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Routine Advice for low LOT

Routine Advice for low LOT

I have had very slow gains and I need some advice on my current routine. I have a very low LOT of 6, but using my current routine i only seem to be gaining about 0.1” per month (0.3” over 3/4 months) doing 2 days on and 1 day off.

I start off by doing manual stretches in the shower, after a 3min warmup. I only stretch left, right and upwards since my LOT is too low to benefit from strecthing downwards. Each stretch is 45 - 60 secs with a 15 sec break inbetween each stretch. I do 3 stretches in each direction, so a total of 9. Then i do wet jelqing for 15 mins at about 50-60% erection level, often not starting the next jelq at the base until my other hand has completely finished the previous one. I then use a rice sock for a 5 min warm down. I usually kegel every other day to allow the muscle to grow on the day off, would it be better to kegel everyday instead?

Please could I get some advice on my routine as I feel as if i am wasting time by doing something wrong since my gains are so slow.

First make sure that your LOT is at 6 o’clock, as many people are misguided when checking for it, because it’s not always measured when your head
Stops pulling back completely. Check the following link: LOT test, movement of head and ligs.

In case you have low LOT, your gains will come from stretching the tunica, inverted-V stretch may help.

.3” in a few months is not slow progress. It’s actually pretty good. I agree you should double-check your LOT. Lig gains usually come quicker than stretching the shaft itself. It would be a shame to neglect a relatively easy source of extra length if you’re wrong about your LOT. If in doubt, try stretching down for a few days to see if it feels productive.

The inverted V-stretches Paul recommends are good for targeting the shaft.

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3

With 3-4 months of PE under your belt, I recommend increasing your stretching time.


Ok, thanks a lot for the advice guys, I tried doing some inverted V-stretches and it seems to stretch the tunica well, I’ll concentrate on those from now on. I tried following the link about double-checking my LOT but it didn’t seem to work?

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