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Caught in the Act

Coming Out as PE'rs

Just to say that I’m with you from across the other side of the planet, JT.

It’s a funny old thing, the internet—-brings us together, but when the shit hits the fan, as with this predic(k)ament, we can’t be there in person to give you physical support.

As more and more guys get into this, and it is proved to work, we will have to face up to more and more prying eyes—and possibly TV cameras…..a true “coming out of the closet” ….

I always opt for the truth myself in situations like this —-I think you did the right thing by saying what you said, even if in the (white hot???) heat of the moment you asked the neighbour not to tell your wife—-but you have to stand by the fact that your home was (effectively) invaded, and that what you do there in SOLITARY and in private is your own business.

Maybe some time in the not very distant future a TV Doco will be made that charts someone’s progress— and then we will start to be become legitimate to the wider public.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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I can’t quite tell from reading this thread if your wife did or didn’t know you PE. But if she didn’t just explain it to her like this:

It’s just like the lengthening surgery you can get. They cut a big tendon and then tell you to hang weight off it. Cutting the tendon makes the stretching a lot easier, but if you’re patient you can do the same thing without cutting anything. If you just hang weight it will grow more slowly because the tendon has to grow too instead of it being cut. This is a real medical procedure and you are doing the same thing, but without letting someone with a knife near your dick. (and it’s free)

That doesn’t sound too crazy and hopefully she’ll agree. This might also apply to telling friends and neighbors as the need arises.



What an absolute gem of advice! If I ever get caught that will definitely be my response. Just fantasic advice- really!!

Whoa, what a fine pickle you have found your self in.

I know that as a female who helps her spouse with PE, that it doesn’t bother me. I cannot say how I would react if a neighbor were to find him doing so. But, in a sense of honesty, you told the truth, and the truth can never harm you. Granted, it might make your life miserable, but it can’t harm you.

Debbie and Lisa were in the wrong in what they did, but it goes to prove the old saying, there are three methods of communication: telephone, telegraph, tell a woman. They showed no respect for you or your wonderful wife. And I cannot believe the men in this forum telling you to ‘go for it’. You seem to have a good relationship with your wife, and you don’t want to go there. Its painful to do so.

Follow Bib’s advice, keep the blinds drawn and the door locked. :) And keep talking with your wife, I hope and pray that your relationship is strong enough to withstand this storm.

Welcome Mrs. 1 Quest, we need more women here.

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At Chicago International Airport in August of 2000, from my carry on bag the security people
picked up the homemade Bib hanger and an electric screwdriver (remember those guys???).

Well, three of them rushed me and told me to face the wall and put my hands over my head. I said
oh shit. Right there in front of hundreds of people, they took out the hanger and the screwdriver.
They took the screwdriver apart, and asked me what it was for. One lady was looking at the
hanger, but they never asked me about it, thank God.

Anyway, they sent me on my way, red faced.

Dance had warned me.


And I thought I was the only one who had experienced this. Well, I haven’t got caught yet, but it has been very close sometimes. It got so I just told my brother about what I was doing, since he would constantly knock on the door when I was “exercising.” Anyway, he laughed for a while but he doesn’t think to much of it, maybe a little less of me (like I’m pathetic and I have a small dick) but I know he wouldn’t tell anyone ‘cause he knows he would get a beat down. Now, in this case, a joke ‘threat’ worked; however, it kind of backfired in your case, through no fault of your own jelktoid. I really can’t give advice on what to do, but if you can handle the first month or 2 of the constant neighbour whispering, then you’ll probably live it down, and it’ll turn into a joke that will come up at bars with your buddies (hey, remember that time you got caught hanging weight off your dick???). Of course you already have the perfect comeback for any joke or insult (“hey jelktoid, going to hang tonight,” “Yeah, I only have an 8 inch cock right now, what about you??” (Smiling neighbour loses grin and hangs head in shame). I know your worried about the neighbours attention but what can you do at this point, you can’t change the past, you can only deal with now and do the best you can with it. I’m hoping this can work out well for you, and remember, we’ll all here for you buds.

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What a disaster! I wish I could say something that could make it go away… .. The only thing that I could come up with when other people start asking about what you got caught doing was this:

Say that she (person who started this whole thing) bumped her cell phone and accidently called your home #, she was with the other person who brought this up to you and you heard about 15 solid minutes of the both of them saying how they had to have “giant / huge” cock to be satisfied and were talking about the good old times where they had found their respective horse cocks…

You thought that if that was really the way wemon were why not give yourself the best package you possibly could have? You did some tests and found that it had improved your erection quality and also gained some size (enough to keep you at it).. In fact you owe checking out PE to those two size queens who just had to have huge cock!! They started it bud, if I would were you I would stick it in and break it off… Trust me, when the rumors start flying around about how these two bitches just got to have huge cock to enjoy sex of any kind that shit will spread a shitload faster then the trash they are spreading about you! Go get em!

I also think it’s time for everyone involved to reevaluate who they consider their ‘friends’.

Wow, I hope we haven’t lost JT.


after all this dies down, you still have what you wanted, a bigger dick and in the end that’s all that matters.

Regards Rolo


Well, I thought I would take a minute and update everyone on my predicament. My wife and I have pretty much put this to rest. She told me that I had to totally give up PE at home (I do most of my PE at the office). I nutted up at this and we finally agreed that I could hang in the bathroom with the door locked. She talked to Debbie and Lisa and told them both off big time. She especially lambasted Debbie for telling Lisa. As it turns out, Debbie and Lisa are the only ones who know. Lisa admitted that she hadn’t really told anyone and was just trying to rattle me. My wife also told Debbie that peeping in our kitchen door window was in poor taste. Debbie said that the reason she came over was to ask me for a wine recommendation for an upcoming party (I am somewhat knowledgeable about wine). She said that she saw my car in the driveway and rang the front door bell. When I didn’t answer, she thought that maybe I couldn’t hear the doorbell for some reason. I never heard the doorbell. So, now the three of them appear to be friends again. My wife even laughed when I described my shock at seeing Debbie standing there at the window.

One piece of advice to all of you who PE. Learn from poor Jelktoid’s misfortune and do your PE where and when no one will catch you.

Take care all


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

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I am glad it seems to have worked out well. As you can tell by the number of posts we were all pretty concerned. Glad to see you back, JT.

that’s good to hear jelktoid, I was worried this would turn out to be much more misfortunate.

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too late toid....

hey man… it’s too late man debbie already old my wife, now i know.. i live on the next block in the gray house.. he he .

nahhhhh man i’m kidding… that i want to say is a funny predicament .. to me not to you , it must have been embarrasing as hell but .. like a few people have stated before , i would have taken the old salammi out and take her out of her misery ..

something like that almost happened to me but i was jerking off and my mom opened the door that to me was the most embarassing moment in my life.. all she said was don’t forget to do your bed when you’re done.. can you imagine that?? After that day I made sure all doors were double locked when i did my business…

be more carefull next time … jelktoid….


your mom walked in on you jacking off? OMG…you guys need to be more careful..LOL…I couldn’t even imagine that one happening to me, now that must have been really embarrassing.

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

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Your wife must be special and very devoted to you. I now feel like shit for suggesting that you shoulda showed Debbie the package.

You decided to take the high road and it came out fine in the end.

I would not doubt that now knowing that pe is possible these girls might try to get more information with thier lovers/husbands in mind. So you may end up giving out thunders address out.

Glad that it all worked out. Cheers.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


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