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Bigger balls with Damiana

Bigger balls with Damiana

I’ve just started taking Damiana 3 days ago and last night my girlfriend started rubbing my balls and said “wow your balls are big and tight(which she apperently loves)”. She was so turned on by it that as she started sucking and licking them I could see her juice running down her leg. I never cared about ball size before and I’m not giving full credit to Damiana because how could it really make a noticeable difference in 3 days, I just thought it was interesting because she never mentioned anything about my ball size before. Something to think about anyway.

damiana is good for female libido, but should not be taken every day. The best is to drink damiana tea an hour before sex.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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What’s wrong with taking it everyday? The daily doses on the bottle says to be taken everyday.

I’m curious. How can something used to increase the female libido enlarge you balls?

What is the stuff?

Mexican herb. It definitley has affected my ball size. They feel much fuller and looks alot better.

Damiana shouldn’t be taken every day. The effect will decrease over time. Also it acts as a relaxant; it shouldn’t be taken before driving a car.

For women I believe the best use is drinking a cup of strong damiana tea an hour or so before sex.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Ya - what brand and dose - I wouldn’t mind bigger nuts!

Any news on what brand and dose was used?

I purchased Solar Ray Damiana, 370 mg per capsule pills about a month. I’ve been taking it about 4-7 days a week, to be honest primarily as a method to try to relax and let go. I’m still in a lot of mourning stages from a divorce (well, legally pending…the process will probably take a year to finish).

Unintentionally I noticed that my balls do feel significantly larger. I have rather small balls.

I occasionally drink damiana tea and smoke a damiana cigarette, but it was far more occasional than this. I imagine it is temporary and I do plan on taking a break from Damiana for several weeks out of long term uncertainty.

My dosage is two capsules per day. I strongly recommend not simply taking these forever, simply because I do not know of the long term consequences. There is little documented and the herb seems benign, but there may be a difference between long term regular and occasional use.


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