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Jelqing has destroyed my life A warning.

I’m wondering what the hell your agenda is.
“Resign to a flaccid penis”, like what sort of statement is that?
A cockring and a simple erection are different, in jelqing you apply pressure to your penis that isn’t caused by either sex nor masturbation.

My only agenda is hoping to get better and helping others.

What is your agenda though?
Someone disagrees with you and suddenly you become paranoid of peoples intentions?

If he wants to try it, then by all means, do so, but if his problems are caused by jelqing, obviously a cockring isn’t the best way to go about checking the blood flow, now is it?
A medical check at the hospital that can measure bloodflow is more appropriate and safe in his scenario, that’s all.

‘A medical check at the hospital that can measure the bloodflow’? Seriously? And tell me, Longing, have done such check? How it was performed? Which was the result? I’m all ears.

‘My only agenda is hoping to get better and helping others.’ I don’t see how you are helping anybody.

You know what? SHUT THE FUCK UP, you are one of the most disrespectful idiots I’ve ever encountered online, and I mean that one hundred percent seriously.
13 years online and I’ve yet to encounter any person who dares to be such a pain in the ass towards people who are suffering this much.

I think you really underestimate how bad the situation is when your penis doesn’t get hard, when you don’t feel anything or when you start to realize the meaning of your life has been robbed from you.
This is nothing to joke around about.

I appreciate the advice you gave him about the cockring, and as I said, if he feels like doing it then I hope that shed some light on his situation, however there are methods to measure bloodflow in the penis that would rule out venous leakage.
Have I tested it ? No, because my main problem is lack of sensation and hard flaccid.
That’s the main cause of my erection dying out immediately, the no sensation part.

Now I think you should just leave the conversation for people who suffer from this or want to help, without feeling the childish need to put someone down.

You have nothing, Longing, you are here just to raise shit, time to confess.

Originally Posted by Longingforlong
13 years online and I’ve yet to encounter any person who dares to be such a pain in the ass towards people who are suffering this much.

Short on mirrors?

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Originally Posted by Longingforlong
I started PE 1 year ago, I received a concussion 6months ago, rushed to the hospital and they said no damage since I reacted to all the tests and they said no neurological damage had been done.
The problem was, the day after the concussion I couldn’t achieve a erection :| now this might be side effects of anxiety and acute concussion.
The thing is: 6months later I STILL Don’t GET rock hard erections, I have zero sex drive (I think that’s because of my depression and other mental problems).
I’m not on any medication except diazepam for my anxiety disorder.

I was just wondering, at age 19, does this sound physiological or psychological? I’m getting really worried, I can get a erection, but it doesn’t last long unless I keep stimulating it.. Also I can’t exercise the pelvic muscle well. Whats wrong?;(

What happened to THIS thread?! Is THIS your problem? What exactly is your problem? If you want help, stick to one thread because all you are doing now is raising shit and making it seem like your problem is the same as other people’s when it clearly isn’t.

Originally Posted by Longingforlong
Obviously, but most causes of ED 8/10 is caused by neurological damage in the brain or nerves.
Not emotional, they are 100% horny, but can’t get it up.
I’m the opposite: feel zero arousal, can get “hard” not horny so it subsides.

Another quote from you. Come on. This takes the piss. Basically saying your problem is mental. How has your problem changed from being 100% mental to 100% not? Or could it be your anxiety, for which you are on medication, feeding into all of this making you think you have problems that you don’t?

Your behaviour calls us to question the validity of members who might have real problems whose threads you hijack.

Thanks! I think the guy had problems but mainly mental as he indicated in his first thread. Then got more and more anxious reading all the injury scares to the point where he believed he actually had a physical injury despite the fact that he admitted extremely low libido and stated this was the cause of his problems.


Like you I am suffering from erections problems as well. Most of my posting has been done in the firm flaccid thread, but I am wondering what dosage of cialis you are taking currently? Also, have you tried resting your penis to the point of not even masturbating for a few weeks or months?

I’d like to just leave one last message to let people that may have doubts know I haven’t been banned along with Longing.

I think he has problems and I have sympathy for him for that but they don’t appear to be the same as mine, certainly not exactly the same anyway, so I’d like people to know I am still here, appreciate any help and will keep the thread updated when I next see my urologist.

Back to the topic:
“…there are many causes for erectile dysfunction (ED)…
Very commonly, the etiology is multifactoral

most men today can still be restored to normal functionality with the numerous treatments available including oral medications in the class of PDE5 inhibitors (ie Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis), vacuum erection devices (VEDs), confidence rings (for those with a pure venous leakage), penile injections (ie Edex, Caverject), urethral suppositories (Muse) and penile prosthetic surgery.”


‘vacuum erection devices (VEDs)’ are nothing else than vacuum pumps, and ‘confidence rings’ are cock rings. If you have nocturnal erections and can have erections with drugs, you can have intercourses using a cock ring well chosen; a vacuum pump can also help improving erections - I think some guys with venous leakage improved greatly their condition with a pump, there is some thread about check them.

Of course knowing exactly what’s the cause of your problems remains a priority, but I think that your conditions can go better even without this knowledge. PE could be a friend - I know, this sounds a blasfemy to you right now, since you are convinced that PE was the cause, but that’s it.

I think you should also try to reduce the use of antidepressants and if yuo can cease it, because they have a bad effect on sexual health.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Longing left the building.

Maybe he’ll catch up to Elvis.

Hey willy wonka! What’s up with you mate? If I’m not mistaken, it’s been more than a year since your problem started. Any updates?

Originally Posted by absolute_zer0
Hey willy wonka! What’s up with you mate? If I’m not mistaken, it’s been more than a year since your problem started. Any updates?

Not good mate.

No improvements, appointments with urologists pending.


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