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Weight stretching Limits for Hangers

Weight stretching Limits for Hangers

I do not know if this has been addressed yet but its something I’ve been thinking about since I started hanging. Are there limits to how long a certain weight can stretch the penis until it can no longer stretch it any further? For instance

Lets say a new Hanger’s starting stats are 6in BPEL and in 2 months of hanging he went from 2 1/2 to 5lbs hanging at his max weight for at least two hours a day everyday. His measurement at that 2 month mark was 6.5 BPEL. That is an increase of .5 inches in real length.

Now he likes how 5lbs feels and decides to hang that for another 3 months and in those three months he does not gain anything noticeable maybe .1 inches in length. He decides to take a two week break and after that break he sees that he has lost .2 inches in length. So he is now at 6.3 BPEL. This is what he would call some bullshit and decides to go all in with hanging.

He works back up to 5lb and in a week he is back to 6.5 BPEL. He then increases the weight to 7 1/2lb and in about a month is now measuring at 6.8 BPEL. He then increases the weight to 10lb for the next two months and gains another .2 in BPEL. He is now 7inches. He decides to keep the weight at 10lbs and does not see an increase again like when he did not increase the weight at 5lbs.

My point from this example is is there a limit to how much a weight can stretch the penis to grow? Is this example accurate? I think its sort of what has happened with me. I’m starting to believe a certain weight can only go so far in terms of length gains. I’m at 5lbs right now and plan on increasing the weight to 6lb next week and then 7 1/2 the week after that. 5lbs took me from 7.25 BPEL to 7.37 BPEL over a week and a half but I am not seeing anymore of an increase and I get fatigued every time. I took a break for two days and I went back to 7.25 BPEL and it bummed me out. But I went back to hanging 5lbs and I could literally feel the weight stretch my penis back out to 7.37 BPEL and sure enough that is what I am measuring again.

This is why Im starting to believe a certain weight no matter how much time you give it can only stretch your penis to a given point. At that point if you continue to use that same weight the penis will only get stronger not longer even if there has been fatigue present. I hear a lot of people say lower weights and more time but I do not get the rational on that one other than its a better safety measure. Doesn’t seem practical for people who usually tend to have lives (like me) or a better way to get gains. Now I am not advocating increasing weight faster that is NOT what this is about. Its about realizing a certain weight will only take you to a certain length and after that is realized, its time to move up. Let me know what you think about this idea. It might be new, it might be old, it might be stupid, but its something.

I seem to be growing by only using heavy weight occasionally when I feel the lighter weight isn’t making my ligs sore.

Then I do a heavier set standing to fatigue the ligaments, or do a heavy standing set after my first BTC and that really make them sore, sometimes for days, to the point where I have to lower the BTC weight.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

I believe it is all about feeling fatigue, i.e. stressing the ligs.

If they are no longer being stressed, or, you are not feeling fatigue, you’re penis has probably adapted to that weight and gains will not be forthcoming.

As a caution, though, I would not increase the weight until you have reached that point. Milk all you can out of a given weight. The last thing you want to do is add too much weight too fast and end up with “ligs of steel”.

I’ve read posts about guys hanging 20 lbs or more. Crazy.

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