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Caught in the Act

Originally Posted by wannabeseven

Well as another year is closing on us, I thought I’d bump this thread - it’s one of my top 3 threads I’ve ever read at Thunders :)

Well, I’m glad you did. This was a great read. I’m glad all ended well.

I’m also glad it was bumped.

one of the top 2 threads I’ve read, maybe #1, definitely a good read, and lots of NEEDED support from other members.

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lol lol lol

I am sorry man. But I have been just laughing my ass off over this thread. I can just picture what happened like a movie.

Sorry again but you have to admit that if it happened to me, you would laugh.

You told the story so well………..


Since the thread is bumped, I will write my own experience with PEing.

I PE only 3 times a week. Im pretty structured, so I PE the same hour on tuesday thurday and saturday, at 6 pm in my room watching the tv. I never been caught, but it is because I do only dry jelq, Uli, O bends and stretch. I would have been caught if not. Also, I guess that when my parents enter my room, open window during winter and seeing that I only wear boxer (PEing in my book is intense and I sweat a bit when doing it) they must ask themselves what the … Im doing :)

After reading this thread, I have to take a break from lurking and say that reading about JT’s plight was pretty sobering. I’m sure it’s buried itself in the back of my head by now about what not to do when PEing. (Is that how you spell it?)

I don’t think he would have wanted to whip it out after hanging—it was probably pretty fatigued.

Originally Posted by Oden
I’ve read a similar story at MOS which got me inspired into writing a sex novel about a guy who got caught in the act jelqing by the neighbour wife. This story ended up in wild sex. Unfortunately it was written in Swedish so I cannot share it with you.
I might translate it one day and post it here.


Hey Oden,

What about that story then? Pretty please? With a cherry on top?:jumpblue:

$1,000,000 says she tells her husband.


Why didn’t you say.. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?” Sounds like she was ready to go!

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This thread was great. What a great story.

Don’t be too surprised if word gets around, and don’t be too hard on her, because it’s a compliment. If I were you, you might be able to head a little of the gossip off by actually giving her “hints” where she can tell her husband that she “stumbled” online to something that really intrigued her and she wondered if HE would be interested in it. That way, it’s still a family secret and she’s less likely to blab, and her hubby doesn’t have to get all offended and be an asshole because she thinks you are bigger than him and she told him so about you.

Help her get her fantasy with him, and help him stroke his own ego. That’s keep lips sealed morel likely.

My two cents worth, anyway.

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Best story ever!! You should pass this on to a Lifetime channel movie.

REALLY embarrassing, but I think you did a sterling job of describing the situation, and making it slightly less ermmm weird :)


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