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Caught in the Act

jelktoid and others

This fascinates me.

I feel sorry for the accountant and the obvious “pressure” that is on him, frowning face.

There is his wife Debbie, who is now obsessed with what a large penis feels like, and
no doubt thiniks of it constantly, with her husband knowing it. I would not want to be him
with her thinking of another with a more endowed manhood. Moreover, the other women
are thinking about an aspect of life they may have never considered before.

I know the feeling of being “injected” into a situation you never asked to be in. Bib gave
good advice though, it sure is a confidence builder and makes your smile more radiant. But
that will only turn your neighbors on more.

What if the husband feels the need to catch up but does not have the time or his heart is not
in it. Heck, what if he tries hard and is a slow or no gainer??????????????? Bad place for
a man to be. But there is also the “business” relationship.

What a beautiful mess!

LOL, maybe you should move. I may PM ya again.

I don’t advertise my endowment much, but I wonder if some “Debbie” caught me, how I’d feel?
Debbie’s marriage could be adversely affected by this, or it could be a small crisis that leads
to growth, but the man was put in an awkward situation no matter what that could make
him feel inferior, leading Debbie to want you or “it” even more.

But as Bib said, it is not your fault at all. You did the right thing. The improtant part is youir
own wife here. I am not sure about the effect on her. They can “turn” odd ways we never
suspect, I ought to know that one.

Once a woman gets this in her mind, it is hard for her to get rid of it and it can become an
obsession if it turned her on. Debbbie was turned on Jelk. Lisa even more. Boss is accountant.
Oh, beautiful mess.

Hey, if she divorces, send Debbie to ole Phat’s house. Lisa I can do without.

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I’ll say it again. That is absolutely crazy. But the way you handled it was beautiful. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Just work out things with your wife like BIB said and everything will be ok, but this has to be the most interesting thread in a long while.absolute madness!

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the other side

jt ,

Not everyone is thinking all the time about how big their dick is. Just us! In the real world there actually is more going on than whose dick is bigger.

Maybe Joe accountant has a 9 inch peckerasarous and she is thinking jt is handicapped.

Keep it in perceptive . PE is a good thing but not everything.

Awesome thread! ReallY! Good Luck with the neighbors!

Wow.. some people can be so stupid..

spreading gossip and stuff like that.. sheesh.. some people just stink..

Its none of their business… and frankly.. i dont think you should care what they think.. or do.. or what ever..

What sort of town do you live in? Those childish, immature, brain dead losers should be locked up..



1 Quest's Wife

Ok, I’ve not done this before but when my husband told me to read this I had to reply. We’ve been married for almost 14 years and have the best relationship that anyone could ask for. I don’t know how close you are to your wife, but I can tell you right now the first thing that you did wrong. You should never have let Debbie know what you were doing or why. What you are doing might be for yourself, but you just said you were also doing it for your relationship with your wife. What you are doing is something private in your relationship and you should never have shared it with any other women. Does your wife know that you are in this forum? My husband and I don’t keep anything from each other and the fact that you told another women about what you are doing is something that I as a wife would be very upset about. She has every right to be angry and upset. You can tell as many men as you want to, but DON’T tell anymore women. A women that is close to her husband would not have ever even rang the doorbell on you in the first place. I don’t care what Tom, Dick, and Harry are doing next door. All I care about is what my husband is doing. Debbie should never have even approached you with such a thing. I’m sorry for being so bold about all this, but I will tell you that the most important thing in a relationship is communication and keeping NO secrets from each other.


Jelktoid…now you got all the wives pissed! So much for our little boy’s club.

First Augusta, now Thunder’s.

That did’nt take long.


You know you were thinking of buying that new bigger house a couple of towns over anyway. You know whats funny i tried to answer this about 5 hours ago and I typed this big long well thought out message and in walks my son and daughter into my bedroom and I didn’t even hear them until I hear my son looking over my shoulder. I freeeeeek and start closing windows and I had kaza downloading some blowjob movie, so I hit the reset button. My son is like what are you doing and I’m making up some bullshit about the computer locking up and acting weird. So guys watch out something is in the air.

Well Bro I really feel for you, you are so fucked I’m sure you could handle your neighbors thinking your a super freak, but you know the wife can’t. Good luck my friend you are in a fine stew

It is a conspiracy! They are all out to get us. Our secret Neo-Masonic Club is being found out! Oh wait, here is my Lithuim…………………..I feel fine now. LOL!

JK you have my deepest sympathies. If this happened to me, I would have to knock the girl on the head and bury her in my basement. If they ask why I have Quik Lime on me all the time, I say i am building a shed next to my garden outside but I always seem to procrastinate.

No seriously I would just move away. I could never live that down ever. So are you going to say you Slept with those two women and didn’t want to take it further and counter their claims of you doing weird things to your dick cause they are blackmailing you with this shit.

Dude! I will drink for you next time I go out. My god my nerves would be destroyed from this.

Best of luck. I hope you can control the damage.

Hey JT,

Man, first you go and become famous at the local airport, then you become a neighborhood legend.

The whole airport probably knows who you are, especially if someone managed to figure out how to get a still off the survaillance video. Probably have your picture in all the security lounges at the airport. Not to mention that Latina’s coffee club.

And now your popularity is growing in your neighborhood too. Dam, I see a Fox sitcom on this coming next fall.

Seriously, I hope this works out well for you and doesn’t cause any more trouble for you than it already has.

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Response #302

Wow. Talk about a hot topic. Fear and elation. And more than anything I am just concerned about JT and his wife.

First, to 1Quest’s wife (have her read this and answer, please): as I recall it happening, Debbie strolled into the house unannounced, caught JT in the process during the phone call, and obviously saw something. How should he have handled it? I honestly don’t know, so that’s an honest question. But she was the inquiring one. She could have walked away from it. I really don’t know what I’d say in that situation, and I agree that it is totally a private matter. Unfortunately, it’s easy to judge it in retrospect, but at the moment he had to try something. But the situation was forced open by someone *outside* the marriage. And as best as I can see it, JT rolled the dice hoping to assuage Debbie’s concern and curiosity.

OK, thanks, 1Quest’s wife. The rest is just my remaining thoughts. Nice to have you here.

The whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach and makes me glad at this point I am not married. While I hope to be one day again, PE will be a done deal for me then. Because I seriously don’t want another person affected by it in this way.

My thought when I read JT’s last post - when he was talking about how his wife reacted to other people knowing: I as a man would treat that situation differently. In other words, it would bring out different feelings in me. But I know now after being married that a woman oftentimes thinks about what other people are thinking more so than a man and in different ways. Maybe she’s wondering what the whole neighborhood is thinking at this point and feels great embarrassment. I don’t know if I can blame her on that. I do realize the necessity of men and women balancing each other with this type of stuff, however.

I don’t know - it just all makes me ill the more I think about it. JT, I hope you and she can come to a good way to deal with this. Remember this - YOU were the one approached in your OWN house by a neighbor. SHE was the one who initially took this down the wrong alley. From there is just got worse. And she did NOT have to speak to any of her friends about that. I’ll be honest - this is one of those areas where her female looselippedness has amped things up. So here’s something: Debbie has screwed JT’s wife over. Maybe JT didn’t react as he should have (in hindsight), but Debbie fucked it all up. Above all things, I hope your wife can understand that and you can go forward in a united fashion.

-your buddy wishing the best for you,

1 Quest's Wife

You are right, in a way. He was caught off guard and Debbie did just let herself in. I have a few names of my own to call Debbie, but I won’t go there. I’m sure if you tell your wife the whole situation it will help. But the real upset here is that you told Debbie and then you told her to keep it a secret from your wife. BIG NO NO. Don’t ever confide something with a women other than your wife and then tell her not to tell. This should be a given to all men out there who are married or are in a serious relationship. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your wife or girlfriend telling other girlfriends about the personal thing you are doing. Hey, this is to help yourself and your relationship with your woman, not get other women aroused. If you’re not married and you want to impress women with this than go for it, but if your doing it to help you and your relationship with your woman, than I suggest you keep it between the two of you. I’m sorry if I’ve offended some of you by commenting, but I feel a women’s point of view here might help. I’ve not ever felt the need to reply on anything that my husband has told me about on these forums, but your wife has been hurt by this, I know I would be.

PS. DO NOT SAY THAT YOU HAVE SLEPT WITH THESE OTHER WOMEN. It will hurt and embarrass your wife more and burn you in the long run.

Thanks, and I totally agree. I guess I had forgotten or not picked up the point that he said something to Debbie but not to his wife. I think you gotta keep her in the pipeline, like a part of you on something like that.

Look, we appreciate any input you have. I don’t think anyone here is offended. I agree that a woman’s POV in this is highly important to know. I hope JT comes online and reads some of this.

1 quest wife

If you re read one of my posts, I anticipated the wife’s negative response that you allude

I have had perhaps more experience than most on this board with, uh, er, uh, ah hum,
uh well , sticky situations with ladies leading to nice things like divorce, alimony,
and breakups of relationships. Far too many.

Your are right. I know Jelk’s wife has a right to be pissed, but in essence, it WAS Debbie
who intiated this thing and caught JT totally off guard, with his dick in a vice grip
attached to 18 pounds of weight plates. I wonder if ANY man could have done much
better under the conditions. I mean, even if he shut the door and said go away, Debbie
had already seen this “hobby.” Yes, he may have not in hindsight said exactly what
he should have said to protect his wife, but I wonder if I could have done any better.

The ploy to keep things secret was not good however. That creates a bond that
should not be and has no place.

Anyway, good to have you aboard. We have lost all but two of our women. I wonder
why? Why don’t you honor us with your presence and opinions a bit more.

I like your femine analysis, and I basically agree.

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