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Difficulty gripping for newbie routine stretching, can I skip to hanging

Difficulty gripping for newbie routine stretching, can I skip to hanging

Hi guys, first post. I’m really looking forward to finally doing this thing I’ve been procrastinating about for so long! My specific goal is 1-2” in length in order to stimulate womens’ cul-de-sac.

Upon starting my penis measured 7” BPEL, 4.75” EL and 6.25” EG. My EL will go up as I lose weight, which I’ve been doing effortlessly now that I’ve finally more or less gotten my head screwed on straight. But even as a younger man when I was in great shape, I always felt my penis was short, and this was confirmed by a few girls when I pressed them about it. I don’t think BP tells the entire story about length, the way my body is built definitely has something to do with things.

My problems with grip are numerous and relate to stretching, not jelqing. I have large meaty hands. While I’m cut, I have a rather loose sheath, even at full erection. All this in addition to having a thick penis to grip and not much length along which to grip it makes it difficult for me to have a good grip for the lig stretching that I want to focus on. The sheath just slips and slides, and I end up gripping my penis by the glans which I understand is something to avoid. After 4 days (with the recommended off day), I had LOST .25” in BPEL / EL, and gained the same in EG - the exact opposite of what I wanted. It makes me wonder if I’m not able to manually stretch the ligs well enough.

Today is my 5Th day doing Luvdadus’ newbie routine and I’m just wondering if, given my (perhaps unique?) situation, and specific goal (1-2” EL), I should just start hanging? I know the general consensus is to do the newbie stuff first, but given the difficulty I have with it I’m looking for alternatives. Among the advice to the contrary, I have also read something here along the lines of ‘In the old days most guys started with hanging, and it’s probably OK to do so’ (paraphrased from memory). I am not desperate for quick gains and I’m aversive to risk in any case, doubly so when my penis is concerned. I’m also approaching middle age, so I’m not a crazy kid with no patience as I was in the past. If the biggest hanging risk is too much too soon, I’d be the last guy on earth to harm myself.

I personally do grip behind the glans. I dont think its an issue unless your pulling hard enough to rip it off. you’re not supposed to hang from just behind the glans but gripping for manual stretches should be fine.

You may consider performing fowfers.

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Mseg: 5.125

FSL: 8.125

I found it difficult to jelq when I first started as I had very little flaccid length to work with, and probably would have not been able to hang either.

Now that I have 5” flaccid length I have enough to hang and jelq without difficulty.

Stick with the newbie routine and your dick will adapt.

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You might try this:

Rotate your penis 90° and hold it tightly in a “double-OK” grip: thumb of one hand on top, forefinger of other on bottom. Resting forearms on your pelvic bones gives extra leverage.

Photo here: - Penis enlargement: just \”pull it out\”

Hi Kethel,

A little help with the grip, for stretching purposes pull the skin as far back as you can towards the base with the left hand, now with the right hand use the OK grip but use the middle finger and the thumb (this is a stronger grip) back it up with the index finger. If it starts to slip, you can even ease off the middle finger and concentrate on the index finger.

Some guys like to use talcum powder to help with the grip others like to use some T-shirt material.

Your grip will build in strength quite rapidly, and I would definitely work on the grip rather than Hang straight away.

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

I use a piece of toilet paper or tissue for grip.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Originally Posted by firegoat

I use a piece of toilet paper or tissue for grip.

I tried this but rather than gripping better it just tears my skin :D

Use gloves, either latex or just simple winter gloves. Or talc powder

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No, no you can’t.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Try a little baby powder — it will make a world of difference.

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