Urologist opinion on PE for ED; red blister care

A Thunder’s member recently asked how I was doing, so I thought I’d post an update for the benefit of others

My PE has been kinda shot for a while. I had been jelqing/pumping with some edging… focused on improving my erections. I wasn’t sure what was helpful, or unhelpful, or even potentially damaging. So I worked up my nerve to talk to a urologist about my PE. Basically, he said that when they remove a guy’s prostate, they will have him use a pump—not only for getting a hardon just prior to intercourse, but on a daily basis to keep penile tissues primed and conditioned since it’s difficult to get an erection after prostate surgery (esp. prostatectomy, I guess). He commended kegeling, but when it came to jelqing, he cautioned against doing it to vigorously lest I damage the “little one-way valves.” There have been enough discussions on Thunders that there are no “one way valves,” so I kinda wonder about this urologist’s knowledge or advice. When it came to dietary supplements, he said that yohimbe was not any better than placebos in certain tests, but arginine may do something for me. Of course as an MD, he had to say that the FDA hadn’t approved it yet, and since it isn’t a regulated drug, I should pay attention to quality and milligrams per dose, etc. He said it wouldn’t hurt and may help. So I bought some L-arginine with Creatine in it. And both times I’ve tried it, it worked real well… with none of the nasty headaches I get from Cialis, and cheaper than ED meds all around. I asked him if edging without release could lead to prostatitis, and he said no… but there again, I’ve read other doctors say differently—including my family doctor.

In the meantime, I had stopped using KY (gel or liquid) for pumping and switched to baby shampoo. It cleans up great in the shower, and doesn’t sting the urethra any more than when I wash my eyes with it (a prescriptive thing from my ophthamologist). However, it dried the skin out or something. I got a couple nasty blister-like things in between the circ scar and corona. Maybe it’s because I stopped using a UV light before and during pumping to loosen up the tissues. The “blisters” are about the diameter of a pencil eraser, and hardly raised at all. There’s no noticeable fluid like a regular blister or even a blood blister. Looks sorta like the pic at Injury pic or the second set of pics at Blister/Bump/Sore On Underside of Shaft From Dry Jelqing!

I’ve had red blister-like patches before. But they were always below the circ-scar. These latest two were above the circ-scar… between the scar and the corona. While I was circumcised at birth, I did a partial foreskin restoration a few years ago, and so these “blisters” are often hidden in a moist fold of skin. The ones not hidden in a foreskin seemed to heal better when they were exposed and could dry out, it seems.

I don’t know what possessed me to try this, but I experimented with putting sap from a milkweed on one of the red patches. Initially, it made the “blister” more red and tender, the skin cracked slightly and oozed a bit of fluid. But that helped it form a scab of sorts… after that it healed, with the help of some special lotion. However, the other one (that I didn’t put the sap on) stayed the same. The “special lotion” I mentioned is Stephen’s Skin Care. Formulated by a diabetic, it’s supposed to help tissue heal more quickly—has all sorts of good stuff in it like vitamin E, apricot kernel oil, aloe vera, etc. So I’m trying to treat the second blister the same way. In the meantime, even jelqing and sex (solo, or with the wife) seems to aggravate the remaining blister.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with PE, even after this one blister heals. I’m in it to improve my erections—not my size, per se. Using the L-arginine seems to help ED as much as pumping ever did, but it’s too soon to say. Since my urologist recommends pumping just to keep things “limbered up,” it would be interesting to see what a combinaton of pumping and L-arginine would do.

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