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Horse 440 Squeezes

But (he said exaggeratingly), it’s a little like shoving a watermelon through a keyhole. Hugeness and I had to compare notes just to make sure we were doing it right. It didn’t seem possible as first described. We decided you just get as much blood pressed down there as you can and the rest of the Horse is an act of faith.





If you’re new to PE, this erect squeez is dangerous and you have to build up to it over a period of time. Take it (very) easy or better concentrate on the basic stuff for a while before you move on to fully erect squeezes.

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Thanks WillB7,

I’ve been PE’ing for about 7 weeks… I’m probably on the bubble. I try to do them at about 80% erection. Thanks for watching out for me, do you think it is OK at my stage??


horse squeezes


As Horse440 described them, the squeezes are performed at 100% erect+kegel, which means a HUGE pressure is applied on the shaft from both tourniquets.
I think this one is premature for you, I’d say take another month or two (everyone is differentt - it’s very individual) and by then you will get to know your dick better and learn what it’s capable to take without risking an injury.

Watch your dick after each PE session and observe it’s reactions - sometimes it will be sore, sometimes you’ll get red spots, you will learn to feel how much stress is safe for it , then upgrade to the more advanced stuff.
After 11 months of PE experience I don’t consider myself an expert, I just use my knowledge and common sense.
My golden rules for a new exercise are:

  • Be sure you fully understand and know the exercise
  • Go VERY easy at first and slowly build up intensity over time
  • Listen to our body and when in doubt better stop and revise

Good Luck

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Thanks for the assistance Willb7…

I have to admit, I liked these so much, I was doing too much of it, w/ too much intensity. My dick hurt, and I got a few red spots. I don’t think I overdid it, but I’ll use caution… We only get one of these things!!!

Thanks much!

I am in love with the horse squeeze

I have gained one quarter inch mid shaft girth in ONE WEEK! I had not gained that much, normal
erection size that is, in TWO solid YEARS. I’m ecstatic.

I do NOT belive this, but the string read 6 3/4 each and every time, just slightly above my
mid shaft.

The base and inch and a half above base were the same at 8 and 7, respectively, so I
seem to be straightening out the taper to conform with general proportions.

Thanks so much everyone. This is truly the one NEW thing I have learned about PE in
the last whole year.

Thank you Horse444, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


You are not aiming for 9” are you? Are you saying you are at 6 3/4” in girth now?

How many reps of the Hors440 are you doing??


I have to agree that these things are the best I have seen for girth. I am only doing five though. I do the rest of my workout which takes up some time. I am getting close to my first goal of 5.25 girth. I think I may be able to get it by the end of the month. Do you guys think I should step up the wokout and do more than 5. I am also doing 5 Ulis. My workout is

10 min hotwrap
5 min stretching
100 reps PJ
50 reps hand jelq
5 Ulis
5 horse440s

Does anyone advice a change, I am getting girth gain though but it seems like my length gain has halted. I am not worried about it though. Should I do more horse440s, this workout already takes me 45 mins.


No, 9” is my elbp, though at times I can eek out 9 1/8”.

No, I would not really want that much girth. Too much more than seven or seven and one half
at mid shaft and most women have a hard time, but they can acclimate.

WOW!!! I tried this exercise to see what all the raving was about and DAYYUUUMMM…my penis blew up like an oscar meyer… “plumps when you horse squeeze it”… LOL ..this is the exercise I’ve been looking for… I’ve never had a pump like this… thank you Horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think we’re experiencing a life-changing discovery by horse! Would this warrant a Pulitzer? Horse, you’re going to go down in the history books, “the man who saved the sex lives of millions - simply by adding girth!” hehehe

opps, ydb. sorry

Forgot to answer your question.

Yes, 6 3/4 ” at just above midshaft.

I have a hard time believing this is permanent, but it was still there this morning, Friday, a day later.

Phat9,wow 6 3/4” - that’s just PHAT…

Yes boys, this exercize is great…. I was in the bar tonight, and went to the pisser… I wipped it out, and was actually surprised - it’s NEVER been that fat before… I was proud of it, I wanted the dude next to me to see it (kidding…. sort of…). Seriously, I’ve always been small flacid, and I swear after these Horse440’s I’m no longer embarrassed at all…. I’m 4 1/2”+ flacid now, and it doesn’t go away after a day or two, it’s there and only more to come I’m sure… I think I may have gained close to an inch in girth since PE’ing, but most of it from Horse440’s the last 2 weeks…

The Indians have been PE’ing for centuries, but I bet they never experienced the Horse440! lol….


thanks, it’s still there and today is sunday and I’m not even feeling well.

Just the slightest blood trickle from whatever souce and it looks plump.

I wonder what I’d do in the three inch pump tube with viagra now?

I still cannot believe this, but as I told Bib, some of this is due to the cumulative effects of other girth exercises that
I have incorporated lately, such as Uli wraps. I am going to Uli wrap big time as soon as I get the Uli
device made.


Hi guys !

I have a problem with the exercise : my head is so small , I don`t have a good feeling . I can ´t squeeze the blood right out from it , there is so little blood in it , because it is so small ! At the end I just do a normal squeeze . Does anyone have the same problem or knows a trick ?

Thanks a lot and a nice weekend Wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !


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