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Hey! Been here for a while so this is my first post to destroy my virginity!

Originally Posted by Fantom
Thats amazing. Can you post your routine? What have you been doing?

Every single except Sundays

Warmup, very hot water bath.
10 sets of stretching, 30 secs each
400 dry jelqs 60% to 75% erect, divided in sets of 4 and changing hands
100 100% full erect extremely slow dry jelqs while kegeling in every jelq, divided in sets of 4
Take like a 15 minute break
4 sets of Uli#3 of 30 secs each
Very hot shower

Also every time I go to the rest room I stretch for at least one minute

I also started to go the gym and I’m doing a lot weights and taking supplements (I’m putting this info because it maybe helping to)

Metrx Protein Meal Replacement Shakes (Once a day)
Monohydrate Creatine (Once a day)
I’m also taking enzyte, this maybe doesn’t work, but since I’m taking them, I’m having serious morning woods, maybe it’s just me and the placebo effect.
Also I’d lower my alcohol consumption to a max of 4 beers a week, at least I’m trying

Start BPEL 5.75, EG 5.0 March 01 2008

Current BPEL 7.25 EG 5.65 Feb 10 2009 Goal BPEL 8.0 EG What ever I can get

Just one word.. Discipline.

Hello, first post. I’m excited to see how my buddy grows over the month.

Hello PE people

I never really thought about my size until lately. I’m a little below the average when fulling erect but when flaccid my size is just pathetic..

There said it.. Took alot of balls :) to finally post that

I’m not sure if this is the proper place to ask the following questions but I’ll ask them anyway.

Is there a way to increase your flaccid size?

Does diet play any kind of role in gains or overall size?

That’s it for now.

Thanks again

Hello all,

This is my third go around in the world of PE. Had really good results when I started about 6 years ago, and then came here a year ago and PE’ed for a consistent 3 months with some gains but time became an issue. After some life changes, I’m back, committed, and ready for more gaining! I only regret that I didn’t keep it up all this time I knew about it!

Hey guys! I just started PE, and hope to learn a lot from these forums!

Ahhhh. My first time. I’ll always remember this feeling. Seriously, you guys seem pretty cool, I’m glad to be here.

New and ready to get started

7-2-08 Just starting PE.

Thanks Thunder! I am truly impressed with this site!

I used a pump for 4 months about 10 years ago and gained approximately 0.5 inch. I have a new Boston pump and auto-extender on order and hope they arrive soon. I have a complex career, share custody of my 15 year old son, and a girl friend (not aware I am starting this) that I have to schedule workouts around, so I am piecing together my routine. I am familiar with stretching but have never performed them consistently.

I will update details of my routine as I get them defined.

7/02/2008 Start BPEL-6.75, EG-5.5, FL-5.0, FG-4.75

Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday. (JW)

Hello everyone.
I’ve been sort of lurking around here for the past couple of weeks reading through topics, and today I finally decided on posting. The entire concept of PE has interested me for awhile. I am a little skeptical, sort of my nature, but for some reason the entire idea intrigues me and it’s worth a try.

One quick question though, when doing my initial measurements, you go all the way back to the pelvic bone? I mean, not that this bothers me but it certainly adds to the size of the penis. I nearly gained an inch as opposed to when I just measured the shaft.

20 post, getting avatar :)

Rofl Thunder. That was entertaining.


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