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Horse 440 Squeezes

Great excersises! Care to share your stats? How much girth have these excersises given you? What did you start out with?
How long have you been doing them?
What are your measurments at now?
Do these things every day / what is your routine?



What happen to Horse440? he rode into town he left us a great new exercise and than he rode off into the sunset maybe to help some poor widow save her ranch!


Hey Dino,

I know Horse440 from the Big Penis Forum. He is like that. Comes in, posts awhile to let people know what he has found and then isn’t around for awhile. He will be back, sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. :)

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Hey Horse!

good to see ya again buddy. I’m sitting here with 4 kg (8.8lbs) hanging off my dick, so my horse squeeze will have to wait. Sounds good.



Who was that masked man?


Horse Plateau

I’ve been doing these horse squeezes for a Long time (7 months or more), and it seems that I have hit a plateau. I start by getting my penis very hard then go limp. I then get 100% hard again, this time letting the erection subside a bit till it’s about at 80%. This, IMO, makes the penis more spongy (I call it the PE “Sweet Spot”) and it really makes the difference by letting the penis balloon. I move my OK up the shaft to a point where I still have room to close some of the remaining fingers, crushing blood cells towards the head. Then I do the same with the tourniquete hand. I then pump blood between the two hands using powerful alternating squeezes.

I rarely get any red spots anymore, and I squeeze with all my might. The spots are an indicator, I believe, of tissue stress. No stress, no gain. I’ve been noticing an upward curve to my erection as a result of these squeezes, and I have made sure now that I alternate jelqing hands. I now try to bend my penis downwards at the the fulcrum point of the arc to stretch the top tissues. I am also hoping that the the bending at high stress will spurt some growth as well.

I am just wondering how many of you that do these squeezes have hit a plateau? And how did you break out of it?

in a nutshell

so guys,

In a nutshell, he is forcing the blood from the head into the shaft, correct?

(And since he has applied the Tourniquet at the base, the blood has nowhere to go but to expand the shaft itself.)
This is the basis, right?



Hey Guys!!!

“Horse Squeezes”? :)

That’s cool! I’m really happy you guys are enjoying this. I’ve read all the posts and I’m not sure EVERYONE got the exercise.

The main thing is:

- full erection and then some
- hard no-mercy torniquet at the base
- very tight ok sign starts AT THE VERY TIP of the head and pushes blood down to the shaft.

My weekend session made my head turn completely limp and white as my shaft gained tremendous proportions. :)

I’ve been PE’ing for a long time, it’ll be 2 years next July if I’m not mistaken, but I can check my log later. I’m only going for girth, since I’m 19 cm (7.48”) lenght (more than enough to make the mrs. sigh, pant and even scream ocasionally - be careful for how long you aim… it CAN get TOO long you know).

My girth gains have been like this:

start: 11,7 cm (4.6”)
normal pe exercises made me go to: 12,3 cm (4.84”)
added squeezes, went to: 12,7 cm (5”)
added the… ahum… horse squeeze: shot to 14 cm (5.51”)

So, thanks for all your posts, I’m happy people are enjoying this :)

Keep going… but… don’t burst your johnson!


Hello Horse440,

Glad you like the name Horse Squeezes… :)

I do them now on a regular basis, but made a little modification to it: after sliding the tiny ok from the top, instead of just holding there for 10 sec, I squeez that tiny top ok 50 times before I release the pressure.

Feels great afterwards, its my favorite exercise now.

10x again

ù ì å í


Thanks Horse,

This is also my favorite exercize. Already seeing girth gains in just a week or two of this exercize!


I have to agree with them that this is my favorite exercise. I dont really have to apply that much pressure with either hand to make my shaft feel like its going to explode. I think I am deffinitly getting some girth gains just from the horse sqeezes.

I’m not sure, this thread may be dead… but that brings up a point which I haven’t heard anybody talking about….

When I do the horse440, I have to apply a lot of pressure, almost to the point that for awhile it doesn’t even seem possibly to slide my hand down the head, but then it slowly starts sliding, and I’m good, but I end up exerting a lot of energy on my slide hand- I don’t mind, I feel like it’s working big time, but just curious if anyone who’s been doing this could identify w/ my approach here…


Yeah, it’s going to be tough to do. Your hands almost have to build up to it.


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Yes, this exercise is not easy to do.

Especially the top tiny ok sign - it takes a surprisingly big effort to keep that tiny ok grip at the top real tight; its hard on the hand too.
But it’s obviously (just look down at the monster) worth the effort.

ù ì å í


Cool Will, now I know I’m doing it right… Pretty amazing exercize - I’ve gained .25” girth since I started it 2 weeks ago !!!


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