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Caught in the Act

Your both right…Tell us more!

Going for 9

All I have to say is bravo, the way you handled the situation and the way you got into it. =))

furthuring the motion for an update :)

1 quest’s wife jumping into the mix was also hilarious.. but I think she was pretty much on the mark. Has anyone (male or female) since come up and asked you about pe?

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Oh man. I only found this thread through the “thread of the year” thread, but I am so glad I did. I burst out laughing so hard I had to wipe the spit off the monitor. Jelktoid, man, we need an update on this one.



Yo toid,

What about their hubby’s? They must of told others. Any updates?

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Dude, this thread popped up in a search, what a fuckin’ gem! It was a very great read. Props to you Jelktoid!

Gold .. pure gold.. no wait platinum! ..yup platinum :D

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I just read this thread. I think the lady that walked in on you was turned on by you even before she saw you with the Bib. If she wasn’t, her shock/embarrassment would have sent her off running back to her house. Then she would have called you for the wine recommendation instead as if the event never happened. Then she asks you if she could see it?? It would be like you finding out she had implants and then you asking to see them. One would have to be in some state of horniness to ask that.

As for Lisa, tell her about this website and about our little cult. Us who hang weights off our dicks want to chat with her unstable little mind. She sounds interesting. ;)

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Fantastic Community

Just read this thread now, and was amazed at all the concerned members showing support for our pal in his precarious predicament. Absolutely fantastic. Most boards I’ve ever read have been plagued with immaturity and filled with flames. I’m impressed by the constant support that the regulars give each other, even in possibly life altering scenarios. Well done lads !

Sheeesh! I’m embarrassed for you, big time. But damn, you handled that quite well. In that situation, I think I would’ve said, “Um, could you get the hell out of here?”

As luv said, if it continued the way it did, I think I would’ve whipped it out - hell, she saw too much already (but not because I would’ve been trying for sex, just to show it off since she saw you doing that already).

As I’ve said, I’ve been busted stretching before, covered with talcum powder, but as I wasn’t erect of course, I just made up some bullshit about a rash that I was applying powder do (she didn’t actually see me pulling on it, just sitting in a chair, with my pants around my ankles, covered in powder).

Well as another year is closing on us, I thought I’d bump this thread - it’s one of my top 3 threads I’ve ever read at Thunders :)

:rolling: Great thread!!!

I’ve read a similar story at MOS which got me inspired into writing a sex novel about a guy who got caught in the act jelqing by the neighbour wife. This story ended up in wild sex. Unfortunately it was written in Swedish so I cannot share it with you.
I might translate it one day and post it here.


So long as the girl remains Swedish :)

It may be settled for now but remember - I would steer clear of Debbie - she is most likely going to think about king slong everytime she see’s you. She will probably want an update on your progress from time to time…Don’t go there….Ha, ha….What a great thread!!!

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