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Firm flaccid penis

I had numerous tight hip muscles that caused my firm flaccid. Try to stretch the piriformis, iliopsoas and buttocks and see if you have for some reason developed bad posture or bad sitting position. Dealing with these issues cured me. The muscles in spasm require long stretches, for example, opening up my piriformis muscles took about two weeks of regular stretching. However, if you have none of the above mentioned issues, I believe the cause of your firm flaccid is not the same as mine.

Good to hear 229233 that you solve your problem but I think most of us here have this malady because of change in internal shaft structure due PE realted injury and we must rather target healing directly into our unit but it is really good to hear that your ff was related to what you mentioned and you solved it.Mayby it will work for some of us as well.

Congrats man !

229233, I believe you are wrong. Your onset of ED symptoms coincided with your restart of a routine and adding new exercises. Fibrosis can cause the FF and the impression of a venous leak, AND it can heal over a long period of time. Too many coincidences, don’t you think?

Owen, may I ask how the return of your FF happened?

On a good not I have been having frequent morning erections, and my EQ is decent. The morning’s wood was excellent.

I have been using the castor oil, and I like it. I just found an electric heating pad here so I am beginning to lay one it with castor oil on my unit. There is a plastic bag between me and the heating pad too.

So after all of these pages we are back to square one pretty much, and it is the easiest and cheapest thing to heal, it just takes time. Fibrosis or peyronies.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Go to an acupuncturist!!! They have been known to correct venous leaks and what not.

Serious starting point: Nov. 2, 2009/BPEL 5.75 x 4.75 inches.

Current BPEL 7 1/2 x 5.5 inches.

Goal: BPEL 8 x 6 inches. Hell, if I hit 8, I'm going for 9!

BMashina, so when you have some success with castor oil you notice back of morning wood and what about your unit structure now , is it still so firm and increased in flaccid state, or changed somehow,and you pump in addition of course ?

BMashina, I have no idea. Fucked up sitting is the only thing I can think of. What do you mean by excellent morning wood, does that include CS and glans? If yes, disengage this thread immediately and go back to your life. :)

Owen, by excellent morning wood I mean correct angle(which I have been getting alot lately) and yes about 75% CS inflation. Woke up three times this morning with wood each time.

I am not fixed. I still have firm flaccid, and sexually stimulated erections do not give much if any glans expansion and fade relatively easily. Thats sucks regarding the return of your FF. Perhaps working on posture could help relieve some symptoms. No clue though.

Walgart, I is still pretty much firm a lot unfortunately. Usually when it is firm it is in a turtled like state now. I do not have as much discomfort down there either. The pumping seems to help, but it has two rather apparent problems. One being that nearly every time I pump I end up masturbating and worsening myself. Second is the formation of veins. I have acquired new veins from pumping that I do not like.

One thing that I notice is that in an erections, at least a good one, is that my internal shaft looks rough, bumping and uneven kind of. I hope someone else knows what I am talking about.

I am not through this yet. My condition I feel has always been more moderate than severe.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Whichever way you look at it, we have peyronies which is formation of scar tissue due to pressure. There is no real solution but I think we can help assist recovery by inducing blood flow into the penis . The only thing which I’ve read and has worked is pumping am I not correct? I don’t care about new veins I care about normal erections !

Also Cialis + Real girl = problem solved

When I took generic cialis and danced with a girl I had a crazy hardon when grinding with her. We can find quick fixes but I really need a permanent natural solution.

Originally Posted by BMashina
I also do not understand how sometimes we get better and become almost normal in the flaccid state. If something were scarred, that wouldn’t happen would it? How could the tissue relax and seem normal while at other times be completley terrible.

It’s all starting to make sense, except this bit. Sometimes it feels perfectly fine with no scarring, next it feels fucked up - hard and unusable.

I definitely agree with the that last quote.

I too have noticed the internal bumpines of the shaft, upper that is - lower is smooth. Since I never inspected it before the injury, I can’t tell if this is normal or not.

Yeah mines bumpy in the left and right at times.

I just checked my unit after few weeks with action love supplements treatment but it seem without any significant change.I notice quite good inflate of the glans during hard kegel and I realize that it is for sure somewhere inside venous leak from it (mayby to dorsal vein) I don`t know actually and only can guess that after talking with guy - softglans/Hardwood owner od this forum

So basically I remember last sex I gave chick good vaginal orgasm but it was pounding with squeezed kegel all the time.Dick empowered with high dosage of viagra litle above 100mg+800 mg tongkat ali(Im 25 with good shape), my normal unit before injury would be hard like steel pipe.
During that sex in changing position chick said something like “it is not hard anymore” So again I needed blow job.So this is what we all know and are facing - subside of erection without stimulation.
I we all here I am doing anything to solve it and now would be time for castor oil treatment.But Im not convinced that it will improve my EQ unfrotunatelly but of course might be wrong after last readings and success some guys here.

I checked yesterday after last few days kegel work outs and I noticed something.I was reading long time ago (about user Yataghan50 )and his other thread…36&pp=40&page=2
He had soft glans for sure and have it fixed by really simple procedure.My glans would inflate and became even shinny when I push kegel really hard , and I was able to keep it this way when I put fingers on shaft and keep blod there, he has done it by really simple procedure as he mentioned somewhere.But even if I would find some intervention radiologist who would fix it,this won`t solve other problems with other part of my unit - firm shaft.

So Lin staff doesn`t do much to this time (his treatment should take longer, of course and I would need buy next supplements when I see actually any positive changes ;/,so after using his supplements and cream I think now about castor oil treatment now guys have some positive effects here as I see.

And now Im now facing really hard decision cause it seems that I would do something what I didn`t even consider before in my life - so I think about surgery, I have always been convinced that I should keep anything sharp away from my willie but life sometime goes strange ways as it was before mentioned here.
During that time I started of course looking for money for eventually surgery with dr. Hsu and it seems that I would have 10 000 USD soon (mayby two weeks from now, doing risky business, but hopefully it will be all right)

So guys Im writing it all and would like to ask you for an opinion.Yes I fucked up my unit and during last year my sex life was almost dead becasue of it and starting PE was really great giving initially quite different future.

After long mess post where I think with you all guys here together :) , I will greatly appreciates any suggestions.
I just think now to try invite some cute girl from my messenger list and fuck her with all arsenal and puming session before , doing finally something positive with this injured dick :P.
Any suggestions guys ? Has anyone some sort of success with any kind of treatment to this time ?

Walgart, in this link that I posted before:…lans%20syndrome

Several urologists from the ISSM were discussing soft glans. A couple have dealt with patients with soft glans condition and possibly related ED. It might be possible to try and contact one of them or other member of the ISSM to locate a doctor close to you who might at least be familiar with and be able to help diagnose exactly what is going on. If you find one that has successfully treated this in other patients, it might be an option.


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