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Linear Newbie Routine

Teej, congratulations on the definite gain.

On your question about length before girth — I wouldn’t stop jelqing if I were you. Jelqing is a very benefical length exercise. If you would like to focus your jelqing more on length, I advised doing your jelqs with a lower erection level and doing a light downward stretch after each jelq (lasting no more than a second).

I’m going to let J123 answer the other questions, since this is his thread and I don’t want him to think I’m hijacking it ;) .

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whackbot30, maybe it is not necessary (or effective) to you to start from the beginning. Lightening your routine and trying at first one on and one off could make difference. A little break could also do wonders.

Teej. It is good to keep the routine like it is now for some time or to make only very little increases. Try a week or two like it is now and then reconsider the situation.

Girth exercises and girth (in theory) can make length gains more harder, but from my observations it is mainly because of the heavier stress from girth exercises and if not getting enough rest the penis is lest elastic (because of the stress) and that is why it hinders length. Anyway in your case I see nothing to worry about and resting enough there shouldn’t be problem even at the first place. The girth itself shouldn’t be problem either with any normal standards.

Warm up if possible. It has many benefits

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

J123, my length and girth have grown! My current stats are: Erect Length was 7 1/4” NOW IT’S 7 1/2”! My Girth for Mid/Upper Girth was 5”-5 1/8” NOW IT’S 5 1/4”! My mid/lower girth has not changed and it is still 5”. My Base Girth is NOW 5 1/4”!

What can I do for my Mid/Lower Girth on my penis so that it will catch up with the rest?

Here is a picture so you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about, thanks J123!

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I’m going to start your newbie routine tomorrow. I’ll post periodically to let you know how I’m doing with it.

Congratulations for gains viva51.
When you jelq you can focus to the Mid/Lower girth a bit more (squeeze a little bit tighter on that part, only a little bit).

Good luck, tommy32.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

It’s been two months now and my BPEL gain is 0.25”. My NBPEL, however, hasn’t budged one bit! I don’t know how that’s possible (I definitely haven’t gained weight), but I’ve read about it on this site before. I’m going to keep doing the same routine and amount for another month and see what happens.

Teej, the reason for BPEL gains, but not NBPEL gains can be tight skin. If you have tight skin, it can lift up a little bit just like a tent when you hit pole in the middle of it. Then of course the NBPEL wont change. This lifting up isn’t of course very dramatic, but can “hide” some gains.

Not everyone have tight skin, some people have the opposite problem. If you find, that you have a little tight skin, you can stretch it a bit. Just take OK grips just like in jelqing from the top and the bottom of penis and very lightly stretch the skin between the hands. Repeat this couple times for example every or every other day.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Well, I measure NBPEL slightly higher up than the base of the penis, so that I can measure the full length from the pubic mound instead of having the slope where it’s attached to the pubic mound shorten the measurement. Also, I’m not circumcised, so I don’t think the skin is very tight (it doesn’t even fully retract from the head at full erection). I measured on several different days around the time I started, and on several different days recently, and there’s a definite 0.25” (at least; I have even measured as much as 0.375”) BPEL gain, and no NBPEL gain. I really can’t figure it out…

Due to lack of time, I have decided to give this a go :D

I will measure and start tonight, and will keep this updated every 4 weeks for 12 weeks total.

I have been doing th newbie for like 1 week now, it’s good, but time consuming. I hope this works better.


Erection Level

At what level of an erection do you recommend while jelqing?


Originally Posted by vermontbeat
At what level of an erection do you recommend while jelqing?


I believe that the recommended level is between 60 and 80%, but one of the other guys can chime in if I am wrong.

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Vermontbeat, erection level between 60- 80% is fine just like sunshinekid said. Aiming to 70- 80% might be good, but it is also a personal thing. There have been also some conversation about erection level earlier in this thread, so you may want to check it out.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

It working for me

Hey guys. I have been a lurker for quite a while, but this routine is what got me active in PE. It’s a routine that can fit into my schedule and keep private (not let the wife find out.not yet anyway). Well, two weeks ago I started out at 6.75BPEL and 4.75EG. Yesterday I measured 7BPEL and 4.875EG. I’m not following the routine exactly, I am just doing what I can when I find the time and making sure I give myself recover time. I am hoping the measurements are accurate and I’m not fooling myself, but I did measure multiple times both before starting and yesterday. Looks like the gentle way is working for me, for now.

Ok j123 I’ve read and started Ur beginners routine a week ago. Today’s my resting day. I’m going to start stretching next week. At 20 jelqs just feeling how it feels. Anyway I think this is more safer then the 10 minutes of jelqing the Newbie Routine and kegels. I doubt I need to do any kegels I’m in vary good harmony with my body so I don’t think I would have a problem with limpness. Btw, I only read up to page 7 one of the senior members had a problem with keeping it up. If he still has a problem with it sitting forward bends stimulates the mental clarity organ’s hamstrings and more. For more information on this stretch. Http://…instruction.htm copy and paste to web address.


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