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I guess I gotta go ahead and pop that cherry. I’ve got 6.25” BPEL and 6.0 EG hoping to get to 7”


New as well, I am currently at 7.5” BPEL and 5.75 EG, I am hoping to get 8” NBPEL and 6.25 EG” ! I have been doing P.E. On an off for a few years now, but I’m ready to find some real insight and get some real results.

Well here goes my cherry I am 7.375 bpel and 5.5eg just starting out so pretty soon I should have a white anaconda. Watch out ladies. =)

Here it goes, first post. I’ve used this site before but I just became a member now that Thunder raised the limit. I’ve always been lazy with my routine, but this time I’m gonna stick to it! Encouragement welcome. =)

Hey, this is my second post since my first was in my own thread. :D I’ve been lurking around too but just started PE-ing today.

GGG (good gains guys)!! Hehehe

Hello all 1st post here been lurking for awhile started newbie routine 4 days ago. I will get my stats posted on my profile later but here they are for now: 39 YO, BPFL 6.5”, EG 5”, NBPFL 5.5” (1 inch fat pad gotta lose that) BPEL got a quick somewhat accurate measurment on it yesterday seems to be a little more than my BPFL (about 6.8”) does that sound right/normal? HT 6.0 WT 230lbs about 30% body fat (working on that too) I tried to do measurement pics yesterday but ran out of privacy time. My observation after 3 days (haven’t exercised today yet) more flaccid plumpness and hang and looks and feels a little thicker in my hand when erect. Good luck everyone I’m excited to be here.

You’re all going to probably laugh, but I’ll make this post anyway!

1 week of PE, 1/8” gain.. 6.13” BP up from 6” BP

To be honest, I didn’t expect to gain anything that fast.. Perhaps it’s just in my head!

5.5 x 4.5 going for 8 x 6

Maybe it’s impossible, but ones gotta hope right?

5.5 x 4.5 going for 8 x 6 by the time I reach 100

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can

So I might as well lose my posting virginity too.

Just below 15 cm (pretending it wasn’t 14 and some) when I started, and now (after doing almost nothing) I’m at 16 cm.

Since I only did very few training sessions it almost feels as if I must have slipped when measuring earlier. But maybe it’s just initial gains.

Reading thunders about once a week.

I’ve been for about 3 weeks and I’ve seen a 1/4 inch gain in length. I’m now 7” nbpel and 6.1” EG. I’m hoping for 8.5” - 9” nbel and 6.5” -7 EG. I realise these are quite optimistic gains and it could take a couple of years to reach this.

Jelq and stretch with good warm ups and cool downs could do the trick.

New guy here, started the newbie routine yesterday. Starting stats: 3.25” FL, 5.75” BPFSL, 5” EL, 5.5” BPEL.

My SP is my wedding this August, initially looking to improve EQ and staying power. Long-term I’m not to worried about girth but hope to see some good length gains. At the moment I’m a bit overweight so have a considerable fat-pad, looking to lose some weight and ideally I’d initially like to see 6” NBPEL.

Hello, I just found this site and figured I should join since I’ve seen many promising threads. I still need to do a bunch of reading to learn all of the methods and terminology. I’m excited to learn that people can actually increase there penis size because I’ve had a complex about my penis my entire life. I haven’t measured recently but I’m approximately 5.75” x 4.5” erect, which is one of the smallest measurements that I’ve seen on this forum.

My only experience with penis enlargement is an Italian device that I bought for ~$300 about 6 years ago. I used it for about 3 months and it made my penis curve to the right. It was also impossible to hide (I wore it to work and I’m sure people were talking).

I look forward to learning and working on increasing my penis size.. Hopefully, I can attain my realistic goal of 7.0” x 5.5” erect.

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Welcome Ordinary, ramo, rodriguez and lennon.

Best whishes :) .

Hey guys, I’m new but have been doing the newb routine with some fowfers and reading everything I can get my hands on. I’m currently 6.5BPEL, and 5.5EG, after my PE I am roughly 7x6. I’m really enjoying this website and knowing that there is hope for changing what I was born with. I hope to get a solid 7x6 non BP, and then I will be satisfied (I hope).


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