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Can I incorporate a little hanging into my newb routine

Can I incorporate a little hanging into my newb routine

Started the newb routine first part of nov 2011, I took dec off due to life issues and resumed the middle of january. Recently I started reading up on making a hanger so I had a little knowledge of what I was doing when the time came to start hanging. After making a simple hanger I decided to test it out to see how it felt and worked. I started by just clamping it on and leaving it on for awhile, it felt very good so I decided to hang a small amount of weight (5 lb) to see how it would handle slippage. I left it on for 10 minutes and then removed it, I noticed no signs of bruising or fatigue, about an hour later I could feel a little tension on my ligs from the workout, it actually felt good, like I could tell it had done something. I now have decided to incorporate 15 min of hanging 5lbs into my routine which consists of 5 min of intense heat warm up, 20 min of manual stretching and then 300 jelqs, 2days on 1 day off. I have yet to do any measuring but I really like how my penis feels after a workout. I feels worked and streched and my ligs feel a little sensitive but I don’t feel fatigued at all. Do you think it would be ok to continue with the hanging or am I trying to overdoing it?

Thanks for your opinions !

You are free to do as you wish but, as others will probably tell you, you really don’t want to over do it and wind up with a cock that doesn’t work. Why not just do the noob routine before moving to hanging? But, do as you will…

The newbie routine is designed to be light and easy.

Before you go venturing off into something more advanced, complicated, and rather risky, why don’t you spend a quality amount of time with the easier stuff.

You never know - the newbie routine might be all that you personally need to achieve your goals ;)

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