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The Damiana Experience

The Damiana Experience

Hey guys,

I’ve started this thread for all of us trying out the damiana experiment. Feel free to add, if you’ve got anything to say…

I ordered some the other day, hasn’t arrived yet.

But here’s one thing I’m thinking—seems like I would have heard about this effect before if it really worked that quickly and that well. Don’t worry, Dad2four, I’m not calling you a liar ;-) But I am thinking that it might be a combination of herbs that’s doing it, rather than just one alone. I also got to thinking about this when I read up on the damiana a little and one article mentioned that it’s usually used in conjuction with other herbs for better effect.

So my plan is to try the damiana alone first. if that doesn’t work, I’m going to add the L-arginine, since that’s a growth stimulant. We’ll see…

be safe everybody,

Started taking the stuff thursday evening ( see post from questionarre). Yesterday, I hung my usual routine and pumped a bit after. All day it felt like I was hanging heavier, at shower time my buddy was all buffed lookin and hanging nice. Woke up this am, did a flacid measurement-5.75. I’m usually 5.5, anyway it could be a combination of the damiana and the pumping that i wasn’t doing before. From all I’ve read on this shit, is it is supposed to pump up circulation. And not just in the genital’s. Some company’s market it with the energy boost claim.Couple of the sites said it was great for women too, touted as an aphrodisiac (that word just sound’s cool, huh). I do notice a bit of energy right after I take it.

Anybody else, just start taking this stuff? What are your initial feeling’s right after taking it?

Well good luck to all, and may the boner fairy visit your house tonight. Oop’s I said fairy. I mean’t the ones with wings. YUK YUK!

"If you build it, they will come".

influx—that’s good thinking. I can’t say for absolute sure that the cause of the change in size isn’t due to a combo effect of Damiana+something else like L-arginine. I’m pretty sure that I’ve gotten down to just those two elements (ran out of everything else) for a time.
This I do know: I have run out of each herb and supplement each at a different time, and the only one that I run out of that shrinks my gonads is Damiana. Well, that didn’t come out quite right, but you know what I mean :D

t4m —I give some to my wife every morning when I take it, and all I know is that she wants some sex pretty bad every night, but then she’s always been pretty hot…:rear:

One thing I never do with herbs, however, is take combo pills. I buy and store everything separately. I guess it’s just a personal preference. Like now, it can be easier to track down and separate what’s really effective for me and what’s not. Also, the amount of each individual herb in some of those pills can be pretty infinitessimal.

Of course, the acid test, and I’ve been avoiding this, is that I’m probably going to have to cut out everything but Damiana to tell if it alone works. Have mercy on me, though. My wife has been very hot for sex lately, but she’s scheduled to go in for a TOTAL hysterectamy in 3 days(followed by 6 weeks :eek: of pain and no intercourse), so we’re having all the fun we can and I don’t want to rock the boat right now, if you know what I mean. In a few days, maybe I can try it…


best of luck to you and your wife. let us know how everything goes with the operation.



arrived today!

okay, got my 2 bottles of damiana supplements today. i had them shipped to me at work. don’t you know i had the package open before i even got out of the lobby!! :chuckle:

the instructions say to take 1 to 2 capsules 3 times daily. so i’m going to go with 2 at breakfast, 1 at lunch, 1 at dinner and see what, if anything, happens with that.

wish me luck, guys!


Good luck, influx. Hope you’re in need of a wheelbarrow soon -he he he! :D

Thanks, wife goes in tomorrow.
With all the female problems she’s been fighting, we’re both pretty sure this operation is gonna do nothing but improve our sex life big time. She loves sex, but her sensation has been off some.

Operation a success! Turns out she had some pretty nasty uterine adhesions to both bowel and bladder. This operation is going to really help things for her…


HI GUYS: picked up a bottle Monday , 2 tablets morning, two evening, try for couple weeks see what happens, may be something to this , I will keep you posted . So far seems to keep things puffed up. SEE YA.

Hey dad,

glad to hear things went well with the operation. i’ll bet everyone’s breathing a little easier. now to get through the next 6 weeks…

btw, i’m on day 3 of the damiana. i’ve decided not to look too much or too hard until at least day 5 or 6. i’ll let you know if anything happens…


has anything happened? (curious) hehe

Restarting everything.

who knows?

well, the jury’s still out for me. maybe a slight increase in ball size, but nothing too dramatic.

on the other hand, the raging hardons are back with a vengeance! i don’t know if it’s just coincidental timing or what, but i’ve noticed that my erections really are harder longer.


no Damiana = shrinkage for me...

Hey guys,
I knew you’d be wondering, so about the time my wife went in for surgury, I stopped taking the Damiana powder. That’s been what —four or five days now? Well, I just measured them and they shrank again, at least 1/8-3/16” so far, for sure, which is appreciable volume-wise. They also aren’t as firm or full-looking as they were. This is what always happens to me when I quit taking it. I’m going to skip taking it for just a few more days yet to see if they shrink further…

Influx, sorry it didn’t swell you up too….
or mabe it did, I guess, just in a different place:D

it ain't over yet...


no, the jury’s still out. actually, my balls had been looking a tiny bit fuller since i started and as of the last couple of days, they’ve been looking even a bit more full.

i did a “before” measurement of 6 3/4” all the way around. now i measure at about 7” or just a hair over that. now, that could just be a measurement error; that’s why i’m waiting to make the final verdict. but so far it hasn’t hurt anything!

keep us posted on your…ahem…ups and downs!


final measurement...

This is probably the last real data that I have on this subject, and it’s the same post as the one I have in my Member’s Pics Forum…

Okay, guys, I measured 12 days after stopping my intake of Damiana. I’m now at a length of 2 1/16” (2.0625”).
Before I stopped, I was at a length of 2 1/4” +” (2.26”)
I don’t know how to calculate the volume of an egg-shaped object(is there a mathematician in the house??), like testicles are shaped, but I would guess that the volume change comparisons will be very similar to that of a sphere, so for our purposes, I’ll pretend my balls are perfectly round:
Volume of a sphere = 4/3 x 3.14 x radius x radius x radius
Volume of 2 1/16” = 2.0625 = 4.594 CUBIC inches
Volume of 2 1/4 (*plus*)” = 2.26 = 6.04 Cubic inches

That would mean that my non-Damiana measurement is only 76% of that of my Damiana measurement.
Or, put another way my ball volume size has increased about 31.5% over my original size since taking Damiana.

Simply put, my balls are almost 1/3 bigger :)
That is, while I take it.

Well, with my last measurement done, I’m taking the stuff again.

My apologies to any serious science or math dudes out there for my sloppy math, I barely grasped my first course in calculus!lol I’m an artist :)

I happened to come across some cheap damiana at local pharmacy/vitamin shop. about 4 bucks for 100 capsules.

I am taking four 450mg caps (2 twice a day). After about 11 days

(yesterday) I noticed that my balls seemed much fuller.

Intrigued I took out a measureing tape and got a testicular length of 2.125”.

WOW, I didn’t measure at the beginning - but I should have.

I’ve always had good size balls but I’m sure they were not over 2”. Porbably closer 1.75 or 1.875”. I think I’m gonna stop for the next 11 or 12 days and see what kind of measurements I get.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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