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Does gaining weight make you thicker downstairs too


Does gaining weight make you thicker downstairs too

If anyone put on a good amount of weight iam curious if improved girth. I got a fight coming up next month and need to put on 15 pounds to make weight


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No but it will make your apparent size shorter…

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No, but it will make your apparent size thinner too.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Well if gaining weight make you gain girth, Then I had to be the Biggest one before :) , In Fact losing weight will make you look bigger, And gaining unhealthy will make you smaller, Because the fat bad will suck your penis, and take some inches off Your size , For example before diet I was 6 inches BPEL, After diet I’m 7.8 BPEL So you Work with your imagination, And if it’s true all of us will be obese :) , I had a stomach that if I look down I literally Don’t see my foot, Just himalaya mountain :D , The main thing in PE is to be fit,The Penis is Blood vessels and tissues not muscles To train or it get fat or thin By gaining or losing weight, So stay fit To see the maximum length of your penis, And to see some six packs :D , Hope you understand why All users Answered you with Simple no. Sorry to make it long Good luck

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No. Neither will taking muscle gain supplements after pe session. This forum has a wealth of knowledge just ready to be tapped.

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Alright so I should be trying to shrink my fat pad is there a exercise that targets that area specifically or do you have to lose weight. When I push down on my fat pad it seem like I got a extra inch there

Fat pad Is part of the Belly fat,To lose it you must start losing your belly fat,Now the good news is you can lose it By diet, The bad news is No there is no specific exercise to target this area, You have to Make full diet with jogging or weigh lifting and It will go away with it, For me personally I lost From 80 kilo To 63 Kilo Total body weight To lose it, But I did , You just can’t target it, It’s in a very bad place, You just Make good diet, And try to work with your lower Body, Like lifting your legs up and down, as your working on your lower abs, it may help,

Don’t google it or search or ask any one about this, Because I ask and search for a long time, And Based on what I learn through My journey in this Issue and In the 1000000 Million search I’ve made, All ended up with scam pills or cream, Or diet and losing weight and working very hard, So The bottom Line is You can’t target it In any way Other then what I told you , And you Know what It’s pain in the ass, It’s BBQ chicken Or BBQ fish, Salad, brown rice, Brown sugar, Whole wheat bred, No snacks Or junk or pizza, You measure what you eat, You don’t eat to get full, But you eat to get enough calories, Well Is it hard! But it worth it, I survive it for a year now, And I’m Still alive, It’s literally pain in the ass But you will get used to it :D , Nothing Comes easy, My best wishes and Good luck

Start July 07 2011 = Length 6.5 Girth 5.3 ---> 07 / May / 2012 = NBPEL 7 In / BEG 6.2.5 In / MEG 5.8

Goal : All the way --- And no this is not my photo :D

What’s with capital letters Whynotbig? Caps lock blocked?

You must have alot of discipline whynotbig my hat goes off to you. I lift weights and try to eat healthy and train mma so iam pretty fit I always slacked on lower body exercises my stomach is hard but theres a alot fat I could burn in that area so iam going to start incorporating that in my workouts and see how that gos. Get my hidden six pack along with that hidden inch will def be work the effort, I can look good at the same time iam giving them that extra inch:) thanks for the advice

Wonder how much liposuction is?

"If you're not first, you're last!"

5/09/09 currently sat at 5.5bp" bp x 4.25 eg. Long term goal would be 7.5nbp x 6 eg

Mike, also be prepared to work hard on the diet / losing weight. If you have a high testosterone level (I.e. High testosterone/estrogen ratio), fat tends to accumulate on your belly first and stick to it, and when on a diet, the belly area is the last to get ripped. Same with me, last time when I was on a diet, my shoulders were already ripped, yet my six packs only started to become slightly visible.. If you have a lower testosterone/estrogen ratio, fat will tend to accumulate on the ass / upper thighs area.

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