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Caught in the Act

Oh yeah - one more thing…

Party at Jelktoid’s house this winter. Everyone bring the snake, because we’re gonna do a PE show-n-tell for the ladies of Jelk’s neighborhood.

(Actually, if you lived near me I’d probably do it!)



while I agree some form of the scenario you suggest could have come to pass. The liklihood is that this girl would have kept it secret that SHE ASKED TO SEE IT AGAIN!!! And in his description of the scene and what I know about women, is that if she didn’t walk off in a huff without waiting to talk to him… she wanted to feel the snake.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Should have had the repairman fix that door. Now Debbie gonna be scratching at it all the time.

If she talks and she most likely will because that’s what women do “no offense lady members” We are all used to hearing about this stuff but to the neighbors your going to be a super freak. The Rick James of the neighborhood. She wanted you Bro if she didn’t she would have ran when she saw you. Good luck great story!


You did the right thing. Just confront it. She was rude to stand there gaping but at least you had the chance to say something sensible and maybe add some control over things.

Have people forgotten the time-honored tradition of knocking?



When she comes back again- and she will- let her see it, touch it and suck it. Then bang the shit out of her. You worked hard for your new dick- use it.


Your killing me here. Dude is married, and that’s his wifes best friend. Great fantasy but not in this life time.

Dino and luvdadus, are right on.The chance of Debbie keeping this one to herself are less than zero.

I can see it now hanger party at jt’s there’s the urologist, the accountant, toid and the rest of the gang trying to see who can hang the most weight.

Then theirs the wifes gathering around the brunch table discussing their hubbies latest routine or who has the biggest gains to date.

jt the papers and the local tv channel will be knocking on the door soon as well. This could be bigger than you think.

Some guys have all the luck,

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Well, here I go again. Those of you who said that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut were right! Debbie and my wife (Elizabeth) have a good friend named Lisa. My wife and I went to a benefit dinner at our daughter’s school tonight. Lisa and her husband were there. After a couple of hours of drinking, Lisa cornered me and said, “I talked to Debbie today.”

I said, “Oh shit!”

Lisa said, “I can’t believe that you would do something like that.”

I replied, “It’s not like I raped a nun or something.”

She said, “No, but this is really weird. It’s kind of perverted.”

I said, “What’s perverted about it? Women are all the time getting silicone pumped in their tits. You wear make-up and a push-up bra. What’s the difference?”

Lisa replied, “Yeah, but that’s normal for women.”

I retorted, “OK, but there are probably thousands of men who are making their dicks bigger. If every man knew that it worked, probably several million would be doing it right now.”

She replied, “Then why aren’t they?”

I replied, “Because they don’t know about it. I found out about it on the internet and I was real skeptical for a long time. Finally, I decided to try it and guess what, it works!”

You have to understand that Lisa is very argumentative. She doesn’t believe that shit is brown (because sometimes it’s not). I knew that I couldn’t get the best of her in this argument.

So finally I said, “Lisa, you can think anything that you want. I have built a successful business and my family and I are living a great life. I could be doing a lot of things with my time, but I am dedicating a little bit of it to getting a bigger one. When I get to my goal, I will quit and be happy.”

She replied, “What’s your goal?”

I said, “Eight and a half to nine inches?”

Without missing a beat she asked, “Where are you now?”

I looked her right in the eye and said, “Seven and a half inches and still growing!”

Not being one to be intimidated she replied, “What were you when you started stretching your pud?”

I paused for a moment and thought about this. Here, my worst fears were being realized. I was actually debating the merits of PE with a women who was friends with my wife. For all of you that thought that I should have showed Debbie my dick, Lisa would have jumped on it like a bitch in heat. However, Lisa is wacky! Real wacky. Emotionally unstable. Any tryst with her would be communicated to my wife in short order out of guilt. So, I had to give her the right reply in order to diffuse the situation.

I replied, “Lisa, I’m doing this for the benefit of my wife and myself. I am not planning on screwing around with other women. I have a pretty big penis, and the reason that I want a big penis is because it enriches our sex life. Having a big penis doesn’t guarantee happiness. It’s just part of the overall loving experience.”

She replied, “Yeah, but hanging a bunch of weights off your dick!?”

Finally, I decided to put an end to the bullshit. I said, “Look, if this gets around the whole neighborhood, I’ll know that you and Debbie spread it around. If it does, I’ll say that I fucked both of you after you found out that I had a big dick, but Elizabeth (my wife) will know the truth.

She gave me a dirty look and said, “It’s already all over the neighborhood.”

I thought to myself, “Oh Shit!”

So, I took my wife to the corner of the school hall and confessed the whole incident.

She pretty much lost her mind. We left the dinner and talked non-stop about it until we got home. She clammed up and said that she was exhausted and needed to go to bed. So, here I am relating the tale while my better half is upstairs thinking who knows what. When we pulled into our driveway, I saw Debbie and her husband standing on their driveway enjoying the 80 degree evening. She was smiling and he was frowning. Who knows what the fuck will happen tomorrow!

Pray for me brothers (and sisters) in crime!


ps. This is a true story and I am truly shitting bricks!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Jelqtoid,this is easily one of the most interesting post ever,on these pe forums.Im just sorry that it had to happen.Please keep us informed.

Oh,and good luck with the unstable, emotional chick.I have a feeling she’s going to tell everyone just too amuse herself.Good luck with your wife too.


First, the only thing you did wrong was to threaten the bitch. But, you were caught off guard.

As far as PE, you did absolutely nothing wrong. If they have a problem with it, it is their problem, not yours.

Is your wife upset, worreid about gossip, or what? You should tell her you are doing this for yourselves and you plan on making the most of it. If others talk, what could it possibly harm?

Here is what you need to do, and tell your wife of the plan also. Whatever the most upbeat, happy-go- lucky attitude you have ever shown is, put it on display for the next month or so, every time you see any of these people. Just think of your larger penis, smile, become boisterous and truly happy to see the folks. They already know WHY you are so happy, and this will intrigue the men, and cause the women to kick hubby’s ass.

Whatever perceived ammunition they think they have will quickly evaporate. Even go out of your way to see them. Make sure they know that you don’t give a shit if they know. You are the one with the large dick! A good offense is always the best defense.



BTW, remember to either delete or edit this thread after they get you to tell them how you did it. It’s a fair bet that within a month or two, the men will ask you the details and you will give them Thunders address. Best if they don’t read this thread. hehe.


Forgot. If anyone says anything about it being weird again, say that the FIRST boob job or the FIRST vasectomy might have been considered weird also. It is just another body part. You have the right to make of it what you wish, in the privacy of your own home.



Wow, those ladies are really nosy! I´m impressed with how you handled it though, stone cold to open the door with the hanger still on.

I really hope this works out good for you, and I think it will, good thing you seem like a strong person who wont be put down by a incident like this. Can´t wait for an update!

Either way, they´re obviously quite intrigued rather than disgusted or freaked out, seems like it´s mostly their modesty that forced them to act like it. In reality they probably can´t wait to get their hubs into hanging as well. And they are dead curious about getting a glance at your goods. As long as your wife is OK you´re a winner rather than a loser!

Bib, great point about deleting the thread, spoken like a true cleaner.

Hang in there buddy (pun intended). I think Bibs’ advice is sound. The guy should be a counselor as a job- the advice he gives is right on. I would rather have people gossiping about how big my dick is than the gossip I am sure those nurses spread about how small your dick was after your vasectomy. I will pray for you and your family that this all works out just fine. In my above post I wasn’t serious, but I am sure you knew it was meant to lighten things up a bit. Please stay in touch and let us know what is going on.

be pround my son


If I were in your shoes I would stand as proud as the American flag on the 4th of July.

You my friend are a ” where will be PE be in 1 year” billboard right now. Think about it this way, out of 1000 guys no a million guys what percentage would answer yes to this question:

If I could show you how to make your dick bigger without surgery would you be interested?

Maybe 95 %.

IMO the ladies and guys in your neighborhood should look at you with the utmost respect and even awe. You are a pioneer a hero in a sense have no fear your cause is just and true. Right now this is a head trip for you. However stay totally straight with the wife and she will watch your back like your best friend should.

I asked a couple of girls that know I hang what they would think if they caught someone hanging and they both got this silly look on their face and pretty much said the same thing………cool! BTW they both said debbie is talking .

This is a good think have no fear.


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