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Need advice on routine

Need advice on routine

I started pe last week. My current routine is :
5 min hot shower
20 downwards stretches ( 10 straight down, 5 left,right)
15 centre streches (5 straight out, 5 left,right)
20 upwards stretches (10 straight up, 5 left, right)
I hold each stretch for 25-30 secs
20-25 min jelquing downwards mostly (at 75% errection and i kegel when switching hands)
5 min hot shower
My lot is 7 and I’m mostly going for lenght (8 inches)

When pe’ing today , while jelquing I fell like my head (cock’s head) is gonna explode from the huge amount of blood. Is that normal ?

Would it be better if i split my pe session in 2 : in the morning the hot shower and stretches and in the evening another hot shower just with jelqing ?

Does anybody recommand me some other exercises or modifications to the ones I’m doing now ?

Started: 6 dec 2003 15 may 2004 : 7.6 x 5.9 inches Want : 8 (nbp) x 6 (head) My photo

You are starting way too fast! Cut everything by a half or a third and let your cock become accustomed to this new hugely different treatment for a couple of weeks. Slow down, take it easy. You are going to be doing this for a long time, so start off right.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I agree. When I started (which was not too long ago) I did those stretches but do them for 10 or 12 seconds when you start. Right now i’m at about 20 seconds myself. I would go more on how many jelqs you do instead of the amount of time. I would do about 200 to start and each one about 2-3seconds. You can kegel between hands but try not to do it EVERY TIME because thats why you get that huge amount of pressure in your head. Its normal to feel some pressure but be aware of your body signals. DO NOT RUSH! You will see results and just be patient.

Guess I did exagerrate a bit with my routine.

I haven’t counted the number of reps i do when jelqing, just went by the clock. Each rep lasted about 3-4 secs, kegeled before each one and from time to time i would kegel and grab the penis 1-2 inches from the head , squeeze it, and hold it like that for a few secs until my head was beggining to hurt from the pressure. I didn’t get red spots thou. Also tryied dryied jelqing once but dind’t like it.

I couldn’t tell for sure but I would say that the head looks a bit bigger after this week.

Started: 6 dec 2003 15 may 2004 : 7.6 x 5.9 inches Want : 8 (nbp) x 6 (head) My photo

By the way I pe’ed for about 3 weeks earlier this summer ( see my registration date) with the same routine and gained 0.25 lenght and a very small amount of girth (mostly midshaft) but got bored with it and quit.
When measuring a few months after that I’ve noticed the 0.25 lenght gains were gone :(
I’m not gonna do the same mistake this time and keep pe’ing for years if that’s what it takes to reach that damn 8 x 6 dick. :)

Currently I’m doing 3 days on/1 off

Started: 6 dec 2003 15 may 2004 : 7.6 x 5.9 inches Want : 8 (nbp) x 6 (head) My photo

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