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Last Tube Size Question Before Buying

Last Tube Size Question Before Buying

I asked this question before and pretty much decided to go with the 1.75” for my 5.5” erect girth.

I have been having a few problems with ED and want to use it to get back into shape and hopefully add some length gains first.

I tried to remeasure myself yesterday and want another opinion on tube diameter size for my size. I am just under 5.5” at midshaft and going toward the head., but at the base area I am a little bigger than 5.5” almost 5 3/4”.

I hate to get a tube that is to small, but don’t want one that is too big that won’t give me any length stretch.

Another thing I wanted to mention is my penis has a slight curve downward. I’d rather it be totally straight of a slight upward curve instead, but I don’t know if there is a good way to accomplish this.

I was wondering if pumping might also help starighten my curve out and would the 1.75” tube be the best choice for this and length gains?!?

Just trying to make sure before spending the money.

Thanks again for the help! :)

I’d get a 1 7/8” tube if I were you. My girth is close to yours and I also had concerns about a 1 3/4” cylinder being a bit too narrow, and a 2” cylinder being too wide. I recently posted another tread about this.

Cylinders in 1/8” Increments

I’ve talked with a number of guys with curves. They say that regular pumping over time helped to straighten them by various degrees. A narrower tube than a wider one will help you more in this way.



I’m 5 1/8 around midshaft and 6 at the base. I outgrew my 1.75 and use a 2. I would get a 2. Might take a little getting used to but anything smaller will be too tight

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Thanks for the replies! :)

The 1 7/8” tubes sound interesting and might be a good choice. I did visit the site you mentioned, but didn’t see any of the 1 7/8” tubes listed. Do you have to call them and get it custom made?

My ED is kind of sucking, because I’m finding it difficult to get a good lasting erection to obtain an accurate measurement. I’m dealing with some bad back problems at the moment and that’s not helping.

I am using one of those plastic sewing tapes to measure with and also tried the string method. How tight should I put it around me to measure or should it barely be touching for the most accurate measurement? Depending on which way I do it it can vary over a 1/4”.

Thanks to all! :)

Their order form doesn’t have drop down lists of predefined choices for width and length. It uses text boxes that allow you to type in whatever custom dimensions you want. I emailed them ahead of time though, and they said that 1 7/8” x 11” was no problem. The only stipulation was that I’d have to order the straight-walled tube because the 1 7/8” tubing they had was too thick to flair. Fortunately, a straight-walled tube is exactly what you want for length anyway.

The flared tubes are ¼” narrower at the base. I believe the purpose of this flair is to create a better seal and keep the balls out of the tube for pumpers going for girth in an oversized tube. If you are not using an oversized cylinder, the flair will slightly crimp your penis at the base and anchor it down. A straight-walled tube allows for greater vertical pull on your penis by not crimping off the base.

You often read that you should get a “thick-walled” tube for length. This is a bit of a misnomer because it isn’t the thickness of the walls that maters. It just so happens that non-faired tubes are made from thicker tubing, so “think-walled” is used interchangeably with “straight-walled” or “non-flared.”

As far as length goes, they’ll make it any length you want. They only charge extra if you want longer than 12”. Even DLD wouldn’t max out a 12” tube, so I can’t imagine that situation arrsing often! :)

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