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Can you enlarge balls?

Can you enlarge balls?

IS there a way to increase the size of your balls?

I’m not sure. I do know that I have a left varicocele, which has caused my testicle to be smaller than the right, but I am having this embolized soon, and the smaller one will grow to normal size…


Thanks for the link Lampwick. I guess it’s too late to encourage the use of the search button. ;)

NO.. For sure. But there’s nothing really wrong if you have small balls. As long as you are producing sperms then that would be totally fine.

Then why do they make full package pumps?

I meant the ball sack, sorry guys

Just search “ball stretcher”. You will find lots of links.

Yes it appears you can stretch the skin so they hang lower.

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No, and do not care to do so.

Destroy your balls and see your dick get small too.

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Yes, you can enlarge the scrotal sack. After over a year of full package pumping and now almost a year without doing it; my sack is much longer. Now my sack hangs and isn’t as close and tight as before.


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You can enlarge balls, not just your scrotal sack. Try Damiana, a herb. It worked for me.

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