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When going to the urologist...

When going to the urologist...

I have a few questions about PE-to-urologist relationships.

1.) Are all urologists aware of PE exercises? (I mean, I do get that some are, but is it necessary for them to know)
2.) Is there a common opinion among the urologists about PE?
3.) Is a urologist going to advise me to stop PE-ing if I tell him that my ligament hurts while doing stretches?
4.) Is there an approach you would recommend me as to how to “break the news” to him so that he would be more interested in helping me, less in preventing me from doing PE at all? Or maybe I should just leave out the PE part?
5.) I know that most scientists and doctors believe that PE doesn’t work in the “growing department”, but do they aknowladge the penile health benefits of PE exercises?

I am going to the urologist this week because of the pain in the left ligament, and this is the first time I am going since starting PE, I have no idea what to expect.

So, any answer would be most appreciated.

Sorry House, I’m rushing and don’t have time for full answers, but if the pain has been caused by PE, he can’t help you unless you tell him.

Every urologist will have their own opinion on PE, although the general consensus of opinion is against it, simply because all a urologist would see from PE is the guys who over do it and get injuries that they then expect the urologist to sort out. No medic really has sympathy for self-induced injury.

I doubt PE is part of the ‘curriculum’ for a trainee urologist, but if you meet one that does not know about PE, get out of his office fast! Never be embarrassed about about talking about PE with the urologist. If you are ‘matter-of-fact’ about it with them, they will be with you. If you are all coy and embarrassed about bringing it up, they are going to find it much harder to talk to you about it.

Yes, he will advise you to stop doing PE.

As always, tell us what he says here, so that you are helping to answer the question for others in the future. Good luck.

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I agree with FG.

Because of changes in my ins. coverage, I’ve been to three different urologists over the years. All three know that I pump, in fact the first one suggested pumping as a possible way to counter my venous leakage. None of them ever expressed an objection to pumping. Granted I didn’t tell them about manual exercises but I never had a problem that would require that I bring that up.

Be upfront, knowing ahead of time that most older uros are not going to be very encouraging about PE. Younger ones tend to be more broad-minded.



The pain in the left lig was not caused by PE.

I had that problem for a few years now, but could never locate the pain. It would sometimes descend into my left testicle, stay there for 5-20 min every once in a while, and feel sore for I while, so I always figured it was testicular pain.

The urologist than said it could be torsion (I think, he spoke to my mother since I was still underage than and not to me directly, and my mother has a tendency to misinterpret everything), so he said that next time I felt such pain to come to him ASAP so he could try and catch it in the act or something. Problem was, when I tried to come to him (twice I tried) it never lasted long enough for him to examine it.

Later, I just stopped caring and tried to deal with the occasional pain.

When I started stretching, I was finally able to locate the same kind of pain to be in my left ligament. When I do right side stretching I feel nothing, but when I pull to the left it hurts like hell. So I finally located the source of the pain.

Anyway, I got an appointment and before I go I was wondering if you could just tell me what to expect. I mean, it would take a penectomy to stop me from PE-ing, but I don’t think I will be persuasive enough to let him know that PE had nothing to do with it.

As for embarrassment, I wouldn’t make an issue out of it, but let me try and explain how the urologist office looks like in my town.

There are always two patients in the room, and there is almost no privacy. There is a curtain that’s dividing the desk from the exam table, and it is half-transparent. Both the nurse and the doctor are too loud for this “discreet” kind of business. Also, the urology dept. in my town is a bit overcrowded, so the doctor is kinda irritable and is trying to finish with you as soon as possible.

And in that kind of environment, it is kind of impossible to try and have a “nice talk” with the urologist.

I was also thinking for that reason to go to some private practice urologist. The problem is, I live in a relatively small town, and my choices are between a guy who knows my mother and I am pretty sure he would check me out for free, and a few others who are WAY too expensive for me.

The problem with that mothers friend is that he is pretty well known for not being very discreet, to say the least. So, my only option still remains to go to the town hospital. :(

EDIT: avocet, sorry, I was already writing a post before I could read yours.

Before going to the urologist always do a good session of PE. You know why.

Then if nothing else you can just drop your pants, and when the doc asks what is wrong, you can just say:

Nothing doc, but look at it, ain’t it killer?

Just an idea.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Originally Posted by Thatcat
Before going to the urologist always do a good session of PE. You know why.

Then if nothing else you can just drop your pants, and when the doc asks what is wrong, you can just say:

Nothing doc, but look at it, ain’t it killer?

Just an idea.


Problem is that if I don’t get a solution for my problem, I can kiss SD stretches goodbye.

So I kinda have to say why it bothers me so much.

Anyway, tomorrow I will go and report back.

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