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Need to add something to routine - advice please

Need to add something to routine - advice please

I’ve actually been jelqing since Nov but it has been very hard to do this consistently and discreetly. It is very hard to get heatpacks to add.. So I have just stretched and jelqed inconsistently.

I don’t plan to stop, but haven’t had any gains to erect size, though my flaccid has improved.

I’d like to add something to my routine to help..

I was thinking one of the Autoextenders?

I have a lock on my room and sit in font of the pc with a heavy study workload most nights.

I guess I could hang but know nothing about this and have been told pumps are as useless as pills.

Your help would be appreciated

Thanks - deluder

I’ll actually let one of the fellas suggest stuff. However, having said that, if your routine hasn’t been consistent, you probably aren’t ready to add more stuff yet. I can’t say for certain, because I’m not in your shoes, but I would take a guess and say your penis probably isn’t completely conditioned yet. Consistency is a real key to PEing, and without it you might not see good gains, if you see gains at all. I recommend that you follow the newbie routine for a bit longer and become more consistent before you try hanging or pumping or any of the other more advanced exercises. You DON’T want an injury. Ok guys, your ideas.

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.. I don’t want to disrespect any of T/P’s accumulated wisdom, on the contrary, I know my routine / prep has been held back..

But about the only free time I have is in front of a pc doing assignments with my door closed. I need to be able to answer my door in like 10 seconds I guess.. Without looking too suspicious.

I won’t be able to get to a heatpack sadly.

My flatmates already think I’m wierd enough without getting heatpacks in the microwave in the middle of spring / summer!

I totally get where you are coming from, but I have def. Jelqed a lot, just on and off. At least 2-3 sessions per week since November though.

If I had to add something what do you guys suggest.

Thanks again

You can do stretches in your pants in front of your PC, I am doing the same now. Jelqing can be done in front of the PC too. If someone walks in and ask what you are doing with your hand in your pants, just say that you have your needs too :) .

But be consistent, consistency is the number one reason for gains.

Yeah this is not an understanding household.

So is this not a good situation to use an extender? And if so which one.

I guess I should add I really have had good progress with my flaccid size and have maybe gone a little bit from a grower to a shower, so all efforts thus far have been worth it, but I have been frustrated in terms of erect gains.

Finally, does anyone know how I can set me account up so I get an email when somebody replies tot his thread?



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