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Welcome aboard Anduru.

Thank you.

I’ll go ahead and say hello as a newbie as well. I’ve been a member for a while and didn’t intend to lurk per se, but I have spent all of my time researching topics of interest and trying to assimilate as much info as possible. I have to say this seems to be a really great community, and is a truly unique resource. I hope I can contribute some useful information myself as time goes on, but for now I primarily still have many questions.

I did buy an ADS, and am wearing that daily. I have been doing something like a newbie jelq routine. So far I *think* that I have gotten some BPEL gains, but because I can’t exactly recall how I was measuring the first time, I’m not 100% sure. I seem to recall measuring 6.5 BPEL in the past, but when I measure now, I’m at 6.75 BPEL (might be questionable based on my measuring technique, about which I will shortly be posting a question asking for some input), but with a big fat pad, so my NBPEL varies from 5.5- to 6. In any case, I plan to get my measurements into the database and attempt to document my routine and progress.

Originally Posted by Lord Harris
Awesome ain’t it.

The thing is that my wife noticed it right away.. It was shocking and exciting to see her face of amazement.. It has been like the old sex sex.and I’m only starting.

Start BPEL 5.75, EG 5.0 March 01 2008

Current BPEL 7.25 EG 5.65 Feb 10 2009 Goal BPEL 8.0 EG What ever I can get

Just one word.. Discipline.

First time posting please be gentle

Originally Posted by et3rno
It’s Growing, I can’t believe it. My wife doesn’t believe it.WOW.

Thats amazing. Can you post your routine? What have you been doing?

Hi everyone, I’m new. I started PE a year ago, on and off for a month. This time I’m not stopping till I reach my goal.


I hope this is the thread to post my introduction.

So here it goes. My post will be a bit hard to read because this is not my first language. So sorry about that

First of all, I would like to say thank you to this place for everything. I have had some gains within just a month. But I’ll go back to those later on.

About me: I am 20 years of age and I live in Finland. I started PE with a stretching device about six months ago. What that did was a little curve fixing. Now with manual PE I have managed to fix my curve more in less time.

I started off with 6 inches in lenght erect (NBP) and now I am 7 and 1/4 inches erect (NBP). My girth is 5 and a half inches now and I think I was the same when I started. So I have gained a little over an inch in seven months and most of it with manual PE. I started off with the newbie routine and I am sticking to it while it works. If you have any question or there is something you did not understand, please ask.

Best regards: Antti

Tenacity is the key yoat.

Grief, congrats on your gains.

Welcome aboard, guys :) .


I’m also new here and everyone know the goal off being here. I will start 1 July with the Newbie Routine so let the action begins.


Hello, I’ve been lurking here. I’ve been threatening to post and try the newbie routine.

Welcome fellows.

Whats up everyone.. Yeah I’m one who has been a member for a little less then a month and haven’t even said hi so here goes!

Hi porlife :) .


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