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A pumpers routine

A pumpers routine

I have been pumping for only around two months, my regular PE routine for 4 1/2 months and hanging about 1 1/2 months with the bib. My PE routine looks like this right now, and I do this 5 days a week with Sat and Sun off.

Morning and night hanging routine…

Warmups with a hot wrap for 10 minutes, and hang for 45 minutes

20 lbs for 10 minutes
15 lbs for 15 minutes
10 lbs for 20 minutes

My Pe routine I do it at 4 pm. 5 hours before my night time hang.

Warmups with a hot wrap for 10 minutes, then I do six set like this. It works out to 300 jelqs, 60 ulis, and 30 minutes in the tube @ 5-6 HG

50 slow 4 seconds jelq
10 Ulis, I grip at the base and squeeze
then I go to the tube 100% erect for 5 minutes @ 5-6 HG

I finish up with a hot wrap for 10 minutes then I relax for one hour with a cock ring on and my penis wrapped in a heating pad on med heat and do PC flexes @ 400 reps. I do not recommend this for newbies! You must work up to this kind of work out.

I started PE at about 6 3/4” BPEL and just shy of 6” in girth. I’m now at 8 3/4” BPEL and just shy of 6 1/2” in girth. My goal is a penis 9”x7”. I have been very dedicated to this routine with about a total of 2 1/2 weeks off not counting my days off. Thats about 2” in length and about 1/2” in girth gained. My first inch was achieved with just jelqing, manual stretching after that I had to start hanging to continue my length gains. I gained about 3/4” with the bib in 1 1/2 months. I worked up to heavy weight quick, so if you are thinking of following this as a newbie DON’T!

As for the pumping having help in any way, I think it has help cement my gains in girth, but as for my length I give credit to the bib for that. After adding the pumping to my routine I have noticed the following…

1. A more veiny appearance to my penis.
2. More frequent nocturnal erection that are really hard.
3. A more firmer erection while and after my PE routine.

Final note…

If you are thinking about adding a pump to your routine, do it modestly. You are not going for that bloated deformed effect. What you are trying to do is add that little bit extra stretch to the tunic to help gain girth.


thanks for the info Modemmer… I just may try pumping… I need some girth gains.

To Modemmer, about Hanging

Really Great results, right now I’m just trying to get length
Do you just do straight hanging ?

And you really think that the Bib, is what added the extra inch of length,where’as the other exercises only added width mainly, I’m using my Bib exclusively for now, too achieve my goals




No problem!


There is no doubt about it, the bib in my opinion is the best for length gains. I’m also 44 years old and I have heard some people say that the ligs then to loosen up more easily at an older age. If this is true or not I don’t know. I do know that the next 1/4” is going to be a job for me, even with the bib. I was hanging straight out, but now I’m hanging while standing.


Remarkable progress, Modemmer. And good advice to newbies to pumping and PE.

I’ve said this before and will no doubt say it again: 4 - 6 HG makes sense and for those durations. What lures guys into trying for higher vacuums and longer durations are two things: It feels good, so more must be better (it isn’t); and the visual of your cock larger than you think you’ve ever seen it makes you want to go for more.

What you see in the tube is not necessarily what you get with a sexual erection. Keep in mind always that size gain takes time and that this is a commitment to yourself that you are making. 1/8th inch increases add up over time; enjoy each one.

I’d like to ditto Modemmer’s remarks about nocturnal erections and vein development. I found that within 60 - 80 days of regular pumping my nocturnals were as firm and frequent as when I was in my 20s and 30s; your own mileage may vary. I have more veins now where there were never any showing and a far more powerful-looking cock. Worth all the work.

:-) Are you going to be one of those who get to 9 x 7 and then want 10 x 7.5? I’ve been thinking a lot about personal goals lately, having got very near my own. I’ll post something about that after I’ve thought some more.

Great job, M. Keep us posted.




Thanks! It has been alot of work to reach where I’m at now. And no when I hit 9x7 I will just light jelq and pump for health and maintenance. Really I’m fine where I’m at but goals are nice to have. And there is this stigma you tend to get even at 7x5 that your small!


Heating pads or ?

Hi Modemmer,

Thanks for all the good advice posted here and on email.

Great to have the backing of you experienced guys to share experiences. Avocet8 started me on the quest because of his clear exposition; you fill in some helpful details, for what no doubt as “Newbie FAQ’s.

Q What makes you think 7 x 5 is “small” !!! Your goal seems very realistic to me.

For what it’s worth: Even in the week or so I’ve been pumping, even with the beginners’ problems over kit, pressures, lubes, or whatever, - already I’m beginning to realise how worthwhile it is, after years of just taking journalists words that it does not work !
Although I have far to go, the partial ED I have at my age, already I feel ten years younger, and, you guys have given me back the zest for - you- know-what, that I had begun to think was just past history !

I think that some of the pump-sellers (specially here in UK do the whole thing a lot of harm because of either the lack of real expert info, or their greed in making the fast buck, quid,euro or whatever !

You guys provide the REAL info, and we must ALL work to spread the gospel for those who feel inclined, or like me, desperately need it !

OK. Thanks ALL again.
Mod - Don’t give up yet - we’ll see you with that 9 incher yet !

Take Care !


Thanks modest!

I hope the best for ya and your search for real equipment for pumping. Its hard to do any real pumping with the fake stuff you buy at the porn shop.

Well I was reluctant at first too about pumping. But after reading the post from avocet8, and the others about low pressure and short time well it just made sense. I don’t pump to pack the tube, but just enough to stretch the internal structure a bit while doing PE. Plus after pumping now for 2 months it just feels good!


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how long of a break if any do you take between your pumping sets?



As long as it would take to do 50 jelqs and 10 Uli squeezes.


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