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Caught in the Act


Thanks for sharing this situation with the rest of us. It’s certainly an eye opener for the rest of us who believe we will never get caught. I have to fess up an admit that I have been getting very lax in the past year with my hanging, due to personal familiarity I suppose. I have the bad habit of hanging at my home computer when no one is around, knowing full well that one of my kids or neighbors could walk in at any moment. From now on, hanging will only take place behind a locked door. I’m happy to hear your misfortune turned out for the best. I’m a firm believer in, *Honesty is the Best Policy*. You handled the situation well.

Cheers, IM4

Re caught in the act

OHHHH DAMN - sorry you had a neighbor bust you so badly and then go blabbing about it all over the neighborhood. I wonder how her husband would feel if he new she wanted to inspect your package so badly.

Having a neighbor invade your privacy by walking into your house is her fault, not yours. If she had any class, she would have not asked to see your unit either. Imagine, if she just caught you walking around naked - If she was discrete, she would have looked away and excused herself and apologised later.

Getting caught while doing stealth PE would be a big problem. For me. The risk makes it difficult to get sessions in. It would be so much easier to do it front of the TV during time that is otherwise wasted.

Best of luck to you Jelktoid, I hope the wife keeps supporting your efforts - and to hell with the neighbors.


Whew. I am just glad you’re back posting. I thought we lost you.

Well, I still think the Full Monty dance with a few of us would do it. Smacking them in the face with the ol’ dude might teach ‘em a lesson, too! I’m up for it whenever you say - your call!

I find it amusing that your wife didn’t just say to totally stop PE altogether. Could it be that she LIKES the results? Hmm? HMMMMMM??!?

penis hound!


Jelktoid, can I have Lisa’s phone number? :)

Glad this thread got bumped… I had missed the whole thing. Glad it worked out for you man!

By the way, I got new blinds at my house just because I was worried about this shit.

you da man!

Thats the best thread on this forum i think. If they keep giving you crap about it say “your a little too intrestred in this.. Is your husband missing something?” .. that should shut her up

good luck with the neighbors


Going for 9

JT-glad everything worked out for you and your spouse. Had not read this thread before and glad that it got bumped. I think you handled the situation well.


What I never knew, I never will forget!

Thanks for the thread bump also

JT, you have a very special family there. And I’m very glad at leat when home you can do it in the bathroom. If you need it I have a 13” color TV for your bathroom. Just kidding.

Well love and praise your wife, she is a keeper!!

Thanks for telling us your tale of woah.

I owe all of my gains to Bib, Thunder & DLD.

Thank you just dosent seem to cover it.

I'll be forever indebted to Them!!


This is too fucking funny

I got a boner reading your story too.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Originally posted by doublelongdaddy

This is too fucking funny

I got a boner reading your story too.

You must have imagined yourself whipping out 10+ inches to show Debbie. Just imagine her reaction to that.

It’s hard to imagine anyone “handling” the situation as well as Jelktoid did.

Re: Update

Originally posted by jelktoid
She talked to Debbie and Lisa and told them both off big time. She especially lambasted Debbie for telling Lisa. As it turns out, Debbie and Lisa are the only ones who know. Lisa admitted that she hadn't really told anyone and was just trying to rattle me.

I’ll bet 10:1 odds that Debbie and Lisa are full of it, and have told several other people. Each.

Hi Ambitious good to meet you, Jumping straight into the melee I see :D

Sorry if you wanted this thread to settle to the bottom, but I just *have* to ask for an update. I’ve checked this thread repeatedly over the past few months (can we say “lurker”?).

Good Lord, you could sell the film rights. (^_^)

I agree gherkin, we needs to know!! Jelktoid?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


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