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Question to guys who increased their testicles size.


Question to guys who increased their testicles size.

Guys who did that - this question is to you. Maybe it wasn’t your goal at all and it happened “by accident”. Maybe you worked specifically on that. Anyway, I’d like you to share, what do you think affected on that (if you noticed)?

I do testicle massage after jelqing on every routine session for 2-3 min. Do you think it might help?

Are you wanting to increase of your testicles or your scrotum?

AlanRickman, I’m talking about increasing testicles - not scrotum stretches.

Europeanguy, thank you. But like I said, I want to increase my testicles. My scrotum got more stretched even by regular PE exercises, but balls still are the same size. I want them bigger cause it helps your full “flaccid thing” to look better - right now it just looks little bit infantile in my case.

Ball pumping worked for me. Search for it.

Damiana all the way. It was crazy the difference that happened when I first took it. A couple days after my ex was playing with my dick and she said that my balls were turning her on. Said I had nice big, full balls(first time I heard that). Not droopy. The problem is the company that was buying the Damiana from stopped selling it. I tried a different brand and it was costly and didn’t work at all. I don’t know why. Wish I could find some that worked like it used to. I miss the days of nice big balls.

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WestLA, thanks for doing the search work, I’m interested in getting bigger balls as well. :)

Really? You can increase the size of your balls? Are there any long term effects or damage to sperm production etc?

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What about long term effects or damage to your whole body? Maybe just certain organs, like heart, liver, kidneys?

Thank you all for responds. Westla, special thanks to you. I read about Damiana, pumping and massage before - don’t get me wrong. Just wanted to see some success stories and wanted to know what was the reason for growth in most of the cases.

So I decided to stick to my current routine and continue with massage. Pumping seems to be little bit dangerous to me, Damiana does temporary and not permanent effect (I need the 2nd one). Just massage and hope that it will help.

I saw something on another site about a menopause medicine that you can inject and will make your balls like 4 times the size body builders use it a lot of steriods or so I read but that sound painful if you live in the us don’t buy Damiana that is vitamin shoppe brand doesn’t work at all and made my cum like water and the gf said it tasted bad too so…

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I’m the guy who started the “Bigger balls and damiana - works for me!” thread. I stopped using damiana for awhile and my balls began to shrink again, so I started back on it a month or so ago. I also started a daily regimen of testicle massage, and have noticed a difference when I do this as well.

However, my results may not be typical for the following reason: I’m hypogonadic (which means I have low testosterone) and take testosterone injections. One downside of doing this is that your testicles begin to shrink down to nothing. To counter that, and for additional medical reasons, I inject with HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatropin). The fact that I’m injecting with TWO MEDS known to affect testicle size means that my results may vary widely from yours. And yes, I inject both under the close supervision of a doctor who specializes in male hormone replacement.

I think a very sensible plan would be to take damiana, which is an herb with a long history of safety, and to also begin a daily massage program. Massaging your balls for ten minutes or so - hard enough so that it just begins to approach discomfort without ever really hurting - should increase blood flow to your boys, and eventually this blood flow should become permanent. But you have to think of it like PE - you’ll have to work at it for a long time to cement any gains.

Bear in mind that I don’t have any direct medical evidence or studies to back up my opinion that eventually your size gains will be permanent. I do, however, have personal experience that massaging increases size at least temporarily. As I’ve only been massaging my balls for a month or so, it’s too early for me to report back that I’ve doubled or tripled my size or whatever, but I’m hopeful that a year from now I’ll be able to report that my balls are much larger, hang much lower, and are much fuller. I’m also waiting for my wife to notice, as she did in the my other thread.

Then again, I may report back that it wasn’t worth the time.

Interestingly enough, I’ve also begun to suspect that the massage is increasing my natural testosterone levels, plus whatever hormones and active biochemicals are created and released via the testicles. Every time I massage, my voice is noticeably lower throughout the day - a sure sign that SOME kind of manly chemical is affecting my body.

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Works for me!

I don’t know if this will work for you, but it seems to have worked for me. When I jelq and clamp I wrap an old belt, which I cut down to a perfect length, around my scrotum pushing my testicles away from my body. I have done this since about 2007 or so. During that my testicles seem to have grown. I never measured them but they seem fuller and they also hang much lower. I have received several comments that I have “nice balls”. I never heard this before I started using this belt.

I started this because I was worried about getting “turkey neck”. I hated the filling of my testicles retracting during my exercises. This have solved that issue. Maybe it will work for you. Good luck!

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Originally Posted by man-size
Guys who did that - this question is to you. Maybe it wasn’t your goal at all and it happened “by accident”. Maybe you worked specifically on that. Anyway, I’d like you to share, what do you think affected on that (if you noticed)?

I do testicle massage after jelqing on every routine session for 2-3 min. Do you think it might help?

FYI. You do not want bigger testicles, my about between the size of medium and large eggs and it makes my dick look smaller than actually it is.I have what are also called low hangers to go along with it

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