem is just , that there is not much blood to squeeze out of the head , because it is so small !

Is it as good , <if I squeeze some blood from the part just berfore the head to wards the body and the hold foe 10 sec . ?

Thanks a lot wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !


As Willbe7 says…

Just make sure you have a rock hard erection, then force as much blood into your shaft as possible by doing a couple PC contractions, then tourniquette your base very hard! Then just squeeze as much blood you do have in your head into your shaft… If it’s next to none, well, at least just squeeze it down, then tourniquette off the top of your shaft and hold…

You will know if this is working, it will get red as shit, and be extremely large around….

However, if you’re not getting the effect, you may want to try my variation of the Horse440, which would possibly make sense for your situation…. (it’s a little reversed from the normal way, but follow me on this…)

- Start w/ full erection
- squeeze the blood out of your head w/ OK grip (starting very small, gradually increasing the ‘hole’ in the OK) and then tourniquette VERY HARD just below the head…
- then do two PC contractions (keggels) to squeeze blood into the shaft, and then immediately tourniquette the base
- at this point you may want to move the hand at the base just a bit closer to your hand at the top of the shaft to concentrate the blood even more…

Trust me, you’ll know if this is working!

Good luck.

Dear ydb !

Thanks a lot for your help ! I´try it as you advised !

All the best wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !

Are people using lube for this or doing it dry? I would think the friction of the ‘o’-finger would be brutal.

I’ve done some heavy jelqing before and nasty uli’s, but I have to admit I am somewhat concerned about blowing a vein or something with this. I mean, how much internal pressure can our penis’ veins take?

Use lube - I use Vaseline.

As for safety - just use your common sense, along with your knowledge from reading this thread, and you’ll be fine.

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Fellow H. Squeezers.............

I have joined the club and am a total convert.

I usually use lube, but occasionally dry. I also take a handful of L Arginine, 1,000 mg of
Niacin, and sometimes 1,000 mg of liquid Yohimbe extract and a sliver of Viagra. Man
alive, I cannot get my hand around the base and I have to move it up to get a good enough
tournequet. It is really becomming a problem, the grip, but it’s one that shows the darned
thing works, at least for slow gaining me. I gained a quarter inch girth in a few weeks.

I do many “variations” I have not seen on this board.

I dunno, but once erect I can get tremedous results by kegeling hard after each
jelq, forcing more blood by flexing my ab muscles as hard as I can to the groin area. Then,
with the base tournaquet, I just squeeze as hard as I can below the head, and the
expansion can sometimes be as great as pushing from the head tip down toward the shaft
with the other OK. Don’t ask why.

I often “hold” for 30 seconds or more. Not ten seconds, but newbies should not do this.

Another variation is to push down as hard as possible after engaging the horse squeeze
until your suspensory ligs ache or pop. That is a nifty variation that really helps length, at least
temporarily anyway. It is “reshaping” my base area too.

I think the horse sqeezes are the best thing I have ever done for girth. VERY satisfied.

I agree, but they’re sure not for the “untrained.”

I’m getting no girth gain at the moment, at least as evidenced in measurments. Did at first. But while doing Horses I get very noticeable expansion and hope this will cement in one of these days. Looking for the time when I can duplicate a Phat9 restroom experience and hear guys say later, Wow did you see that?! :-)



ok at base

when you are doin the horse (or any other squeeze for that matter) do you want to squeeze the turniquet hand at the base so it is closed and no blood can escape or just really hard so there is pressure? also I jelqued for nearly 2 weeks for 10 minutes and had to stop for 2 weeks then I jelqed a few times and squeezed for a wee and I am about to jelq for another week….. would you consider this broken in enough to try full erection squeezes or some other things or do you wanna take like 2 months of jelqing and squeezing to break in, by the was I get red spots really easily so I guess I am not broken in yet haha.

Would you say the Horse 440 is the best girth exercise? Do better results yeild from using this with other heavy exercises like Bruiser 180s?

What exactly is a bruiser 180?

On the subject of the horses, I think many would say they are one of the best, if not the best girth exercise.

Joeseven and twatteaser

joe: I personally don’t think you are there yet. Be careful with this horse squeeze because
it really requires a very strong and veteran penis. Since it’s done close to full erection,
you can really hurt yourself. You want that base OK grip to be a death clamp, as hard
as you can grab. You want zero blood out.

twat: My personal opinion having been around and seen and done it all, I would say yes
it is the best for girth. There are physiological reasons that are obvious if you do them
correctly. Simply put, this squeezes more blood into the corpus cavernosa and expands
the tissue more and for longer time periods than regular jelqs or ULIs. ULIs are good too
and of course are the “prelude” to a good horse squeeze.

Oh BTW basketball, I would never try that bruiser thing. You get totally erect and
twist the dick around 180 degrees and bury it between your butt cheeks and hold
that for I forgot how long. Very dangerous but some guys got fantastic results from it.

Some guy from Australia came up with it but it’s very scary to do.

Hello there!!


I haven’t been around this forum for quite a while… to be honest, a bit after coming up with my girth exercise I practically stopped PE’ing since my life was very complicated at the time.

Now I come here and read this thread… it makes me happy that my humble exercise means so much to this community.

I’m feeling much better now and considering a return to PE. I ca’t wait for the warm up period to go by and to get back to dong those Horse440s :)

Thanks you guys! Your posts gave me a little joy in an otherwise sad day.


Hello again Horse440,

Yes, you have become a Legend around here, your squeezes are ‘The talk of the town’ and I find myself trying to calm down enthusiastic newbies who want to do them on their first week of PE !

Sorry to hear you had a sad day and some difficulties, anyway it’s really good to see you post again, I hope things will turn well so that you can peacefully get on with your PE .

Oh btw, if it’s not a secret, I am very curious to know what the 440 stands for?


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Daddy liiiikes!

I love these too! Had my third “workout” using them exclusively today and got another great session in. These are actually easier for me to do than the other two handed squeeze where you sqeeze off at the base and then squeeze with your other hand (forfinger and thumb) behind the glans. Being able to grip and squeeze my glans with most of the other hand makes it such a better exercise! MORE PRESSURE! YES!! Oh, and my hands dont get as tired. Err…are we all on the same page with these? I just re-read the first post by Horse and he’s not squeezing the glans in his description. YOuch milking the glans?? Ah well I’m sticking with my version and squeezing the entire “head” of my penis when I do these!


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