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Small Balls help


Small Balls help

Hey guys I have what I think is incredibly small testicles. What can I do to increase the size of my balls? Are there any supplements or exercises. I don’t need to make the sack bigger, JUST THE BALLS! Thanks.

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This topic has been discussed numerous times before. Search for “damiana.”

wow, does tongkat ali really maximize testicals ??

Current: 8+ x 5.5

soon to be nine.

It is hard to say it is best took look around at other products first. You never know what is going to work best for you.

Good Luck

I’d like to hear some success stories with people using different products or techniques for increasing testicle size:

Tongkat ali
Clomid (I want to stay away from prescription but open to opinions)
Nolvadex (same as clomid)

I noticed , after a few days, a fuller feel when taking a zinc and vitamin c supplement .

I use a rubberband to increase my ball sack hang. Rubberbands come in different sizes, I use a size 32 (3”x 1/8”. I double wrap it and put it on like a cock ring. Wrapped around the underside of my balls and around the shaft.

I don’t use this method for the exclusive purpose of increasing ball sack hang. I use this rubberband method when jelqing and doing any girth exercise. Just pull on your ball sack from time to time and they will stretch out nicely.

And if your cheap like me you can also use rubberbands as a cock ring while having sex. I use a 3 1/2 x 1/16 No 19 for sex (double wrapped). This is a good size for me and I’m right at a 5” base.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Sure it doesn’t cut off circulation?

I’ve taken nolva, clomid and tribulis and none of them increased the size of my testicles personally, although that wasn’t my intention anyway.

I have small balls too, but I think as long as it doesnt affect your sexual performance who cares…

Unless your partner love to have 2 ping pong balls in her mouth!

Startingover1, I wouldn’t worry about getting larger testicles, I have been told I have large ones and I find they are bloody uncomfortable! I’m always complaining about how mens jeans have no “nut room” these days. Blimey, I sound like an old man at 19!

Plus, you said blimey.

Anyone heard of KONG?

Check it out..


Has damiana along with many other awesome herbs to keep it going.what do you all think?

I’ve tried alot of sex herbs and by far the best is testramax, ( it worked in two days. It is pretty cheap and safe. My girlfriend complained I had small balls, I took it and wow, she was happy with my new balls. They got about 15% bigger and heavier. Floppy big nuts. Only side effect was I was really horny. Then I combiened it with php volume pills and needless to say, my gf and I had a blast. Stay away from pharms.. Herbs work just fine. :) ~

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