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I’m new here and hope the camaraderie is as helpful as I think.

As many have mentioned before, this thread is a fantastic idea :) . I’ve been to this site many times but have never said anything; I’m going to seriously start PE next week and will probably be asking a lot of questions, so here goes and thanks in advance!


Today I registered now on this Forum! I heard from PE already some years ago and started some exercises but did them very inconsequential, but I thing I already gained a lot. Now I’ll try to the exercises 5days and 2 days rest and I hope I will gain a lot more :-)


Hai guis

I’ve been serisouly doing Pe stuff for the lsat 6 weeks. Back in high school I used to dabble in it but never was serious

Hopefully to gain some size!

Hey guys

I’ve been reading threads on this forums, but haven’t done any posting. I just started PEing a few weeks ago in hope of a bigger penis

Hey my fist post.. I registerd about a week ago.. Havent had the time to check the forum that much yet but I’m getting into it this weekend.

First Post

My First Post..

I have been here for 3 weeks.practiced some basic stretching and jelqing.this stuff works!! I can already tell that I am “heavier.” Start up measurements 7.25 BPEL and 5 Girth.

Looking forward to some gains and getting to know some of you people. There appear to be some very intelligent people here and some great humorist!

Welcome newbies, I can already see your penises growing :) .

Hi everyone, I have been doing PE for a few months now and lurking around thunder’s almost as long. Thought I would start posting because there are some really interesting discussions going on and because I have had some good gains already, talk about that in another thread maybe :P Anyway, nice to meet you all and happy gaining!


I decided to start PE, because I feel that mine is small. My starting stats:
NBPEL: 5,7
EG: 4,4
I think my girth is very low, so it is the most important to improve. I set my final goal around 6,3 - 6.5 NBPEL and 4,8 - 5 EG. I think it’s realistic, what do You think?


I think it’s realistic if you’ll be consistent, Ramannon. Welcome aboard.

Laptop Users

If you find yourself using your laptop often, might as well use it to warm up your carrot. No more running back and forth to warm up water when you can sit there and get your heat on. I don’t recommend this to PC users especially if you have a micro-chip.

Thanks for sharing, growinlarge. And welcome :) .

Some interesting information and stories, I’m going to start today

Hello, this is my first post. I didn’t bother reading the thread up to this point 49 pages.. Wow. Anyway I’ve been doing PE for about a month and a half now and this is my first time posting. I have been looking for a guide for getting the BPFSL or BPEL and I can’t find anything. Can someone point me in the right direction?


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