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All Day Broken Routine?


All Day Broken Routine?

This post was written by Modemmer and also appears in the Pumping 101 thread. I’m copying it here to its own thread as some of his interesting ideas may not get debate and consideration buried in there. Avocet8


Modemmer wrote:
Hey everyone;

I have been doing some research and found some great information that may help all of us with PE. Here is a thread that was started in the members area, and I think it has a place here with pumping…

Key Variables

With the use of a pump in our PE routine, it can help to keep the microtears open for longer periods for tissue growth.

We all have this notion that we must work up to very intense workouts! When in fact this maybe what is stopping allot of us from seeing gains. For tissue growth you only need mild tension, not massive workouts to the point of injury.

Here is a thought…

On days you can add pumping to routine i.e. days off or vacations, pumps can be a very good idea to PE!


6am… 25 to 50 jelqs and 5 ulis pump for 10 minutes at 4 HG.
8am… pump for 10 minutes at 3 hg
10am.. 25 to 50 jelqs and 5 ulis pump for 10 minutes at 4 HG.
12pm.. pump for 10 minutes at 3 hg
2pm… 25 to 50 jelqs and 5 ulis pump for 10 minutes at 4 HG.
4pm… pump for 10 minutes at 3 hg
6pm… 25 to 50 jelqs and 5 ulis pump for 10 minutes at 4 HG.
8pm… pump for 10 minutes at 3 hg
10pm.. 25 to 50 jelqs and 5 ulis pump for 10 minutes at 4 HG.

As you can see the PE part is light and so is the pumping part. This routine is experimental and a must try by everyone. One thing you may not get from this routine is an injury!

On days you can not add the pump i.e, at work, etc. you still can do the light PE routine very easily in the john. 50 jelqs and 5 ulis can be wiped out what, 3 to 5 minutes?

Ok guys… what are you all thinking about right now? This sound crazy? Are we not experimenters and pioneers in this new field of PE? The only thing we can lose from not trying this routine is gains, and time!

One other thing… I would throw in a cock ring that wraps around the whole member and wear it at all time with a watchful eye of course! I would not wear the ring at night to bed.




Hypertrophy of tissue requires a microsplit between the tissue cells from stretching stress be it mechanical or manual, and that the split remain open for new tissue cells to be formed. With a 5 day a week routine, 3 on 1 off, 1 on 1 off, only opens the split for about 6 to 8 hours after a workout. At that time the body will send in repair workers to heal by closing the gaps and then reenforcing it but not by adding new tissue, but by forming scar tissue. The intense workouts we do causes damage on the microscopic level and the rest time we put Henry through only helps to keep the spilt closed thus no new tissue growth, but maybe scar formation and strengthening of the area that the split occurred helping to eliminant any further splits in that location, this we don’t want!

Take for instance a women that is pregnant, as she progresses through the 9 months her uterus is stretched the whole time, this constant stretch causes tissue growth and the women ends up with a larger uterus than pre pregnancy. Doctors now know and use tissue expanders, they are little balloons that go under the skin then inflated. The stretch is maintained 24/7 for several months and is used to grow new tissue cells. People even go in and are hooked up to mechanical stretching devices to lengthen limbs, the stress is not cyclic, but rather a 24/7 constant pull to cause tissue growth.

This is some of the things I have been reading about, so I asked myself…

“Are we causing scar tissue formation with intense workouts followed be many hours of rest”

If you stop and think about it you will most obviously see that, YES we are causing our own diminished gains by sparse cyclic intense workouts!

Our tissue, now this is for everyone, starts the scar formation after 8 hours after the trauma to the area. Now yonger folk scars more readily because the healing proccess is guick, that is why older folk have finer scar fomations cause it takes them more time to heal. When we talk about rest to heal, one thing is over looked, the body heals the tissue by forming scars, not adding new tissue to the area!


Hi Modemmer/Avocet8, that’s interesting info. When you stated “Hypertrophy of tissue..”, did you mean all body tissue? If so, you’d think muscle tissue would be the same way. I’m not a bodybuilding expert, but I’ve heard talk off rest days for the body to heal. But the uterus expands and grows from constant tension right? Maybe penis tissue more closely aligns with uterus tissue and we should be attempting less stress, but more of the time. Is that why shock therapy works? Not because of the excessive stress, but because the workouts last longer. I think it’s definitely worth looking at. I’ll search for info, too and I’ll post it if I find any. See you guys later.

The body has three types of cells, and the healing method of the cell structure is dependent upon this determination. Here is the three types of cells…

1. Labile> cells are those which normally have a high rate of loss and replacement (e.g. squamous and glandular epithelia, haemopoeitic cells in bone marrow) and therefore have a high capacity for regeneration.
2. Stable> cells do not normally proliferate to a significant extent but can be stimulated to do so after damage. Examples include renal tubular cells, hepatocytes, osteoblasts, endothelial cells, fibroblasts.
3. Permanent> cells are unable to divide after initial development and therefore cannot regenerate when some are lost. The best example here is neurons.

Now I know that the spongy tissue in the penis is considered stable cell formation, and what they call smooth muscle. Smooth muscle tissue has different characteristics then regular muscle you find in the biceps, pecs, or delts. This type of tissue will not just regenerate at will, most the time scar formation will occur without special interventions to promote proliferation of new tissue cells. Based on the medical principle of tension-induced tissue growth, this would be the stimuli we want. Here is a link to a new system for women to enlarge their breast using this type of tension…

Here is a cut and past from that site…

“The Brava System is designed to apply a gentle and controlled tissue expanding tension to both breasts for 10 or more hours daily for a minimum period of 10 weeks.”

If we look at the foundation as to how this works, why are we not using a similar approach to our PE routine?


With all this information, one can see that we need to stop causing damage at the micrscopic level with intense workouts trying to make gains. This can only lead us to minimal gains, if any are to occur. If we switch our approach to PE and use the medically approved method of sustained gentle tissue tension, there will be no damage to the area, thus scar formation will be eliminated and new tissue growth will abound for everyone!

Now, if we put our heads together and come up with a working stimuli to produce sustained gentle tissue tension that works, we all will be better off than beating up poor old Henry!



Maybe SlimJim was onto something with his post here…

New method

This is the same principle that is behind sustained gentle tissue tension. The only question I have is circulation?


Modemmer - slimjim's program

The circulation issue concerns me, too. He’s using low pressure and says he doesn’t go above about 50% erect; depending on his cylinder size he might be getting decent circulation. If I were trying to mimic the effect he’s going for, though, I’d take many short breaks during that very long pump time.

The ring you use post-PE: what type is it? A regular, flexible cock ring around the shaft, or what?

I use a cock/ball strap about 1/2 inch wide and have for about 8 mos.. I’m confident I’m getting good circulation yet the strap will often hold me at about 50% for several hours post-PE. It may be pure coincidence but I’ve had the best flaccid size improvement in all my PE experience since I’ve been doing this, whether or not I’ve worn the strap.



I use an adjustable one that I made. I took about 4” of latex tubing and ran a heavy boot string through it. I then put a plastic catch on it to hold the tension. I can reach down behind the balls and press a button on the catch to release the tension. It similar to the Laso!

Yes, I’m a firm beliver in the use of a cock ring with your PE routine… A must do!



Ya, I hate to run into a problem with the circulation being cut off for too long. I think the above work out to be the closest thing to what I’m talking about.

Really though, when you read about the diminished gains or lack of them, also the injuries people put themselves through, there has to be something we are overlooking!

Maybe we can run some kind of experiment with some new bloods that are fresh, that is if they would like to try a different approach to PE!


Originally posted by Modemmer
…Now, if we put our heads together and come up with a working stimuli to produce sustained gentle tissue tension that works, we all will be better off than beating up poor old Henry!

I admire the intensity of your thinking and agree with it. The next questions are obvious, so I just want to say:

  • I’m still wearing the padlock.
  • I can make it heavier.
  • I’m seeing an increase in flaccid girth so far.

Two down-sides of this are
  • It’s basically a loop-type device and all that that implies.
  • If I forget the combination, I can’t take a leak.:violin:
I’ve also been doing manual stretches, through the leg, pull-back type for long periods and see an increase in flaccid length from those.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

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Did you see my post in the newbies forum and the Members forum? I will need 2 helpers for 3 months, do you have the time?

I have been restoring my foreskin. I have been using T-tape and it has the added effect of an ADS. I have seen noticeable flaccid gains, and a bit of girth when I remove it. This has sparked my idea of this experiment.



Originally posted by Tex3

]If I forget the combination, I can’t take a leak.

Tex3 [/B]

Tex, that is very funny.




Imaging having to go to the emergency room because you lost the combo and can’t get the lock off.


It looks very interesting but I seem to remember a post a long time ago on another forum by Uncut4big where he used the less is more bodybuilding analogy and claimed was getting him better gains then the more is more that a lot of people try. I also have read many posts about people making fantastic gains from the conventional one WO per day routines. I will be curious to see how this works but I think based on results from many many people doig normal routines it is purely theoretical when applied to PE. Of course that’s not to say I won’t increase frequency if it works:)


I’d like to try the new idea, but I can’t have a pump hanging in my pants at work! Maybe a strap to maintain maximum flaccid size will help, too. Another thing I’ve thought about but haven’t made a serious effort to do is to just get an erection for a few minutes at different times during the day. In my current pumping routine, I pump/jelq every other day and take the weekend off. Actually on off days, I still apply heat and stretch for a few minutes. Then I maintain an erection as hard as possible for about 10-15 minutes. I could try lighter workouts and do it twice a day except on weekends. Social constraints. However, if erection power drops off, I’ll have to quit the experiment. I need to get a good woody. Is this enough to help prove your idea?

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