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Hm-mm.Lots of interesting info here!

Guess I better catch up on some reading.

Seems like this stuff might really work if you keep on working at it

Welcome to all the new guys. Reading a lot, consistency, dedication, and patience are the keys to success around here. Best of luck to everyone in their quest for a bigger unit.

Whoops. I popped my Thunder’s place forum cherry already in another post >.>;

Oh well. Greetings all. :)

Hey Milas, good to have ya!

Hey just joined and I was hoping to cure my curve and gain an inch in length and girth

Just like to say hi to everyone :)

Greetings everyone!

This is my first post after many a years of knowing of this site. I’ve started PE about 2 times only to be consumed by something else a couple weeks later. This time however I will prevail and attempt to reach my goal!

I am currently 6.6” x 4.7” (I think), haven’t measured in a while. I’d like to reach 7.5” x 5.5” which I know is completely doable. So here it goes!

Welcome aboard, Mike84 and outrainbows.

Good luck on gains :) .

Oooh cool thanks alot

Love this site. Glad registrations are open. Thanks Thunder!

I looked in on the site around 2 years ago and tried it a little but never had any motivation. Since then I have come to believe my wife would enjoy things if I were a little bigger. NOT a lot but reasonable amount. I think I’m kind of odd in that my base girth is about the same as my length currently. I have set what I feel to be reasonable goals and will try to slowly attain them. I’m not after immediate/quick gains. I want SAFE, health progress that will eventually impress my wife. We’ll see how things go but I’m glad to be here!

Thanks Again Quickslvr

PS I know my Member Name is in contradiction to the above post but the fact is that has been my alias for MANY MANY years.

Starting Out - EL:5.125 , EG:5.25

The First Goal - EL:6.0 EG:5.8

The Final Goal - EL:7.5 EG:6.8

Hello, I have just started the newbie routine and have already noticed small gains. Can’t wait to see what happens down the road. Good luck to all.

Hello all. I just joined up a few days ago, but have been reading the site here and there before that. I have never really stuck with it long enough to get some good gains in, so I figured signing up on the forum will help motivate me more.

Hey everybody! I started PE about 5 months ago over at PE-Gym. Super nice guys there including Kingpole aka The Master. I’m looking to get up to 7, but a high 6 will be fine with me. Girth is a goal. I could care less about flaccid hang; guys shouldn’t be checking me out and girls don’t usually see me without an erection. I’m being patient, going slow. I have a wonky schedule which makes doing an every day routine difficult. Hey,I’m a busy guy!

Nice to meet y’all! Good Enlargement to everybody!

Start: 05/11/08 - BPEL 6 3/8", BPSL 6 1/2", EL 5 5/8", EG 4 1/2" EQ 7-8 09/06/08 - BPEL 6 7/8", BPSL 7", EL 6 1/4, EG 4 3/4" EQ 8-10(!)

05/23/09 - BPEL 7", BPSL 7.5, EL 6 1/4, EG 4 3/4 Next: BPEL 7 3/8", BPSL 7.5", EL 6 3/4, EG 5 Goal: EL 6.5-7, EG 5-5.5

I am just starting this PEing thing. I was pointed this way be a member of the X-4 Extender forum. I am very glad that I found this place. I find the information very useful and I hope that this place will help to keep motivated. It has already helped me to understand more about natural enlargment. I plan to use these many exercises along with my Extender. Current measurements BPEL-5.5” NBFL-2” or sometimes more or less EGC-4 5/8” Goal BPEL 8” NBFL-not really concerned EGC- 6” I will be happy with any gains though. Good luck to you all.

Hello all. I started PE today. I’m currently:

FL - 5
FG - 4.5
EL - 7.75
EG - 5.5

Looking to improve my girth. I guess I’m thinking penis is like money. You can never have too much. (J/k - I know any amount of PE isn’t going to make me a freak.) I’ll be just doing the stretching and jelqing. I don’t think I want to invest the money in one of those gadgets. I’ll be posting my initial pics. Thanks.


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