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Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

Yes, I drink about a gallon to a gallon and half a day. The Pygeum that I am taking is in a pill that also has saw palmetto and zinc. Do I need to find Pygeum in a pill by itself? It has 100mg of Pygeum per serving I take twice a day.

I don’t know saw palmetto causes problems
Or not. It does reduce your DHT and I know one side effect from a propecia (DHT reducing drug for baldness) is a reduction in semen volume. Is that due to reduced DHT or is it something else with that drug? I haven’t found the answer to that.
DHT is mainly for secondary sexual characteristics not primary sexual function so it doesn’t seem like it should have any direct effect on semen, but there’s a lot unknown and minsconceptions about the hormone. Low DHT can lead to an in increase estrogen, for example.

So, that’s why I’m reluctant to take anything that interferes with hormones when it comes to trying to increase loads.
Pygeum blocks DHT (doesn’t lower DHT) and doesn’t seem to reduce semen volume.
So who knows.
I don’t recall really ever getting higher volumes from this stack so I’m skeptical that it works with just these supplents. That being said, I think some zinc and lectethin help as (at least zinc) makes up a significan part of semen. However when I was doing it I was taking flaxseed oil and didn’t realize I was blasting my system with phytoestrogens and I had borderline ED and reduced semen (not to mention emotional.) So maybe too much estrogen is bad for loads or just hormone imbalance?
I’m just speculating at this point.
But if you want a true test, I’d try getting pugeum without saw palmetto
I think pygeum only increases precum but not the increased load for the main event anyway. That was my experince assuming the pygeum wasn’t merely a placebo or coincidence.

I found this from a commenter in this article:…men-Volume.aspx
” Of course there is scientific evidence (placebo-controlled clinical trials) to support increasing semen volume using nutritional and herbal supplements: for example:
* L-carnitine significantly increased the semen volume (P = .001)
* Chinese herbal increased sperm volume by 18%
*NAC had significant improving effects on the volume..
* Combination of l-arginine aspartate and Pycnogenol (Prelox) Treatment with Prelox increased significantly the semen volume
I actually havent’t pursued this yet but maybe there is something to it?

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Interesting stuff WhiteNoise.

A personal update: having not bothered with supplements for months I decided to give it a go again. I started with a ZMA supplement, taking it for the month which the bottle lasted for. Maybe placebo effect but I noticed a big jump in sex drive.

Towards the end of the month I started on Pygeum, taking 200mg a night. At that time I started on the lecithin as well. That was a week or two ago, and I am definitely noticing a lot more precum. I sometimes get precum just when horny anyway, but now I get it sooner and with more volume.

I don’t know whether my loads are increasing, but they may be. I am needing a lot more sex overall though!

Great thread

I’ve followed the stack along with a clean diet, exercise and plenty of water for 1 week. My girlfriend was out of town so it was a perfect time for me to build up my load. I mega dose on the lecithin by taking 6-8 1200 mg pills 1 day before we had sex and abstained from masturbating. When she came back the following week we had mind blowing sex as usual but I defiantly noticed a firmer erection. When I was ready to blow I told her I wanted to cum all over her face. Next thing you know I exploded a HUGE Peter North style load all over her face and breast. She was amazed but I was even more amazed than she was. I was thinking to myself “holy sh! T that really worked” She also said for some reason my cum tasted like sweet tarts candy vs the usual salty taste. (I never told her about the experiment) Not sure but it could be from the lecithin. I’m going to take a week off and research a little more. Thanks again for this great thread!

OK, sorry in advance for the sideshow here, but I read this:
And literally LOL’ed at “A four-hourly ejaculation study was conducted in which eleven normal healthy subjects participated. Five of them discontinued after submitting three samples.” After doing it 3 times these guys were like “That’s it, I’m done. KThxBy!”
Anyway they analyzed the semen and sperm and saw “A significant increase in seminal plasma calcium and magnesium was seen”.

I have been taking Magnesium Glycinate for this:…do-through.html As well as Zinc (+copper) and Lecithin.
I also found this:

Which leads me to wonder if taking Magnesium is going to be helpful.
Anyone else take it?


Hi all,

I have been taking Pygeum daily 2 x Vitasense 100mg tablets for a couple of weeks. The bottle says that the tablets are standardized to 12% phytosterols. I have now run out, and I can’t find the same brand again, so I have bought Swanson capsules. According to the label each capsule has 500 mg of bark.

Does anyone know how these two doses compare? Is a 500 mg capsule of bark comparable to 5 x 100mg of standardized to 12% phytosterols?

Apologies if this has been asked before: I did try to search before posting.

I use . In their Q&A section they responded to a question with this answer:
PipingRockStaff Items 8401 and 8402 are whole herb products, not standardized extracts. They would contain sterols but the amounts would vary from lot to lot. We do carry Standardized Pygeum, items 3631 and 3632 which are standardized to contain 25% phytosterols.

I would stick to the serving size. 1000mg (2x 500mg) of straight bark vs 100mg of the standardized. I searched for a bit also and couldn’t find any information as to the average % of phtosterols in straight non-standardized bark but I believe it’s pretty low.

Fantastic, thanks.

Does anyone know if taking a bit more pygeum than the recommended dose can be harmful?

I searched the thread but no one was talking about food. Anyone knows what kind of aliments increase semen volume?

pnovec, if you go back about 10-20 pages there is some discussion of celery and pomegranate juice. I know 102 pages is a lot of crap to sift through but some things have been mentioned. Also if you go back to the supplements section there is another thread “Holy grail of cum increase pt 2- foods” that was started to discuss food. It doesn’t have much activity but there’s a little bit there.

ldn80, when I look up “pygeum dosage” I haven’t ready about any toxicity or side effects from higher dosage except GI irritation (stomach or bowels,) but that’s true for just about any of these herbal/natural supplements. Too much of one or too many at a time and you might find and you’re just crapping in an unusual way. :) So you should be fine taking more. Since you’re using the straight bark I think it’s just fine. Just hit up google and read about pyguem as well.

Whitenoise , thanks, I’ll check that thread.

Starting out

I am just starting to use supplements to increase my pre cum and load. I am taking 50mg zinc,1200mg Lecithin, and 100mg twice a day of pygeum. How long before I see results?

Give it a few weeks. I have been on lecithin, ZMA (zinc supplement) and pygeum for a couple of months now. I don’t measure, so this is imprecise, but I reckon my loads look a bit bigger. Not so sure about precum increase, sadly, which is what I was really hoping for.

I notice I am a lot hornier, and feel like my package is more impressive when soft. I also get blue balls after a couple of days. Lol.

Anyone have a recommendation for a good brand of L-Arginine?

Yes Lecithin and Zinc work, Vitamin C helps too

I have used Lecithin and zinc for years and I can say it has definitely made my load mighty. I would refrain from getting off a few days before a scheduled meeting with a lover and the volume always impressed my new lovers. Vitamin C also makes semen less viscous so it make the semen much more fluid. In my younger days many times when I was jacking off the first contraction of my orgasm would propel my high volume fluid semen to my face. My lady friends seemed to love the fact that had such large ejaculations and most made comments about how none of their previous lover came close to the volume I produced.


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