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discoloration and the urologist

discoloration and the urologist

Ok so I have to go to the urologist in a few weeks and I was wondering how to explain the discoloration in the case that it comes up. I got obsessive and clamped a ton for about a month and my discoloration became striking - dark from the glans to about 3/4” from the base, where i have a lily white ring. I thought about just saying my ex and I always used a cock ring, but I dont know if this is believable and I am not sure whether it might suggest to the urologist that I have some other problem and then I would have to tell him I do this thing with a sock and hose clamp. .. I guess I could be honest but I dont want to have to defend myself or get a lecture since Im going for unrelated reasons.

I also thought about putting some tan accelerating lotion on the ring and going to a tanning booth to artificially even out the appearance. I figure the exfoliating effect on the skin might help get the iron out of the deeper tissues somehow. who knows, it couldnt hurt.

So, has anyone been in this situation? Any thoughts?

to the mods: I tried to post this in the general forum to get more views from vets, but couldnt since its my first post even though I have lurked here for months. If you think its appropriate could you move it for me? thanks.

I doubt very much that you will be asked about the discoloration. If you are, you can use the cockring yarn if you want. Just say you were going at sex too long with a ring on; forgot the 30 minute rule. Well, a clamp _does_ work a lot like a cockring, right?

PS: Many of the vets visit the Newbie section routinely. Not to worry.




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