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Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

Dicktingle, What lectithin are you using? Thanks for the update by the way. I had Soy but switched to pumpkin to avoid phytoestrogens.

Maou, I don’t think it matters. Any L-Arginine is going to be pretty much as good as the next. I get mine at because the prices are really good though I’m cheap about shipping so it can take about 2 weeks through the mail. I’ve found their products to be pretty good so far. You might want to consider getting L-Citrulline as well as L-Citrulline helps your body produce L-Arginine naturally.
I’ve also bought L-Arginine at GNC when impatient but only buy from GNC when on sale. Their normal non-sales prices are inflated.

Been ten days now and not seeing much yet. I will keep on. After reading a little more here, I was thinking of upping lecithin to twice a day. Any thoughts?


Been ten days now and not seeing much yet. I will keep on. After reading a little more here, I was thinking of upping lecithin to twice a day. Any thoughts?

What influences the brain, stomach to produce more semen?

How can you increase secretion in a gland to produce more of it ?

Look at your biological clock if you past the hour there is not much you can do to assist .

Blue eye, blonde latino

Amazing Thread

Hi, I’m 32 years old and have never been much to precum. I just started taking pygeum and lecithin 5 days ago. I can’t say that I’m pre cumming yet but there is a constant tingling sensation in the head of my penis all day even when I’m not thinking sexually. I’ll keep on task and keep the post notated.

So I recently upped the dose of the (bark) Pygeum that I bought, and I think I am noticing an increase in precum, which is great.

My package is now also definitely better when soft, I guess from taking the lecithin/pygeum/zinc combo. Any ideas why?

I took 4800mg of lecithin daily for almost a month and saw no difference at all in volume :(

Start: ~7.5" BPEL, ~5.5" MSEG

Now: 8.5" BPEL, (8.85" BPFSL), 6" MSEG

Goal: 9.0" BPEL, 8.5" NBPEL, 6.3" MSEG

Hate Taking pills

Originally Posted by stash01
I use a powder Sunflower Lecithin and us 1 1/2 tablespoons every morning.

Looking to purchase this as well. I recently purchased the soy lecithin from Swanson and the pills are just massive. I’ve always had a hard time swallowing pills since my childhood so any alternative to a pill it’s definitely what I’m looking for. A powder sounds right up my alley. Got a link for me? Brand etc?

Old Timer recipe.

I’m pushing 60, and thought it was all over. I’m a long time fan of zinc and natural vitamin e, but by themselves they weren’t cutting it anymore
Here’s the recipe I’m pretty happy with:

L-arginine 1000 - Rite Aid PharmAssure brand
Vitamin E 1000 - Rite Aid - d-Alpha only. (NEVER take DL-Alpha vitamin E)
Lysine 500
Zinc 50
That’s it. Once a day. Monday-Friday.

I found taking too much or too many start reducing the benefits.

But I have a very good size load and wake rock-hard most mornings.
I swear my dick is a tad bigger too. Horny all the time too, and it’s from this formula.

Be aware that L-arginine naturally reduces blood pressure, so if you’re on meds for that, be careful. You may be able to drop the meds.

I’ve tried a ton of stuff, but this seems to do it.

Also, drain it whenever you can. You always want fresh cum at the ready. I don’t think it’s particularly healthy to let your cum get old.

Originally Posted by ChuckR
Have any of the older guys here found anything that works to restore volume? As I’ve gotten older, my loads have gradually, but relentlessly, gotten smaller. I understand this is typical for aging men, but wonder if there’s anything that works to correct it. I already take zinc, maca, arginine, and ornithine, but nothing has really worked well so far.

I have used Lecithin and zinc for years and I can say it has definitely made my load mighty. I would refrain from getting off a few days before a scheduled meeting with a lover and the volume always impressed my new lovers. Vitamin C also makes semen less viscous so it make the semen much more fluid. In my younger days many times when I was jacking off the first contraction of my orgasm would propel my high volume fluid semen to my face. My lady friends seemed to love the fact that had such large ejaculations and most made comments about how none of their previous lover came close to the volume I produced.

You are fortunate man, I have never shoot my face….


Thanks for this post, Enigmatize! I came across it a couple months ago when looking for ideas to increase semen volume. I went with Amazon for the L-arginine, Zinc, Sunflower Lecithin, and whole-bark pygeum (500mg) supplements, and I’m following your “holy grail” recipe. I decided to make an account to say thanks and post my results. (And hey, now that I have an account here, P.E. Looks pretty interesting. But after reading the newbie FAQ, it sounds like it’s not as easy as spending $25 on Amazon and “OMG gainz.”)

Anyway, back to the supplements! Within ~5 days I noticed much larger ejaculate volume, and within ~2 weeks I started noticing the increase in pre-cum after even the tiniest amount of arousal. I haven’t had any negative side-effects (other than an occasional wet spot on the front of my dockers, but that’s easily remedied with a kleenex in the front of my boxers if I’m wearing light colored pants). The wife is a bit on the low libido side, but she got a kick out of the change. I haven’t told her about the supplements yet, so she thinks she’s turning me on more lately. (Not at all a bad thing, btw! I’m not the “spreadsheet guy” from that reddit thread a few months ago, but she’s definitely been receptive to a lot more sex since I started this stack :) )

I was curious about the blood pressure effects of L-arginine. I check my blood pressure every couple days since I’ve had minor hypertension since I was ~18 years old. (~130/90 untreated, but 120/80 with a small (12.5mg) daily dose of hydrochlorothiazide). I’ve noticed that my blood pressure has decreased slightly, usually about 115/80 now. Not enough to cease taking the HCTZ, but I’ll post again here if I end up changing that dose in response to the supplements.

So I’m curious I know that people keep pushing water to be drunk for an increase in volume but can someone please enlighten me on how water alone makes a difference

Originally Posted by boienn
So I’m curious I know that people keep pushing water to be drunk for an increase in volume but can someone please enlighten me on how water alone makes a difference

Most people drink mainly sodas or tea so they are dehydrated even if they don’t know it. Drink nothing but water for a few days and see how you feel. Unless you are addicted to caffeine then enjoy the headache as you go into withdrawals.

Oh that’s not a problem most of the time all I do is drink water I’m not a big soda drink or anything like that but my question is how does water itself help out semen or volume? With the stack of vourse

Hey guys first of all I just want to say that this is one of the best threads of live on the Internet right now it is almost 5 years old and this thread is still going to this day. That just goes to show that us men, when it comes to wanting to make that cum increase huge a possibilty, at our presence in search of this such info is dominant. With that said I want to say that I’ve been on the stack and this is my second day I am on it I am sticking to the original recipe, which is One 100 mg pygeum (Swanson brand superior herbs) two times a day, one 50 mg of the zinc (Swanson brand gluconate) and one 1200 mg of the lecithin (pharmasure brand (god these pills are freaking huge! I need yo switch to the sunflower powder! )). And also I’m adding half of tbsp of celery seed I got in my local grocery store (mccormick brand called gourmet collection). I’m using the green tea steeping approach to down the celery seeds which like one of the guys who said previously said yes once you get to the bottom of the tea where all the seeds are it does taste like death but it’s easier to just swallow. I’m holding out until two more days to see how these give and produce output. I’m hoping to see at least increase in volume from the zinc and Pygeum and celery seeds. And hoping to get some gluey ropes from the lecithin. I’ll report back two days let you guy know the outcome. Oh also last night I did do some light masturbating in bed looking at some porn on my phone nothing major though to the point where I felt like I was going to come, but just because I was pretty damn erect and horny so I had to give that tingling sensation some attention (yes I know people keep saying abstaining is the best way to let stuff produce but I just couldn’t hold it back). Another member did post it in earlier reply that he does feel a tingling sensation and I will concur to that as well because once I’m on the stack during the day I do feel a lot more aroused than normally.


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