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Linear Newbie Routine


I’m also into this idea that work + rest = gains.
As far as the newbie routine goes I am not so sure.

I have jelqued previously and stretched and gained
some (this was back in the days in 2002). As far as I
know I do not gain girth from jelquing. I need something
more intense to cause plastic deformation.

Therefore I have tried clamping with low pressure getting
plus 1/4” Girth and doing it for as long as I normally jelq,
with breaks of course. This creates a constant pressure which
I of course could create with my hands jelquing. But I find
it hard as every stroke differs a little and as you change
hands blood is slipping out…

Everyone is different. Maybe my tunica is slightly tougher
than the average guy. This does not mean I have less
elastic fibers in my tunica. Which means I might gain much
in the long run as well…

As far as theory goes I think you are right about not
overdoing stuff, also that you should squeeze all possible
gain at each level. So do I but I think I have to start
with more intensity so that my tissue really expands
beyond normal erect or stretched size…

ADS seems logical to me. After you have damaged your
cells they renew but keeping them apart cause a medical
phenomena to happen “contact inhibition for cell growth”
speeding up growth procedure by filling up empty spaces.

ADS or some kind of wrap/cock ring is the best PEing complement
in my opinion. I do not believe in letting the penis turtle back.
This could mean that the penis only heals as it was in the previously
size rather than in an increased in size.

Summary: Gentle clamping = Static pressure. Controlled expansion.
Rest periods to regroup and let angiogens happen to build new
vessels for the new bigger cells. ADS to keep cells separated to
further increase penile growth.

My routine is: 1 day regular PEing + ADS, 1 day ADS, 1 day rest and repeat!

Two rest days seems to be enough from jelquing/stretching. Keeping the
tissue in an ADS for about 10 hours. Letting it rest one day from ADS work.

Restarting everything.

mrCow. How is your penis healing when you wear ADS? For me ADS didn’t work very well. It dramatically increased healing time or prevented it “totally” depending about the tension. In my opinion ADS helps stimulating new cell growth just like normal stretching, but helping standard jelqing routine where you primarily expand the cells that are already present is a different thing.

Well, anyway I don’t recommend wearing ADS, because it can significantly decrease blood circulation at the head of your penis and the long term effects may not be desired.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

J123, after I finished PEing today I attempted to become erect again to see if my penis felt any bigger (like you told me to do), anyway I accidentally ejaculated in the process of it. Do you think that it affected my PE session in a negative way?

Also, I am still unsure if I am jelqing right. What I mean by that is if I’m jelqing my penis when it is too hard? For instance, after I get fully erect I wait about 10-15 sec. To let my erection go down some before I start to jelq. Is this a good idea, and do you have any other suggestions that might help me achieve the right hardness for my penis when I jelq?

One more thing, I moved up from 150 jelqs to about 180 jelqs, and I am not sure if that is still enough? When I get an erection after I PE to see if my penis grew any, I feel that I have to get my penis as hard as I can get it and pretty much to the point of ejaculation to see if it grew any, which it does not seem to have grown. Does that sound right to you of how hard I have to get my penis in order to see if it grew any?

What is the method you told me about but is pretty intense to where you find how many jelqs you should be doing?


Viva51, it isn’t a big deal if you accidentally ejaculated directly after workout. It doesn’t erase the workout you just did, but it is still better to avoid it.
It is good method to get erect and then waiting it to go down so, that it is “soft” enough to jelq. It is good method, because the concept of flaccid or semi erection particularly is so abstract.
When you get erect it is a solid point and usually it is quite easy to discover what is soft enough to jelq.

You need the amount of jelqs, that you need. It is what it is, you just need to find it.
When you check after your workout, that has your penis growth, normal erection is enough to find whether it has growth or not. Well, usually it is not a big difference, but still a noticeable difference.

The method I told is just to find the upper limit of jelqs you can handle (with special indicators, not until it drops to floor). Point is that then you can use it as a solid measurement point to calculate the number of jelqs you need. Anyway it is not necessary to do the test, it was just one option and there is plenty of others too.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thanks J123! So should I increase the number of jelqs I do? Because I just went from 150 to 180. I don’t feel like there is any difference or growth except that I do 180 instead of 150. Should I stay at 180 for a couple more PE sessions or should I raise the amount since I didn’t notice a significant amount of growth after the PE session?

So about me jelqing when my penis is too hard or soft, if I jelq when my penis is too hard then I won’t really be able to move any blood throughout my penis right? Also if I jelq when I’m too soft I won’t be doing anything either right?

One more thing, is it a good idea to raise the amount of time that I stretch for? Say if I raised it to 40 sec. Instead of 30 sec., would that be a good idea or not?

I also remember that you said, “Within the first 2 months add max. 1 stretch (up, down.) per week, but if you feel, that it is not necessary to add number of stretches, then don’t.” I am currently only doing 2 stretches, can I add more stretches per session or should I only add them per week? And I do feel that it is necessary to add more.


Thanks for your reply J123! Okey I see…
Last weeks I have read tons of information
on the IPR etc.

After 6 weeks of “newbie routine” work. And
probably 0.5 cm length x 0.5 cm girth gain, (not sure)…
I will try to take a longer proliferation phase…

I have monkeybars vac-extender and it restricts
almost nothing of my bloodflow and gives very little
fluid build up.

I also wear a therapy wrap with magnets to improve
circulation. Seems actually to work. I’ll post here after
a couple of weeks to see what happened…

Thanks again for a good thread!

Restarting everything.

Viva51, it is better to stay for at least one or two more workouts at 180 jelqs and if nothing happens increasing it first to 200 jelqs to see if it helps.
Yes, right erection level can be quite critical especially if you have troubles to gain. Not too hard or too soft.

If you have done for now 2 stretches per direction and you want to increase the number it is best to do 3 per direction for a while, before adding more. You can also try a bit longer stretching time, but at first add only the number of stretches or the time.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

J123 have you heard anything from Starter47 because he gained early but has said nothing since. I tried PM him but got no reply. Have you heard anything?

Hi when you say warm up do you mean hot wrap ? Also, what amount of kegals are you doing ? I find it hard to do 50 - 10 second kegals and it kind of makes me feel funny when I do them, almost anxiety. It feels like I’m gonna end up with a mean sphyncter muscle but not sure about anything else. Has anyone else felt this about kegals ?


Ya when I do kegels I also was nervous about clenching the sphincter which I had no desire to do. If you kegel a with your penis in sight you can see it retracting if you are doing it right which should give you more confidence to do it out of sight.

Thanks J123! I was wondering where is the best place to grip my penis when I’m stretching? Because I usually grip right behind the head of my penis, and I remember that you told MrCow that ADS significantly decrease blood circulation at the head of your penis. I know that manual stretching is different but I didn’t know if this could happen as well from manual stretching? Where do you grip?

I measured my penis the other day and I thought that I noticed some length gains. However, I am not entirely sure that my measurements are accurate. I usually measure my erect penis standing up and measure with the ruler on either side of my penis. The other day I measured my erect penis while sitting down while holding the ruler on top of my penis and got a higher reading then when I was standing, mind you that every time I measure I always do BPEL measurements. So is there a difference from measuring sitting then standing?

I have not noticed any gains in girth, what do you think it could be? Or do you think I just need to PE and rest more and just be patient? Or could there be more to it?

One more thing, what is your opinion on Clamping? Also what is your opinion on the AutoEXT or the VacExtender from

Leelee1973, you can do warmup with anything that is suitable for the purpose. I have only tried hot wrap once or twice. Today I use rice sock for warmup before and during workout (between stretching and jelqing) and hot shower after workout.
If you get funny feeling with kegels it is usually because you are tired (doing kegels) and that is why you lose some of the control and it starts to feel funny. Just keep a break then.

Beenie169, I haven’t heard anything from Starter47 for a while. I checked from his profile that he hasn’t been logged in since 08.12.2006. We can only guess the reason. Hopefully he is alright.

Viva51. To most people the best place to grip for stretching is behind the head of the penis just like you have done. It of course decreases the blood flow. I usually wait about 20-30 seconds between stretches to let the blood flow get back.

There is usually variables in the reading depending on how you measure. Most accurate method is to measure from top and whether you measure standing or sitting use the same method(s) every time, so that it can be compared.

For the girth gain the right semi erection can be crucial (even more than with length), so focus to it. There is a lot of options (mostly methods) to improve girth gains, but for now it is best just to wait and see.

I have clamped and I got quite easy gains from it, but it is a exercise that quickly burns itself out. So especially when overdone it quickly leads to a situation where you have to keep a break or seriously add the intensity of the workout. It is a good last resort exercise, but otherwise not very useful. Also because the intensity of it, it requires serious attention to keeping enough rest days.

I have used Penimaster that is similar to AutoEXT. The principle is working (not as promised, but..), but because of the decreased blood flow and the enormous effort to use it, I don’t recommend it. Although like mrCow said the VacExtender might not have the blood flow issue, what is the biggest issue at my opinion, but I have no experience from the device.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thanks J123! When you said to wait 20-30 seconds between stretches, did you mean after directional stretching, for instance after I stretch down wait 20 seconds then stretch up then wait 20 seconds..

So it’s always better to measure your penis with a ruler on top of your penis and not with the ruler on the side of your penis, right? Can I still do BPEL when I measure with a ruler on top of my penis?

You said, “For the girth gain the right semi erection can be crucial (even more than with length), so focus to it.” What is the “Right semi erection”?


Viva51, it is good to wait that 20-30 seconds between each stretch. Said otherwise, that after each time you have grabbed your penis for a stretch it is good to wait a little before the next stretch.

It is better to measure from the top of penis and if I haven’t got it all wrong the BPEL means that you push the ruler to the bottom of fat pad that is located at the top of penis.

With the right semi erection (or erection level) I meant just about what we have discussed earlier.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Did you intend the stretches to come first in the routine and then the jelqs, or vice versa? I’ve been doing the stretches first so far. Thanks!


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