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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

I’ve been lurking around on Thunders just over a month now. I started to PE after a very embarrassing incident at a drink with my work colleges. I basically had my pants pulled down in front of everyone, and they all pretty much ripped the piss out of me for it.

I’ve been with my current girlfriend for over a year and we have great sex and she loves my meat and two veg! That’s still not enough for me I just want to gain to give me that locker room confidence and not have the piss taken out of me again if something like that happens again. She knows what I’m doing and she supports me because she knows that it makes me unhappy.

I’m pretty busy most of the time so I find it hard dedicating lots of hours into to PE! Even so I have stuck to my routine and seen some results. I also understand that things aren’t going to happen overnight, as much as I wish they would. I started on the newbie routine 2days on 1day off on the :

31/05 BPEL-5.5, EG-4.3, FL-3.5, FG-3.2

1 Month on :

28/06 BPEL-5.7, EG-4.5, FL-3.9, FG-3.6

I have been using the X4 Labs extender as much as I can, approximately 2 hours a day, I have the Modified VacExtender head but I find with my extender you have to add a lot more rods in and then the device becomes a little flimsy and you can’t hide it under clothes very well. The VacExtender head is great as an ADS as well!

I have also invested in a bathmate it’s a water based pump which I have had for a couple of days and it seems pretty good ( I can’t compare it to any normal pump cause I haven’t used one )
I like this because you can use it in the bath/shower in really warm water, plus you get the privacy of being in the bathroom.

I have as I type just ordered this Power J Gym which looks interesting compared to the other rip off power jelq stuff out there so I’ll let you know what it’s like when I get it.

I take some supplements to help speed up recovery these are :

L-arginine 500mg
L-Lysine 500mg
Complete Vitamin B Complex
Zinc 50mg
Multivitamin Tablet

1 Tablet per day

1 / 2 Protein shakes a day depending on diet

There you have it I lost my Thunders Place virginity and it lasted a hell of a lot longer than when I lost my sexual virginity!

Keep on training


Welcome from a nother Brit bishop!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Hey men. I’ve been reading this forum on and off for over a year now, I joined recently. First time post. I’ll try to pack some info in here. Did some on and off stuff until around April. Light stretches and what my idea of jelqing was until I saw the video (basically, I was jerking off a little differently). Pretty sure I went from 6.5” to 6.8” just doing that, though it’s hard to tell, as I probably wasn’t doing BPEL measurements properly. My dong is certainly bigger than it was 10 years ago. Exercise, or nature? I don’t know, but I know the exercises are working now, because once I got serious, the changes have been phenomenal. Started in earnest in the beginning of April using my variant of the newbie routine. Stretches + jelqing, basically. I was pretty uneven in my application. I’d do some really long sessions, get sore, then not do anything for days. This works for me. Since I was able to join and view the videos, progress has been phenomenal. I’m up to almost 7.5” BPEL (really starting from 6.8” BPEL in April), which is insane. My dong is a very different contraption. I suspect I can get it up to 8” with a few more months at this level of training, which is sheer insanity. 8.5” would be a sort of ultimate goal, I figure to cement gains. Circumference might have changed a little bit (I’m around 5” over most of my length, maybe 1/4” more at the base), but I’m training for length. I’m happy with my girth, except on the end.

The routine I use is the newbie routine, but I do it for much longer. I’ve mostly concentrated on wet jelqing variations, as I believe/d this does the most for “true” rather than ligament oriented size. My recent huge gains are almost certainly from upping my stretches, and doing them at higher angles. Length of time may be as short as a half hour total, or as long as two hours. I am fortunate my present life situation allows such heavy workouts. Lately I have concentrated on a lot of hot wraps: before, during and after. I make ‘em real hot. I think a lot of heat makes a big difference. The stretches are just the standard “simple manual stretch” stuff in the videos. Jelq variations; the standard wet jelq at anywhere from 20% to 60% or so, making sure I give a good overlap; having the ending hand still tugging while the new hand is fairly far up seems to jack up the intensity a lot. I have also done something I read about in one of the forums to work on the head: basically grip the base in a tourniquet grip, and slooowly work as much blood into the head as I can with a slow jelq with the other hand. This works well at higher erectile levels; 40%-80%. I think it thickens up the head.

Some other facts which may help others. I’m in my late 30s. I’m a recreational bodybuilder, so I take a lot of supplements. I did my first cycle of trenbolone acetate back in the month of April. I strongly suggest you don’t use this stuff; it is scary and dangerous. I actually started getting serious about this because I figured maybe the tren cycle could have a positive effect on my dong. I know female to male transsexuals use the stuff to grow dicks. It is considered the world’s strongest androgen, so it may have had a positive effect on me. If it did have such an effect, the gains came later; at the end of my cycle in April, I had the same length. Anyway, that is a data point. Maybe some other bros have some experience with this substance. I actually tried applying it transdermally to my unit, but this is basically impossible. Another interesting substance I have been using recently is cissus quadrangularis extract. I suspect this actually does have a positive effect on healing. I was taking it for a tendon injury, which is what it is useful for (it’s the best such substance for injury other than IGF-1). It seems to help my dong heal up and grow also, which is great. Other substances which may or may not have an effect: I take cialis when I do steroid cycles, and dealing with the aftermath. Otherwise: no boners at all. Sometimes I take it for fun. I also chew tobacco, which is probably bad for me, since it restricts circulation: but who knows: it may have some positive effect. It has positive effects on the hormonal profile. Science can be counterintuitive sometimes. Finally, I eat hundreds of grams of protein a day, take multivitamins and a lot of fish oil. Standard bodybuilder fare.

I could tell stuff was happening once I got serious. When I’d go to the bathroom, it felt .. Heavier: like there was more meat there. Boners were off the hook; blue steel, baby! Didn’t get any BPEL gains at first, but I knew stuff was happening. Growth in weightlifting is often like this. You can feel your body reorganizing for a growth spurt, even if there are no measurable changes. So, take heart fellows. This is an amazing thing. You can get big all over!

Problems? Red spots. They were horrific at first, but they seemed to just go away as my dong got tougher. Now I don’t get them at all. I did notice they were somewhat correlated with alcohol use, which makes sense based on alcohol physiology. Soreness is no biggie; my tunica is now about as sore as all my other muscle fascia. I’m pretty in tune with my body from the weights, so I know when to back off.

Anyhow, I probably won’t post here too much, but I wanted to say thank you to all you guys for making this possible!

p66 that was an excellent post and made a lot of sense. Bodybuilding is much maligned I find but it does give you great body awareness, same with myself.

Awesome gains, interesting point about your workout durations. I’ve read a few accounts of huge gains when large duration sessions were involved, one of the reasons I’ve upped mine to 20 mins at the moment and will probably increase again next month.


Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Originally Posted by Lord Harris
P66 that was an excellent post and made a lot of sense. Bodybuilding is much maligned I find but it does give you great body awareness, same with myself.

Thanks for the kind words, man. I think what I do with length of workouts is sort of like what others talk about in shocking the system. Usually a long session happens, then a lot of more reasonable (less than an hour) ones. Then, some days off. I use safe exercises, and I stop if something don’t feel right, so I think in my case, “more is actually more.” I sort of do my weight workouts similarly, though the weights are a system (Mike Mentzer, basically), and the dong workouts are just an inclination to do it that way.

Keep us up to date with your progress p66.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Hi I’ve been lurking here for a long time and decided it is time I actually took this seriously and made my penis grow.

Ok, I’ve been reading too for a I am! :)

I’ve been PEing for a month now.I’ll post a diary soon.

Feels good to be here :)

Hello there! I’ve been reading all this great info for a while now and decided it is time to take some action. This is a great place with nice people and a tone of info. All my respect

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I have posted a few times when i think i can contribute,I’ve been floating around thunders place for a few weeks trying in vain to find someone else who doesn’t measure up,got a few tips here directions there.But one thing that i have noticed is that a lot of you gentleman are uncircumcised,above average, 6+ and beyond and still want more.I’d settle for 5.Anyway i learn something new every time i visit.Made a ballzinger just to liven things up.Keep the posts coming,I’ll be here for awhile it seams.

Ok, so here goes my first post. Just to tell you a little about me, PE is not new to me. I have currently done my routine for 1 month to this day. I was hoping I could start a journal up but the forums wouldn’t allow it earlier. So, that’s about it. Ill be here for a long time to come, and thanks everyone for the helpful information that you give out, not to mention some of you giving inspiration.



Thanks Thunder!

All right guys, first post, don’t know how long ago I joined but thought I may as well post something, definitely have waited long enough. I think I’m probably lucky in that I’m not overly concerned with my erect length, just wanting a big flaccid. Haven’t been very consistent, consequently haven’t really seen many results except more prominent veins, but as I say I’m not really bothered I see PE as a whole as an interesting sideshow, might explain why this is my first post in however long since I started reading the forums.

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