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Bat Weight Clamping

Bat Weight Clamping

The technique I’m about to describe is an advanced, upper-division-to-grad-school-level girth technique that should only be done by experienced, sober, well-conditioned PE-ers.

Anyway, for a few weeks I’ve been putting a 16 ounce bat weight on my cock while it’s clamped. It’s too early to tell, but judging from the nice stretch I feel, I think it will reap positive results.

This is a bat weight. In my searches I see they come in 12, 16, 20, 24 and 28 ounce sizes. The hole in the middle can accommodate up to 8.5 inch girth.

It sort of feels like an erect bend, but because the weight is consistent and relatively light, the effect is more subtle, and safer. My super stiff, well-clamped penis bends no more than a quarter of an inch with the 16 ounce weight positioned just under the glans. If I’m slightly soft, it bends a bit more and creates a slightly different stretch.

I leave the weight on for most of a clamp rep; for example, if I clamp for 9 minutes, the weight is on for about 7 minutes.

I’m calling what I feel a “stretch” because that is the closest I can get to describing the sensation. It’s not really a pressure or compression feeling – the clamp creates that kind of sensation. Instead, when the weight is on I can feel the tunica underneath stretching apart. It’s nice.
The position of the weight along the dick shaft changes the effect considerably. When I place the weight anywhere between mid-shaft and the base, it enhances the intensity of the clamping. My cock gets really hard and veiny, like it’s in full kegel-flex.

But, when I slide the weight over the glans, or just below them, I get a nice gentle bend that gives the nice, light stretch, light described above.

I kegel a lot while I have the weight on. It enhances the clamp-pump, and provides great workout. As I described back here I put a finger underneath as a sort of spotter. I’ve been trying to find a little support thing to put between my legs as a replacement for the finger. So far, I’ve found a tall pill bottle works okay.

(Light weights are nice to kegel with when you’re not clamped too.)

To target the sides, I put a finger under my cock and let it slop sideways, with the weight on the end. That creates a nice balanced stretch along the length of each CC.

You can get an idea of how this feels by simply pushing your thumb down on your cock as you’re clamped, but a weight provides a better girth-stretch.

To Target the CS, I position the bat weight mid shaft and turn it, so the shape of the weight curves my cock upward. I hold that position for 45 seconds or so at a time, let it rest for a minute, and repeat.

I’ve also been using these little cloth covered weights while clamped. The bat weight and cloth covered weights have different attributes. The bat weight is more maneuverable up and down the shaft, but the cloth covered weight can be squeezed to fit the shaft tightly. Then I sit on the edge of my seat and let my clamped package hang. It’s cool. I’ll try to write more on it later.

Again, I must emphasize that this should all be done with extreme caution. Clamping itself is an advanced technique, if it is attempted at all. Clamping with resistance must be done with even more forethought and care.

Before and between each clamp rep I use a power-jelq I’ve made that really gives my tunica a workout. My intent is to apply what Xeno describes here to my girth work. I inflame the tunica, and then keep it in that state for a total of 27 to 36 minutes per clamp session (3-4 reps X 9 minutes). Afterwards I try to keep it comfortably engorged with a wrap or a bed tuck.

The clamp I use is a home-made turnkey clamp like this, with terry cloth wrist wrap as padding.

Is your girth big enough to fill that weight? How do you hold it on?

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by mravg
Is your girth big enough to fill that weight? How do you hold it on?

I don’t get anywhere close to filling that hole. When clamped with weight on, my cock goes to horizontal or slightly downward most of the time. The vinyl covering on the bat weight sticks a little to the skin, so the weight stays in place. At maybe 15-20 degrees of dip the weight will start to slip off. If that starts to happen I put my finger underneath the shaft, as I described, to keep the cock relatively horizontal or propped slightly upward.

I usually have my spotting-finger down towards the base, but it’s interesting to put the weight towards the tip of my cock and try positioning my spotting finger at different places along the shaft to stress various sections of shaft.

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