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Suitable routine.

Suitable routine.

I have tried different routines with different lengths and amounts of force. I have found, that most routines offered in here are too harsh for me. Following the PI’s as a guide line I have found, that 3 day on 1 off
suits best for me with the amount of force I use right now.

I have seriously over done my routine in the past, but I even gained with it. Anyway, I think, that this overloading overloaded resulted, that when I was forced to leave PE for about 2 weeks, I lost these gains.
The gains I had made before this overloading routine stayed and actually there was about a half year in the past when I did almost nothing and my gains stayed then.

The two main points in this thread are, that the routines usually recommended are too hard and following more suitable routine (not too harsh), the gains stay more likely.
People in here (including me) tend to jump as soon as they can to routines, that are made from guys who have had harsh routine even years. Even not being newbie anymore, I think this can be hardly recommended.

Too hard routine is bad for gains and totally wasted time. Today I do 1/3 of the routine I did in the past and yet seeing better gains and erections. Time saving is almost an hour.
My routine is more simple also, just stretching and jelqing. No need to anything else right now.

The PI’s seem to be very good indicators for suitable routine and I think, that everyone should check, that their routine is correct.

Great post. :thumbs:

I’m like you. My current routine is a 3 minute jelq plus wraps. Very easy timewise and since restarting yesterday (because I actually got soreness from OVERTRAINING on my last attempt with 3 min jelqs and had to take a break!) I have a slightly fuller flaccid. I’m confident I can gain something by doing much less than the majority of other PE’ers do.

Good luck!

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

Good news

I think PE needs new guidelines. I got my best gains as a newbie, when my soft tissues were most soft. Newbies are always told to condition their penis. Why? Because it is so fun to clamp? (Well, it is fun, but anyway.)

Many guys make their best gains as a newbie. So isn’t it the most favourable state for penis? I gained 1 inch as a newbie and it definitely isn’t just because of better circulation.

Conclusion is, that instead of “conditioning” penis, it is best to keep it (tissue) as soft as possible so, that the workout can have the best effect to it. More effect, less time consuming and safer.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Well, how to avoid tissue toughening then? Of course avoiding over training, but what else?
One thing besides rest day is doing only a little exercise. Perhaps only 1/3 of normal exercise. Penis doesn’t then expand, at least any significantly way beyond it’s limits and thus not growing, but no gain losses either (common fear).

Of course a good warmup for the exercise helps tissue softening. Anyway I don’t see a point having massive warm ups (warm wraps, rice-socks, heat pads, lamps..) to soften tissue, if at the same time people “condition” their dicks to make tissue harder.

Even with no particular answer to the question, being aware of the tissue softening/hardening definitely helps, but only of course if you think, that soft tissue is a good thing.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Okay, what is a good routine? The actual routine. What I recommend?

There is two main points: exercising and healing. I think, that your methods doesn’t matter as long they are suitable to you and they fill one main demand, they must expand your penis. Your penis must be or at least feel either longer or girthier or both. It is the main demand of PE. When you have reached enough expansion stop, don’t be too eager.

Then it must heal as long as it feels like healthy (remember PI’s). It can take a half day, day, two days.. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, it must heal. I advice not to follow any routines made by someone else like 5 day on 2 off (Based on a calendar week, how reliable it can be?). When you feel your penis is in a such condition, that it is good to PE, then PE. If you feel like you need a day off, take a day off.

Routines like 5 on 2 off are easier to follow, but are not best routines, because they are not based on your physical condition. The condition of your penis should determine your routine, instead of your routine determining the condition of your penis.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

What is your routine?

I think like

You should go

1st~3 month newbie, 2 days 1 day off

Then after that, 3 days 1 day off

Then a month after that, 4 days 1 day off

After that, just do anything you want

I didn’t try this but I think that is the most safest way.

First day I did PE I couldn’t erect. I didn’t know what I did wrong, because I did

Warm up - 5 minutes

Stretch - 3 minutes

Jelq - 5 minutes

Warm up - 5 minutes

And I don’t think it’s that overload of PE.

Then I read more of this “newbie guideline” thing. It said you are not suppose to do jelqing when it’s 80% ~ 90% erected, because that’s what I did. Then next day I just did 60% erect jelq

Then my morning wood came back.

My routine isn’t exact of course, but the main line is following. Warmup before stretching and jelqing. I stretch first about 5- 10 min, then I jelq about 100- 150 jelqs (10- 15 min), couple amazing isometrics and some light hand clamping to check is my penis enough expanded so, that the demand of the efficiency of the workout is fulfilled.

Right now, that routine is enough efficient, that I can say it expands my penis. Usually I can do 3 days in a row and then I have to take 1 or 2 days off.

When I began PE (2002), I didn’t find much information from internet. I read how to make jelqs and, that healing can take up to 48 hours, at least at the beginning, but, that it is you who determines the right healing time.
So I jelqed (actually kind a wrong) and I let my penis heal as long as it took. Result 1 inch and some girth after about 3 to 4 months.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

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J123, I am following your newbie linear routine and will report here after a month or so with news of optimistic gains. Wish me luck

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